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  1. I'm rather relieved that a Viggen isn't on that list as I've shelled out for one of the second run JetMads kits which should be here in the near future. I'm actually more excited about the Gripen than I am the Draken, which I'm surprised about. Regardless, I'll likely get both to sit with the big girl! Cheers, WV908
  2. I'm 99% certain that's a render and not a built kit. Cheers, WV908
  3. Looks on ebay Three people have spent circa £100 on CA Ansons in the last month. Ouch. I bet they are kicking themselves. I will take one please! Cheers, WV908
  4. I'd guess a new-tooled wing. It is noted on the site as 'new parts' I've already got enough XIV's in line to be converted to XVIII's, but that Indian scheme is just too nice to pass up. Cheers, WV908
  5. A bit pricey but fantastic news regardless. The cads are a joy to look at. I can't wait to get one. Cheers, WV908
  6. Just as a heads up, Hannants now have the kit up for backorder with a 10% discount I definitely have not just ordered my second Cheers, WV908
  7. Hi Rich, EN398 is one of the marking options in the kit, just in her earlier guise before she became Johnson's steed. Cheers, WV908
  8. Ah that is odd that they weren't merged - thanks for the reply anyway No worries, I figured it was an open question anyway Cheers, WV908
  9. I echo your comments - there was mention of the Buchon Scale Models 'E' wing conversion for one. Best person to ask is @Homebee
  10. Gutted for the guys at Buchon Scale models - I nearly pre-ordered the whole conversion a few weeks ago but decided to hold off in-case Airfix did this. It's safe to say my order is now in with Airfix. The pre-production model shows the pointy rudder is being tooled, so all I'm missing now is the 'E' wing armament for MK356, which will come from BSM. Lots of clamouring already for decals / masks for MH434 and I can see why. Fingers crossed somebody will provide because that will be my choice for if I get another. Cheers, WV908
  11. Sadly that sheet appears to be out of stock everywhere - but it looks like only the two largest roundels would be any good if at all. At any rate, I need 12 of the things to cover this and one of my PR.XIX's so that's a lot of sheets to buy. Cheers, WV908
  12. Hi Gatesy, Yes he did contact me to say the moulds were worn out and he is remaking them in the new year. I kept my order so look forward to the conversion arriving in the near future. For decals i'm going to be investing in a silhouette cutter to make painting masks as D-type roundels just do not exist in 1/32 bar those on the AIMS montone Spitfires sheet (too small) and in the Revell / Matchbox 1/32 Spitfire 22 kits (too big). Code / serial letters don't seem to be an issue fortunately. Thanks gingerbob, much appreciated. Cheers, WV908
  13. Hi Ossington, They are available through Jim's eBay shop (search 1/32 Seafire conversion) - I bought the last of the current batch of XVII conversions but the XV is still available. He does Spitfire Griffon conversions too. The other option (also usually available through eBay) are the GMF conversions - but they only cater for Spits, not Seafires. Cheers, WV908
  14. Hi all - I've just picked up a copy of Jim Brown's 1/32 Seafire 17 conversion and intend to build SX336 with it. I note that there are some excellent walk-around photos of SX336 on here which form a good basis for cockpit work etc. Would anyone be able to suggest some useful aftermarket for this conversion please? Looking at cockpit details, brass cannon and rather crucially decals. I'll be using the Revell IX for this conversion and will be modifying the wings of this rather than buying the GMF wings. Cheers, WV908
  15. I'm not really sure what to think of the bang seats in this kit. They are out of proportion, that's for certain. Sadly the pavla seats are currently out of stock everywhere so I thought I'd have a go at improving the kit seats; Here's me worrying about the seats and I'm already one-up on my build choice of Duxford's Blackbird - she doesn't have any! I'll have the canopies shut on mine, but you do still see a fair bit through those windows hence my attempt to refine the kit seats. The headbox has been built up on top and had it's sides and rear reprofiled. The backplate of the seat has been reprofiled and the drogue cover has been modelled with a bit of putty. There's just not enough detail in the cockpits as they are for me to want to pose them open. I hope someone will do a detail set for them as the insides of the canopies and the bulkhead are just way too bare. There is further hope of an SR.71B/C boxing as it was very evident on my upper fuselage prior to cleanup that the rear cockpit is a slide mould / insert. Cheers, WV908 EDIT: I haven't reduced the width of the headbox as it's dictated by the seat rails which are set too far apart.
  16. Hi Bosse, Are the identifies of the Viggens from this event known? Cheers, WV908
  17. I have to admit that 1/48 Spitfires are my go-to for relaxed modelling. I find 1/72 too small to work with so sold all my kits in that scale bar the bombers. I've gone to the other end of the scale (literally) and have a 1/32 HK Lanc on the back burner which is being build as PA474. The modifications and corrections necessary to do that are right on my skill limit, or a bit last it sadly in the case of the cockpit interior. Cheers, WV908
  18. Hi Rob, Your NX611 looks fantastic It's nice to see a contrast to mine, which was built to represent her prior to the repaint, all faded and battered. I chose to build her that way as I have a few patches of her old fabric from when she was stripped down for repaint. For future reference with moving turret locations - I used the supplied turret blank to mark out the new position, cut the new hole slightly too small and then filed it until the turret fitted snugly. If you wish to build a Canadian Mk.10 in the future, all except the first built (Ruhr Express) had this modified turret position. As typical as life is, a late Lancaster conversion set has been just released about a week ago with the Lincoln Astrodome. Happy modelling! WV908
  19. Airfix have said in the past they will not consider any 1/24 jets bigger than a Harrier. The Hunter is about the same size. What it does mean though is that there is the potential for a 1/24 Hawk, Gnat, Meteor, Swift, Vampire or Venom in future. I'd say though that if Airfix was to do a new 1/24 jet then a Harrier would be a clear winner - reportedly Revell's 1/32 Hunter never sold that well so how would a 1/24 kit fare? My headliner predictions for 2022 are one the following three; 1/48 Spey Phantom 1/48 Sea King HAR.3 or Junglie 1/72 Halifax B.III Cheers, WV908
  20. Hi @robstopper There is a lot to consider when building NX611 from the Airfix B.III Main points of note from the nose back are; Larger bomb aimer blister Oval bomb aimer panel Rebecca aerials Washer jets need to be spaced further apart (Airfix copied a Mk.10 for this which has them set narrower) Observation bubble on starboard side only Lincoln style tall Astrodome No loop aerial or corresponding bulged canopy panel All fuselage windows blanked out bar those at wing l/e Paddle blade props Treaded mainwheels Starboard side fuselage heating vent Bomb bay doors require cutouts for lifeboat attachment Empty FN50 turret cupola fitted in the standard position for a 250CE (this is roughly where the rear upper fuselage hatch is) H2S dish and radome fitted (yes the equipment is still in there) Airbus A3XX nosewheel fitted as a tailwheel FN82 (twin 50 cal) rear turret fitted. Of these, everything is kit supplied / modifiable bar the Lincoln Astrodome, treaded mainwheels and heating vent. Both blackbird models and Freightdog produce sets with the wheels and heating vent. The Freightdog set is more expensive as it includes the lifeboat but it does have the fuselage blank required for the old mid-upper turret position. For the Lincoln Astrodome you can either ask the owner of Blackbird models if he has any spares from his Lincoln conversion or try and get one from the Revell 1/72 Lanc. I did the latter. As others have said, NX611 has tropical radiators (PA474 does too) - it's not very noticeable in 1/72 so not worth worrying about as it's a lot of effort to modify them for a tiny difference. Interestingly the only Lanc kit that has ever been produced with the tropical radiators is the 1/32 HKM kit. As always your best source of info is NX611 herself and photos of her, but here is my build from a few years ago with all the above mods; Cheers, WV908
  21. Ah so that would necessitate the extra cooling. Thanks Cheers, WV908
  22. Thanks @Graham Boak It's true what they say about one question leading to another haha as I'd now like to know why the Seafire XV and XVII have the twin radiator arrangement despite being single stage also? Cheers, WV908
  23. Dumb question time. Why does the XII have the early underwing fit of single radiator plus oil cooler and not the later twin radiator fit? Cheers, WV908
  24. The problem is that even BR601 (as the 6th IX off the production line) was modified to the later standard, similar to how MH415 and MH434 are presented now. Unless anyone has modified their early IX back to original condition as BR601 has been, then there just won't be any. The IX in this early configuration is the kit mentioned at the bottom of the previous page and *looks* to be right for BR601. I'm now scratching my head thinking if I caught her in the UK before she departed to the US, but I don't think I did, sadly. Cheers, WV908
  25. Unless Troy or anyone else has any other examples they know of then it looks like the only surviving early Mk.IX with the small chin intake and large cannon bulge *C* wing is BR601, a beautifully turned out warbird living in the US that has quite an incredible history. Cheers, WV908
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