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  1. In Finland the He 112 has been quite controversial aircraft since the war. Many historians see it as a lost opportunity and almost like a giant broom which would have swept the Soviet bombers from the sky. In reality it would have been anything but. Firstly, the performance figures were very optimistic and secondly it would have been extremely difficult to keep operational in Winter war. Fortunately it was much too expensive for us (3x$ Fokker D.XXI but not really better). According to Romanians it was unsuitable for dogfights. One Finnish aviation historian called it a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Looks nice though.
  2. And reshape the number 2 engine intake.
  3. Yes, filters were used in summer when available. Finnish airfields at the time were very dusty which was a big problem during the war.
  4. I have the Ozmods fuselage to convert the Airfix 200-series kit. I assume it's a copy of the ancient 100-series Airfix fuselage. Looks like Revell has at least correct length nosewheel bay and wing fence in the correct edge of the wing...
  5. Hello Hans, please note that the Braz JT9D engines have later type pylons ie. different shape than the ones on Pan Am classic 747s. The space shuttle carrier has the correct shape. Welsh models also have two types of resin JT9Ds, later version which is the same as Braz and early version with the correct pylon. They are labeled as JT9D-3 but the photo on their website is so small that is difficult to tell if they are also the early type nacelle with secondary inlet doors. I’ve sent Welsh models an email asking this but didn’t get any answer. Does anyone have these early type engines or have info on this?
  6. iJones

    70’s Vulcan

    Hello all! I have the GWH 1/144 Vulcan Falklands version in stash but I much prefer the early camouflage. So the question is that can I make a 70’s version out of it just by painting it accordingly and put type D roundels on? As little modification as possible would be ideal. Thanks
  7. Yes, very little. My mum found herself a new flat and selling the old one, renovating the new and moving has burnt my spare time quite effectively. I hope to get primer on this week.
  8. So that's what it looks like. I've been thinking about this for a long time since Finland had a Mercury licence and at one point everything was to be powered by them. It's not pretty but it sure would've been devastaing against SB's and DB's. Great job! PS How about a Peregrine-engined Blenheim for your next whif?
  9. Here's my entry. Fly DC-9-32 and Iberia old livery decals from BOA. This is quite exciting because it's my first airliner ever and I haven't attempted NMF since the cold war.
  10. Hello! I came up with an idea to frame a fuselage half but I'm wondering what would be the best way to deal with the wing root? Just leave the wing off and paint it with fuselage colour or different colour to bring out the wing shape? Or something else? Has anyone done something like this?
  11. Very nice. The Revell He115 is one of the very few kits I've binned. Poor detail and fit plus the diagonal struts for the floats that are supposed to be glued to the torpedo bay door... Of course it's not impossible to fix those things but I just lost interest.
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