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  1. Thxs! yep... as usually i do. A friend of mine told me that some of the revell reboxed decals printed in Italy in 00's had this problem... so i guess that's the problem. cheers! Orlando.
  2. Hello! Here is my latest build from my aerobatic team collection, 1/72 Mystère IV from the Patrouille de France Aerobatic team. It was a simply build, with some troubles in the nose and the worst decals i've ever seen (weird, because i built these reboxes before and they were great). Decals were no old, but they just broke when i tried to get them over the fuselageshape, as i said, not because they were aged, instead they seem to be to much rigid. I tried microsol-set, decalfix, testors liquid. the old trick with water and white glue etc etc, and nothing happend.. btw they als
  3. Yeah! Thank you very much guys! i appreciate your comments!
  4. Leaving aside my 1/72 aerobatic collection for a moment, I show you my most recent project: 1/18 Rey's speeder made from a 3 3/4 hasbro figure. Disarmed and completely rebuilt again, it has more than 100 new scratch pieces, including full cut of the figure for repositioning the body, and dozens of small pieces for more detail. The carrion bird (steelpecker), was made from Epoxy and wire, covered with fibers. (video) Also and to give it a touch of vividness, the speeder engines have 2x5mm red LEDs. The wiring and the battery are housed in the base of wood, especially made for
  5. Thank you a lot guys! I'm working now in the Ouragan Patrouille de France. I hope it will be ready in 2 weeks. Cheers! Orlando.
  6. Hi Guys! This is my Matchbox (Revell) Blue Angels Panther F9F-5, the latest member of my aerobatic teams collection. Primed and painted with Vallejo acrylics. Best regards, Orlando
  7. Thanks for your kind words guys ! TonyTiger, The color is 71.085 Ferrari Red Model Air, over 2 white primer layers (red turns almost brown if you don't put a white layer first). Orlando.
  8. Hi guys! This is the new member of my Aerobatic Collection. Hobbyboss 1/72 Sea Hawk Red Devils Aerobatic Team. The Hobbybos kit is really nice. I did not use putty anywhere, just sandpaper. It is the first time I paint with Vallejo acrylics, which I found very good becouse the drying time compared to enamels, wich allowed me to finish it only in 6 days from the opening of the box until the photo session. The finish was made with Humbrol Clear Gloss Varnish and decals are from the "Royal Navy Aerobatic teams" set from Model Alliance. Cheers! Orlando.
  9. Hi! This is the current Breitling scheme.. same eduard kit and also same problems as the blue one had (posted before). Decals are Kopro as well, and it was painted with humbrol enamels. Orlando.
  10. Lovely scheme.. great work! i just simply love this schemes Orlando.
  11. thak you guys! a lot! Hi Paul... Yes im back! The thing is i was building 2 kits (both Breitling, this one blue and the black that i will post today) for an aerobatic expo in FIDAE (international Air Fair, here in chile) that's why it took me 3 months to finish.. plus the kits are horrible... A lot of work with these two, but im here again! and ready to begin my aerobatic Buccaneer from the Phoenix Five, that i will post here as ever when finished Best regards, Orlando
  12. Hi guys, This is my 12th aircraft in my "aerobatic teams" collection, and the first kit of the year for me. It was very difficult to build, horrible fit, some mini bubbles on canopy and a really bad plastic, but with lovely recessed panel lines though. This eduard was no so good build experience and i do not recommend this kit for beginners. i just added some scratch antennas here and there. The blue is enamel humbrol 14 and it was decorated with KOPRO decals. Orlando.
  13. thank you guys, i appreciate your kind comments Orlando.
  14. Here is my latest aerobatic kit, a Cougar Blue Angels. It was abandoned by a friend who gave it to me (half built). The kit is really sharp in the edges and with recesive panel. No coments about decals... they were destroyed at water contact.. so i had to use the Panther Blue angels Revell decals from my next proyect (now naked), and the "Blue Angels" from an old hasegawa kit (f-18 i think).. It was painted with modelmaster Blue angel Blue (1772), and Alclad II. Now my aerobatic collection rose to 10. Cheers! Orlando.
  15. Thank you! I think 3 or 4 of my aerobatic collection is on this forum. BTW, I just posted a picture from the whole collection i have right now. Cheers, Orlando.
  16. Happy to have finished my ninth aerobatic kit of the year. This Hobbyboss kit is pretty good for how cheap it is. However, painting brought several drawbacks, especially with the masking. The "Sheffield Pale Gold" was created from Gold and Polished Brass (1/2 respectively) both Model Master, sealed with Humbrol Clear Gloss Varnish. Decals utilized were Leading Edge. Cheers, Orlando.
  17. thanks you all! i truly apreciate your comments. Thank you for such kind words Paul. Orlando.
  18. Hi guys! Heller kit AS 350 B1 is not that bad, but the version I built (b3), has many differences, so I had to build from scratch many details: both WSPS, new skids, four doors, new cockpit, exhaust, new main and tail rotors, both wipers, some tarps and many pitot tubes, cables and antennas. Painted & wheathering with Humbrol enamels. Cheers, Orlando
  19. This was my first airbrush painted model, 3 years ago before I started my aerobatic collection.. It took me 4 whole months to finish. The model was painted with airbrush in Model Master & Humbrol enamels. Weathering was done using an airbrush also, with the enamel base colors plus white & black. Finished with water-soluble pastels. A tarp was placed over the cab and drawstrings were attached to the blades in order to give a more realistic finishing. Decals were self-made (testors set). The 530F series, has many differences with the original MD, so besides the new long canopy from A
  20. Congratulations! Great model and weathering technique. Dry brush never gets old. Cheers, Orlando
  21. thank you guys! Dave, the red is Humbrol 238 Arrow Red gloss, and the Yellow is Humbrol 69 Gloss Yellow. The trick to get vivid colors (red, orange, light blue and yellow) is to paint a white layer before the main color. If you don't give this white layer, it will be hard to get real colors. It's a world of difference with or without the white layer. Orlando
  22. I built these two tiny jets, early this year, as part of my aerobatic teams collection in 1/72. Both are painted with Humbrol enamel and finished with a coat of Humbrol Clear Gloss Varnish. Note: Now that I am almost completing the collection of Red Arrows and Yellowjacks, i noticed that there has appeared a new scheme of Red Arrows 2015, so I'll be happy to assemble the new scheme in the near future. (c'mon! Airfix we need the 2015 decals )
  23. I am grateful for your comments. For me, it is a very special kit. When I was 20, I saw the aerobatic team fumaça here in Chile for the first time (1994) and since then I love the aerobatic teams. (Last year I traveled to England (11,600 klm) only to see the Red Arrows at Farnborough, so you can imagine how I love these teams, hehe) Orlando.
  24. Hello! i've just finished my latest aerobatic project. The Premiere 1/72 EMB-312 Tucano, "Esquadrilha da Fumaça" aerobatic team. Simple kit, but with nice shapes. Several parts were made from scratch (the whole cockpit and the exhausts). Tons on lead in the engine section to avoid tail sitting.The base coat was done with Model Master white primer and painted with Humbrol 19 & Model Master Insignia White. A coat of Clear Gloss Varnish Humbrol was applied before decals and to finish the plane. The canopy was sanded to remove its middle frame and as a final touch, i have made the walking
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