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  1. H Hi Alan, thanks for the generous feedback. All base colours were sprayed on using Tamiya Acrylics, for the brush painting I use Scale75 Acrylics, both Scalecolor and Fantasy and Games, and W&N FW inks as colour intensifiers and some glazes in the main, there are some Artists Watercolour and Gouache used too but only on some of the blends Hope that helps Sean
  2. Suggesting a ratio is difficult as I "eye" it to be right, I'd guess that a half cup on an Airbrush I'd give it 1 brush tip of buff for 35th and 2 for 72nd,but that would only be a rough start, there's a lot of variables involved, like how you like to prime and top coat etc
  3. Its to dark for models mate, even the mixes are, because they are based on original colour paint, ideal for painting a 1/1 real thing or a base on post shading but that's it, you either have to add in some buff or pale grey to lighten it, the smaller you go the lighter it needs to be, just be sure not to go over board, scale effect is quite subtle but very noticable
  4. Finished up this Anubis bust by RP Models T Thanks for looking Sean
  5. Mix my own mate, using Mike Starmers Tamiya colour mix with a touch of pale grey added for scale effect
  6. Next one done minus cargo, painted to represent an old truck still doing its thing in NWE 1944. Paint is Khaki Green 3 with a replacement wing and wheel in SCC2 Service Brown, not historically accurate but a BS33 RAF Blue interior and a faded SCC7 Canvas Back into the heavy scratch building again now, next up Signals Tender Type 415 on K6 chassis Thanks for looking Sean
  7. US stations were equipped with Fordson WOT1 Fire Tenders, the only model of one that I know of is a Diecast one made by Oxford..... https://www.oxforddiecast.co.uk/products/ford-wot1-crash-tender-mickey-mouse-scampton-76wot001
  8. Recently added to its dio base..... Crossley Q 409 signals body All the Best Sean
  9. Standard colour would be SCC2 Service Brown, RAF only started using SCC15 Green when stock of SCC2 had run out or if the vehicle was supplied new after may 1944, then and only then was SCC15 green used. Very early war vehicles, and interestingly all Fordson and Brown tractors plus bomb trolleys right through the war, were Khaki Green 3 with SCC1A Dark Brown stripped camo. The Nobles Slate Grey (SCC14) was not black at all, called slate grey for a reason , it would have been blacker on canvas as that had more bitumen in it to get it to stick. All canvas was dyed SCC7 green, very close to Khaki Green 3 paint, but it faded quite quickly to the khaki green/brown we all know Inside the tanker pump box would have been gloss white or zinc chromate PS. Fire Tenders were NEVER red, there were some pre war red Crossleys but they were up north, also the Airfix K6 monitor kit..... only one K6 Monitor ever existed and that was made after the war from a crashed WOT1, the true carrier of the monitor equipment PPS. The RAF had stopped using BS33 Field Blue before the end of 1939, when the KG3 colour was fazed in. Hope that helps Sean
  10. Always from photos mate, plans are to unreliable in their accuracy, I've been bitten way to many times with badly drawn plans from respected plan drawers when I've been making masters it's not even funny, now I no longer bother, also some on line details are not to be believed either, a typical case was this Crossley Q, all the research I did said the wheelbase was the same as a QL, upon scaling a couple of different photos it showed the wheelbase to in fact be a full 12" shorter, thats 4mm in this scale, quite a lot to be wrong by if I hadn't of checked.
  11. Afternoon all..... Crossley Q 409 signals body is now done All the markings with the exception of the roundel are hand painted, just to keep my freehanding eye in And in its position as the dio grows. Thanks for looking Sean
  12. Crossley Q, 3 ton, 409 Signals body, Receiver vehicle is now done, on to the Austin K6 VHF Transmitter and 50Kv Geny trucks..... Thanks for looking Sean
  13. Thanks John, I'll look into them, for some reason I've mislaid all my crafting wire and had to strip this out of electrical cable, the wife does jewellry making and it never occurred to me to look for some in her kit
  14. After many other squirrels distracting me the Crossley Q 3 tonner cab is finally finished, now on to its back transmitter body..... Thanks for looking Sean
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