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  1. Classic modelling, really helpful for my own builds. Brilliant looking aircraft.
  2. Nice work Werner, I am making the Hasegawa F86F with Eduard upgrades, not dissimilar to yours. I feel for you with work problems. I have the best job ever, retired! Just imagine your boss sitting on the toilet with his trousers around his ankles, have a good laugh, used to work for me!
  3. That's fantastic info. Never heard of that project. Thanks for that.
  4. A shame really that jet fighters came along just as piston engines were reaching their peak.
  5. Amazing how much knowledge there is out there! As ever, thanks for all the helpful info.
  6. Amazing how much knowledge there is out there!
  7. Much appreciate all this help.
  8. Wasn’t planning to show engine,I’m not that good! Can see the attraction though.
  9. Thanks for all your replies, not as straightforward as I thought!
  10. I have an idea to re-engine a 1/48 P51 with a RR Griffon. What an aircraft that would have been! Don’t know why they didn’t do it?! Has anyone attempted this? Any ideas on which kits to use? I guess the engine donor would have to be a Spitfire? Not looking to count rivets, just provide a reasonable example.
  11. Thanks again, much appreciated.
  12. Thanks to all, I will have to hit eBay I think! Good advice as ever.
  13. Can anyone recommend a decent one of these please? I am not fussed about the variant, just the quality of the kit. If anyone has an Edward in their stash, I could be interested?!
  14. Thanks GrzeM, all reviews are relative and based on someone's opinion. I only ever take them as a guide.
  15. That's pretty impressive, more or less a whole aircraft. Much obliged.
  16. Can anyone suggest the closest match to Polish Air Force colour scheme?
  17. Hi Bob C, I think the other posts answer your query. I opened the link from Stew in Google and it asked if l wanted a translation. I said yes and there it was! On the strength of it I have ordered the IBG kit plus canopy mask. I already have the Yahu cockpit set which is very good. I did try the ZTS kit which is total rubbish. Best of luck. I think this was a great aircraft. Cheers David.
  18. Many thanks Stew, I did translate the review and think I will go for the IBG variant. I have some old aeroclub Pegasus engines which I may use depending on the quality of those in the kit. I also have white metal lewis guns which I know are not strictly correct, but may look better than the kit version. I am not a rivet counter, just want a properly finished model as a bit of a tribute to the brave pilots who flew this aircraft. If they hadn't helped us in 1940, who knows where we would have been? So badly treated by UK Govt at the end of the war. The pictures are great, all credit to the mode
  19. I am a great admirer of this aircraft and often wonder what would have happened had it been an Allied or Axis design? A ' what if ' with Hercules engines, solid nose, lots of guns, perhaps another Beaufighter? I know there was a design in the pipeline for PZL P49 Mis with these engines. However, I digress. I bought a kit of this aircraft from ZTS for very little money and recently decided to build it. I discovered very quickly that said kit was pretty crap and beyond any improvements/scratchbuilding I am capable of! Fly and IBG both have this and I wonder if anyone can advise which
  20. Absolutely stunning work. Have you ever considered a ME 109G? The level of detail you have achieved in your P51 I think would work very well in such a perfectly engineered aircraft.
  21. Absolutely stunning. I thought the inside was real at first glance.
  22. Can't see why you feel ashamed, this is brilliant work. A tremendous amount of time and skill have obviously gone into this model. Keep them coming.
  23. Can you imagine sitting in a cockpit between those two engines? You could keep your chips warm! Superb build, shame most of your work will not be seen. Can't wait to see the finished model.
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