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  1. Blimey, lovely! Nasser himself would be proud of those paint jobs! I love the cloudy background, I feel like I'm in the sky with the lads!
  2. Thanks, lads. Just felt like it was better to stop until I was back in a situation where I could really get myself into it than try to do a rush job with a less than ideal setup. For example, this aircraft needs to be NMF. And I have lots of Alclad II paints. But I don't have a window that opens properly in my modelling room, so I'm very, very hesitant to use Alclad or any enamels. Stuff like that. So I will exercise a bit of patience for once in my life and wait until I move this autumn, but I probably won't have things setup for modelling again until early next year. That's just how it goes
  3. Yeah, I wish this GB was "indefinite" instead of time-limited. Lesser built air forces are the bulk of what I'm interested in, and real life has not budgeted me much (any) time for modelling this year, unfortunately. But it's in the stash now. It'll get built eventually. In the meantime, I will live vicariously through yours!
  4. Unfortunately, Tom, this became a casualty of the dreaded "real life". This new job, while I like it, keeps me very busy! Eventually I will build this, but it won't be for the LBAF GB, alas. I'll have a mod move it out of the GB subforum into the main WIP forum when I finally get started on it, but that won't be until after I move, so probably early 2016. I want to do it justice! I might try to do the Trumpeter Mi-8 as the C.C.72 (I think it was something like that) but it was a lot more complex than I expected. Still, I may have a bash at it this weekend! I like doing things right, however,
  5. Florida and Ontario, I can think of much worse places in which to split a year! I'm no fan of Florida, though. Even in the middle of a Moscow February, I don't ever remember thinking, "Gee, I wish I was back in Florida." Bit sick, I don't deny it, but that's the way I am. I do remember getting a bit depressed after not seeing the sun one time for over a month during that Moscow winter. I definitely wasn't used to that. I think my then-girlfriend had disappeared off to Siberia claiming a "lost passport" during that time, so it may have contributed. Ah well, it was a decade ago now. I've been b
  6. Very, very nice. I always loved doing dioramas like this.
  7. Ruddy hell! That is an amazing conversion of an older Airfix kit, mate. WOW.
  8. Can't believe I just saw this today. Cracking build on a plane I was previously unfamiliar with! I love this GB, but it's led to me spending much, much, much more time looking at everyone else's threads than working on my own build (which is dead in the water, alas). Hardly a waste, I'm learning so much!
  9. Starting to look like a Sukhoi. Can't wait to see more progress!
  10. I won't be working on the P40 today, but I did make a little progress on that Turkish NF-5A (what a bloody awful kit, it actually seems worse than Academy's MiG-21 ). My back started hurting while sitting on an un-padded bench in a Mexican restaurant having lunch with dear old Mum (bless her). Gonna fiddle around on the forums and catch up on some iPad games and hopefully it'll clear up but my modelling bench stool is hard plastic and the back just wasn't having it. Maybe go for a walk later - it's almost always sunny in Florida but usually it's accompanied by 95% humidity and blistering hell-
  11. This is gorgeous! Fantastic work on a very challenging camo pattern, and as a fellow Arab (and African) Air Forces enthusiast, I am really pleased to see such great work on one!
  12. Blimey! Your talent in scratching and detailing, particularly in 1/72, is awe-inspiring! Will definitely be referring to this thread when I eventually tackle my IAR-80, which needs pretty much an entirely new radial engine.
  13. This is fantastic. Can't wait to see more progress of such a unique subject.
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