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  1. First time I've seen this kit out of the box. Seems like an ok kit. Want to see it close up now. The Duke has a neat record, at least while in the Navy. His political afterlife not at all.

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  2. This is what's from Jbot's homepage. I was chatting with Jim and he's had a lot of problems recently that I won't disclose here, customers, personal life. I always had great service and know others who had to. Any other updates will be put on his homepage. I was given permission from Jim to copy the website's note here. Just thought I'd pass this on since a few builders have relied on Jim's decals and he's been a great help and person. Canada isn't always a rosy place.


    "June 1, 2018

    Dear Customers:

    The shopping cart is disabled. I won't be returning.

    I retired after 31 years in Engineering and was looking forward to building
    models full-time and making decals part-time. My retirement lasted 5 months!

    I had a stroke on May 28, 2018 while I slept. The right side of my face was numb.

    I waited for 2 days in the hallway outside the hospital's Emergency Room because
    they did not have a bed for me. They did a few tests then sent me home.
    They denied me physiotherapy, claiming I was fine.
    I could not chew, or sip, or blink ... but I was "fine"!?

    I never received the test results, or a letter, or a phone call ... nothing.
    Oh, I did get an invoice in the mail for the ambulance ride!
    You can be sure I will never go to a doctor or hospital again.


    There is a new section showcasing some of my blueprint-type drawings.
    They are in their own category, the only pink item in the menu (left).

    Here is a direct link: My Blueprints, Drawings, etc.

    The drawings are free!



    Jim Botaitis"


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