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  1. Or start a modelshop. Invest in a stock of the new infinity Vampire just to hear your customers say, "Oh nice that it is available, I might buy one, one day... "
  2. On the painting instructions there is an error with the South African markings. The Springbokke all jump into the same direction whereas they are of course handed. I have sent an alarming mail to Czech Republic and hope it will be corrected and if that will cause yet another delay you can shoot me next time we meet at Telford. But i want a correct SAAF model Springbokke go!
  3. Taras Karabyn of Armory told me he plans to release his 1/48 kit in Autumn 2022 if the little boy in Kremlin lets him
  4. The kits are definitely available indeed and of nice quality and will arrive in Holland hopefully end of this week, early next week. At Big H maybe a bit later
  5. Sword will be releasing two new Sabreliner kits in April, a T39A and a T39D See: www.aviationmegastore.com/186812 and www.aviationmegastore.com/186813
  6. The kit will indeed be produces by Valom, but no details regarding markings has been revealed... The master is not yet ready, seems the kit might be out in late summer or in autumn. As soon as we have news... we will have news. There will be several boxings
  7. Clear Prop is up and running again. Just got message from Yana. Business is restarting and they will try to process orders as quick as possible. Shipping via UKrPoshta works but is slower as previously. Payment only when parcels have crossed the Ukrainian border. So send in you big orders and help them recover!
  8. The kits are to be delivered in Holland next week according to the Dutch distributor Model Engineering. They came in through Austria. So this shipment is fairly secure and the prices will still be normal, not inflated due to the gremlins military madness causing imports most probably coming to a halt.
  9. AMP Gazelles are available in Dutch modelling shops. One of them got a shipment of AMP/Mikro Mir kits only yesterday but is was shipped just before the invasion
  10. The producer currently has no time to produce anything in his range. Hopefully it will be resurrected in future. It will then, along with other kits, be available through Aviation Megastore again. This info comes directly from X-Resin.
  11. I for one would not consider buying anything from Russia right now. Out of sheer principle. Better save the money when our Ukrainian friends can supply us again. They will need it much more then. And don't tell my your stock is not big enough to last for a while
  12. Karel Susa also speaks very good English and both gentleman do a fine job, considering the recent pandemic as well as the changes in modelling world. I know them both very well. Do support them where you can!
  13. The Swallow and AW52 is available normaly in all Dutch modelshops.
  14. According to AGB there is a delay in delivery to them in the UK as there were errors in the decals. "The first batch of decals came completely wrong, so we had to order the reprint." Delivery from AGB would commence 17th of January. Beware if you order from Ukraine...
  15. Kits are on sale in the Netherlands now. Euro 84,95 including tax and ex postage. Check your local shops for a better deal !!
  16. in 1934 one was flown for a short time in Japan before crashing at Handea, tokyo in may 1934 J-BAEP General Aviation Clark GA-43 c/n7500. ex X775N, J-BAEP M-701 Manchurian Ailines Japanese registerd on the name of Mitsui Bussan >NKKK >Manchurian AL 00.01.34 Crashed Haneda 18.05.34 (ex Fairchild 150) (Info from the Japanese Civil Register)
  17. Well, About prices. The list of 2022 novelties of Revell we're now discussing about came with a message to the retail from Revell which said: "Dear valued Partner, As you may have heard from the news/media the situation on the global procurement markets continue to be tense. Cost prices for raw materials and components, relevant for our product assortment, such as ABS, polystyrene, paper, copper, metal, and semiconductors have double digit percentage increases. In addition, cost for logistics (especially for imported goods), for energy and for labour in the manufacturing countries have significantly increased or even exploded. As a consequence, we are forced to amend our prices further. For details please see price list effective 01.01.2022 attached. Orders received prior to December 31, 2021, with requested shipping date not later than February 2022 will be invoiced at current prices. We regret to give you no other information at this point, but economic constraints and our commercial responsibility do not allow any other course of action. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to a continued partnership in the future. Best regards ppa. Marko Rachner Sales Director International " This is then after a price rise last September of around 10% So thinking that Revell will release a new B24 in 1/48 just because the price seems steep is wishful thinking i am afraid. And now you know not to wait too long when you want to buy some Revell kits. You have been warned!
  18. Oh BTW the 1/48 Liberator is the B24D variant.. Not the -J
  19. On that listing Gary got there is lots of NEW like the Monogram 1/48 Liberator. With Revell in my experience NEW is when there are new decals and a new boxing around it... I can see half the ICM range (O-2, AH1, B26 Invader, Tiger Moth etc) as well as Zvezda (BN757-200 Iron Maiden Livery ) Yak-130 and B787-9 (Lufthansa) All Mentioned NEW. Also NEW is the Hunter FGA9 1/144 and a 1/72 A400 with RAF markings... So lets se what will realy be NEW !
  20. Well, if you call something a "wiffle-up" it can easily be explained in a few sentences to us mortals as to why you came to such a conclusion and what your proof is. Otherwise we can think of it as an opinion as we have seen, heard and read so many of.
  21. Czech Master resin updated and upgraded many oftheir kits in the early 2000's and also put decals in them. The old ones could be recognised by being an a sealbag and usualy green resin, the new ones were boxed, cream resin, often upgraded with new parts and often totaly redone and included an elaborate instruction sheet with nice decals too. These days only a very limited amout of CMR kits are still available through selected outlets. After Petr Buchar sold the company economics forced the new owners to slim down. The release of injected kits of the Buccaneer and the Vampire T11 by Airfix did not help either but such are the risks.
  22. Topgun makes a series of Mi14PL, -PS and -BT's in scale1/72. Nothing is known of a 1/48 scale kit
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