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  1. I'll be very happy to see the 1/32 Brit Phantoms appear, but wasn't there a price of £325 waved about a while back? I've just bought a Tamiya 1/32 F-4J at a very good price to convert, so part of me is hoping that this announcement isn't the Phantom. Saying that though - there should be aftermarket decal sheets-a-plenty if this is the Phantom so I'll be more than happy either way! Cheers, WV908
  2. Hi @panzerlehr46 I'll send you a message Cheers, WV908
  3. Hi @Rob K. Thanks for the links About a week after the last post on this thread I managed to pick up a Kinetic F.5A for £20 which I was pretty pleased with. Despite the good price, imagine my dismay when after searching for one of these kits for so long Kinetic goes and announces a rebox... With Spanish decals too! Cheers, WV908
  4. @panzerlehr46 I have a Revell 1/72 F-4F that I'd happily shift on, and I also have decals for the two Hellenic Phantoms that attended RIAT 2017 that I drew up and had printed. I'd like to sell the kit and decals together if you are interested? Cheers, WV908
  5. Duly backordered with Hannants - couldn't be happier with the schemes shown. Does anyone know the differences between the early and late fuselages please? Cheers, WV908
  6. Whoever he is, he is talking out of his backside - there are multiple people out there who will do the design work for those decals and print them for around £40 max as a one off. Some insist you do the design work yourself and then they do all the tweaking and layer conversions for printing etc - the guy I go to does this for around £25. Cheers, WV908
  7. Hi @exdraken Yeah that's the patch - I was at RIAT last year but only went on the Sunday so I missed the boat with the Harrier Patches. I have finally been able to contact the people who made them so I'm hoping one can be winging my way soon enough. I know this scheme is being done in 1/72 and when I asked the guys doing the decals if they would scale it up to 1/48 I was told no as someone else was doing them. That was in October.... No sign yet sadly. Cheers, WV908
  8. Rumour is that TanModel has effectively bowed out and that JetMads it supposedly run by the same people. Cheers, WV908
  9. @Laurent Thanks That will save me some cash then Cheers, WV908
  10. Hi all, a quick question. My knowledge on the U2 is very little. Is it possible to build a U2-S from any of the boxings of this kit? Thanks, WV908
  11. If there is one bit of solid advice I could give anyone is to never, ever buy any partworks like this. There was a 1/18 scale stand mounted partwork Spitfire available recently and someone figured out you could purchase the kit and appropriate parts of an airworthy 1/6th scale petrol powered Spitfire for less. Cheers, WV908
  12. There goes the hope of an F3 from the same tooling. Ah well, anyway I'm really happy to see the auxiliary air intakes finally being moulded as posable on a kit. Cheers, WV908
  13. Hi all. Has anyone had any luck contacting En Corta Final to purchase one of their RIAT 2019 Harrier Patches? They said at RIAT last year that the patches would be up on the website as soon as they returned to Spain but they have never appeared on the website and despite them telling numerous people to contact them on WhatsApp it looks like no-one has ever even got a reply. Alternately, does anyone have one of these patches that they would happily sell? Cheers, WV908
  14. Does anyone know when the Tornado GR.4 boxing is due to appear please? I know it was due in June, but I'm guessing it's been set back? I have a bunch on order and frequent trips to the vet with my Lab have drained the modelling budget this month somewhat. Cheers, WV908
  15. Sorry didn't see that haha. Thanks, WV908
  16. Hi @Ed Russell Thanks for the comparisons. Have you lined up the fuselages going on wing centre sections as I have in my photo? If so the Monogram and Hasegawa fuselages look to be pretty much the same in shape and length. Thanks, WV908
  17. The longer I look at it, the worse it gets. The fuselage profiles do match in both top and bottom outlines, it's just that nothing between them does and you can't line them up at the same time due to the fat fuselage. It's not just too fat, but it you try and take a sectional view anywhere and compare it to the Hasegawa it's miles off. I'm fairly shocked at just how bad the fuselage is on this kit. The shape around the canopy baffles me. Cheers, WV908
  18. I find it strange how such errors can be made, even in the short run business and especially where Valom had both the Airfix and Hasegawa kits available as references to copy from. Cheers, WV908
  19. Oh dear Looking at it I have three separate cuts to make to add fuselage plugs. Cheers, WV908
  20. Hi all, as the title suggests, I have a copy of the 1/72 Hasegawa B-26B/C and a copy of the 1/72 Valom B-26B (Early) with the short wings. Now, knowing the Valom kit has the shorter tail, I lined up the fuselages and found myself to be very disappointed as none of the panel lines, major shape changes or cut-outs actually match up. The nose is also significantly shorter on the Valom kit, but looks longer when you line up the payload bays, as in my photo; So either the B-26B (Early) and the B-26B/C had vastly different fuselages or one of the manufactures make a
  21. I agree that for 1/24 in general, for the current market you have to look at what Airfix has just done. The Hellcat is 'small' and gets even smaller when you consider the wingfold. It has a huge market appeal both in Airfix's native country, the neighboring France and, with the aircraft being American, North America - the latter I feel is the deal breaker here. With these in mind, I can see Airfix's next 1/24 kit following suit and only one aircraft fits that bill - Corsair. Of course though that's a prop and we want jets here. The only way I see Airfix tooling a new
  22. Hi @SpeedyGonzales Thanks I look forward to seeing it progress if you do a WIP Cheers, WV908
  23. Jetmads confirmed to me that more Viggen variants are planned, but there is no timescale on them with more unannounced projects due before them - we could be looking at two to three years minimum before they appear. I personally want to build an AJS, but you never know what's going to happen in this world, especially with the current economic climate and this one is here now, so I've ordered a JA-37 to hopefully convert or more likely just build as is. Cheers, WV908
  24. Has anyone built one of these yet or knows of an ongoing WIP please? Cheers, WV908
  25. 300 out of the 500 run already gone within six hours. I'm glad I saw @SpeedyGonzales post and have fired off my email, but I'm still waiting for a response. I'd suggest if anyone really wants one of these Viggens to email ASAP. It is suggested that payment will be taken sometime in August, so still time to save up yet. Cheers, WV908
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