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  1. Tractors are definitely not well represented in 1/25. I want to make some 4wd machines. This model is coming along well. I still have to get one.
  2. I just ordered a pair of floats. I used Scaleworx's site. Their cats doesn't work so you have to email them. I think it's a bit cheaper to buy direct from Scaleworx.
  3. monkey finger, don't trust
  4. To bad these were just a bit before my time. I grew up hearing lots of stories about these Mopars. Can I ask what city your in?
  5. from painting themselves green
  6. for starkix's skyrocketing shares
  7. in the dead Mustang (i'll take the pizza Max, have lots of Pepsi)
  8. Just saw on Aviation megastore that floats are now available. Have to get a couple and a second Caravan. They're listed as 1/72 Cessna 208A/B Amphibian 72.33 on Scaleworx's site. Just can't get the cart to work.
  9. argues with sou'l wester hats
  10. of pain neighboring Dr.Feelgood
  11. and Granny’s possum stew
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