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  1. Wow, that is a fast turnaround. Parts look good. Have fun and Merry Christmas!
  2. Yeah, I did a lot (and I mean a lot) of sanding and filling primer. I used a 0.12mm layer thickness, going to try and print again at 0.06mm (my highest resolution). Somethings I've test at that resolution are much easier to work with. Just printed a template to create a mold for clear resin for 1/72 falcon engine. To get really smooth only took a couple coats of primer and a little sanding.
  3. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1503525 That is the one I used for most of the parts.
  4. Not a ship or figure but got the 3D printer working well and had to try this. Found the 3D model online (thanks Alan Stanford) and had to try printing one. Didn't print it at the printers highest resolution but pretty close. There were about 12 parts total, some I had to try several times because of messed up prints, failures, etc. Once I had the parts I sanded and used a heavy auto primer / filler to get it smooth (some places better than others). Also used plastic filler in some places. Painted with Vallejo paints and primers after. Used their metal colors and stain on it. I really like the way the grips came out. Going to print another one at the highest resolution printer will go and try to break some of the pieces down so that I can make molds from them and then resin cast the part. Going to be Christmas gift for my son. By the way, saw Rogue One - Best Star Wars movie ever.
  5. A little more progress this weekend. Worked on getting the engine nozzles ready for lights. Had to drill out the solid area and glue in the cast pieces. First picture is the kit piece unmodified. I used it to create the mold for the case, just poured the silicone mold material into the nozzle. Mold ready for casting, I used photo paper to create the outside of the mold. Had to use dremel to sand down cast to get to correct thickness and have holes open up. The nozzle drilled out with some work still to do. The finished product ready for paint. Have worked on wing ends (removing crappy mounting junk) and working on cleaning up bubbles in the cast for gun pods. Have a lot of bubbles, should have used baby powder on my parts before making the molds, read that tip. More to come, hopefully get the gun pods done and wing ends completed.
  6. Molds for gun pods came out good. 2 pods cast and ready for work! Sanded down edge, used my dremel to hone out area on each pod half to hold LED. Was not ready for the amount of dust the resin puts off but it is pretty easy to work. Each half glued together ready for surface prep. Have to do some work on the seams and prime it with some primer/surfacer - have some small bubbles that came out on the surface. Got the other two pods cast but only had one red LED so can't put the others together yet.
  7. Was browsing through the local hobby shop and saw this. I usually support the local shop but they want $79 for it and Ama@@@. had it for $36. That was too big of a difference for me so ordered it. It is the SnapTite Max line but it is 1/29 or 1/30 scale - pretty darn big, main fuselage is about 14" long. Details for not bad but not great either as you can see from pics. Cockpit needs a lot of work and going to have to add detail in other places. Looking at the end of the wings you can see that the gun pods (for lack of better name) are not mounted even close to correctly. So far removed everything from spruce. This model has to have the largest connection between spruce and model parts, they are huge, larger than the spruce trees on most models. Cleaned up the connection points and scribed the panel lines to give more depth, they seemed really soft. Decided to cast new gun pods so I can mount correctly and hopefully put led in. Plan is rebuilt all four guns using hollow tubes so I can light it. Also going to light cockpit, motors, and R2. My base for the mold. Waiting for bubbles to settle out Silicone Rubber poured, have to wait 12 hours or so to see results. Now on to washing all the other parts to get ready for priming.
  8. Yes, I would love a more "current" Star Destroyer. I would also like the $500 Star Destroyer that is around, I just can't pony up that much cash.
  9. That looks great. Now that I finished my Republic Cruiser I'm going back to working on my first Gundam. I only hope it comes out as nice as yours.
  10. http://www.ebay.com/itm/REVELL-STAR-WARS-REPUBLIC-STAR-DESTROYER-/301848843022?hash=item464797d30e:g:tmgAAOSwoydWmT3F There is a link to one in the auction site. I guess it is about 14 or 15 inches long. I got mine a while back for $30 and assembled it then decided I wanted to do lights and hanger. Saw the price currently and that made me take the dremel to the one I had.
  11. Built this for my son for Christmas. This was my first try at filters and washes. I was going for an old, worn look for the AT-AT. Had to add a few LEDs just to give it a little more interest.
  12. Just finished this. This pushed my skill set. I originally built this straight out of box and kinda hosed the paint. Saw on another forum where it was lit and hanger opened up. Before I knew it, I had the Dremel out and was cutting it apart. In all it has about 50' of fiber optic filament, generic arduino nano, and 10 LEDs lighting everything up. You can see from the pics but I did build out the side hangers and each one has a couple of fighters in them. The Arduino Nano is used to create a gradual flicker effect for the engines. It simulates them coming to full power. Thanks for looking
  13. "You should strive to do one WELL, not badly :tease:" Well, badly might be closer to the truth but I'm trying
  14. Freaking amazing! Fantastic job. As someone with a 3D printer that has yet to get anything to print, amazing.
  15. Those look great, love the Sandtrooper. Want to do one of those badly.
  16. they look good. Working on my first Gundam, really liking it. Though I'm going full tilt on weathering and such. Taking a while to work through it.
  17. freaking fantastic! I see an old early 50's GMC truck every day on my way home from work that is covered with rust, different colors of paint, etc. Been thinking of getting some pictures and building one to match. I think looking at this, I've made up my mind to try it. Again, fantastic job.
  18. Looks nice. I bought my first gundam about a month ago - Perfect Grade Unicorn Gundam. Just starting on it. Primed everything (except clear parts) and now started painting back to original colors. I plan on heavy weathering so it is going to take a while to get done.
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