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  1. I just noticed in important screw up in the kit and the aftermarket outer main gear doors I have. The landing light is shown going on the port(left) door, it even has the notch. It is wrong, it's supposed to be on the right (starboard) side. I confirmed with the reference books I have. Hope you don't have your outer doors done yet.
  2. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234985180-172-xf8u-1-crusader-prototype-138899/
  3. Thanks Jim, I'm crossing my fingers among other things, hoping the paint turns out good. Kinda hard to build with your fingers crossed though.
  4. I find myself getting soft and getting the nice newer kits with aftermarket goodies (spending tons of money to)instead of taking something like this and working it. Excellent build.
  5. Looks good so far, I have two on the go. I also found the QB flaps a bit short(I also have the Wolfpack ones) Strange thing, when you drop the flaps, the shortness disappears. I know the QB droops need 1 mm added to the outer and inner droops. You used the kit parts which are very usable. I'll be doing that with the next ones I do, mostly to save on buying these parts.
  6. Here's one of a few seats from an A-4 that I modified. These are very similar to the Vought seats used on the first few F-8s. I just had to modify the headrests and ejection handle. Found a good use for a damaged file. Here two photos of the two planes with paint. The paint is Alclad airframe aluminum, which is more brighter than polished aluminum. Unfortunately some of it came out a bit more dull than I wanted, mostly on 899. Several panels are painted silver(don't know why), I decanted Testors silver spray and airbrushed it right over the alclad, only thing I could figure out that woul
  7. I like the idea with the wing light, have to remember that. I may have missed it, but will the plane be painted dark blue or left bare?
  8. Just stumbled on this, love the bus. What light set did you get? I went through the site and it's a bit confusing. They don't give to much dimensions or suggest ideas. I don't want to but the wrong set since my dollar is so bad to the pound.
  9. Imagine if this thing was modified with PT-6s or some other turboprop.
  10. Finally got this Busch 1/87 GM bus finished. Here's the link to the WIP page. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234985178-ho-gm-fishbowl-bus/
  11. This one is plastic from Busch. they're on evilbay, usually about $25 before shipping. Bus models, especially N.American ones are rare and a very large untapped market.
  12. My friend was able to get the paint on his fuselage touched up and it came out ok.
  13. The YS-11 is the Japanese competitor to the -748.
  14. I looked at my YS-11s and that's what it is, from what I can tell, only the side passenger windows were made changed, nothing else. Still a very nice plane.
  15. Do the flaps just drop or are they Fowlers? I've never seen them down up close.
  16. I have a fellow club member build one right now. He has a problem with paint adhering to the fuselage when he went to unmask and he used low tack tape. He has put three complete paint jobs on it now, striping each earlier one. At a recent meeting he was told it might be an "oiler" Something about the plastic having a high oil content or never aired out properly. It was washed each time to. I think he's going to try some automotive primer/sealer this time. The wings and tail were fine.
  17. Wow, great find, good thing you held onto it. I guess there was more of these at one time, don't know why none are around now. Could be where the vac formed ones were made from.
  18. Off to a good start, I just was outbid on a built 707-300 airliner version.
  19. Since the F-8s I'm making are prototypes, they need the nose instrument probe. Wasn't sure how or what to use. I tried streched sprue which looked good, but worried it would break or warp over time. I did one from a toohpick, which also looked good, a bit wavy, hard to work with, but it can break to. I settled on a brass rod, just how do you grind one down without a lathe? I used my motor tool(no free advertising from me). I trimmed the tip of the rod flat after cutting it with side cutters and then grinded the tip to a rough point. I then held it as carefully as I could on a piece of wood usi
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