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  1. I have just comeback from Cyprus. On entry have to have a Covid flight pass as proof of double vaccination otherwise 300Euro fine. You have to wear a mask at all times on public transport,quite strict on this. Most shop's and restaurants require proof of double vaccination before entry allowed. Easy to download the double vaccination certificate to your mobile as wallpaper. Don't have to wear a mask outside but if large gathering's present I wear mine as added protection. Apologies Scimitar F1.
  2. The nickname for the green flying suit's "Grow bag's" because of the front zip and sweaty smell.
  3. Jim, very interesting observation. I have gone through all my 8 Group pictures of Mosquito B.XVI's and there seem's to be no logical variation in the inlet size to various production serial's. The deeper inlet would have allowed better cooling so maybe it was a modification added towards the later part of the war ?
  4. Aldersieg. Have you tried the Newark Air Museum ? they found the remains of a Westland Wallace K6035 on RAF Cranwell North airfield in 1961 and it was restored for Hendon RAF Museum. Both Newark and Hendon Museum's and Skysport Engineeering archive's may be able to help.
  5. I stopped subscribing to FSM about 2 years ago. The subject's did not interest me far too many jets and FW190/Me109 builds. In the past had some good article's like converting a 1/72 GMC truck 6x6 into a bomb loader ,sadly now few and far between. Aeroplane Monthly is excellent although Flypast should be renamed Spitfire International ! but i suppose Spitfire's sell, but there are other aircraft . Airfix World i subscribe too well balanced subjects something for everybody. I was an avid SAMI fan but not in recent years, MAM was great in its early day's. I have all the early SAM's great articles's Wish Neil Robinson and Ernie Lee would re-incarnate PAM Plastic Aircraft Modeller.
  6. Superb, thank you for posting.
  7. Somewhere I have a Alan Hall Halton conversion in an Airfix magazine from the 60's. Will try to find for you. my apologies its to convert the Airfix Halifax B.3 to an earlier Mk.2 variant Airfix Mag Dec 1967.
  8. Has anybody a good photograph of the rear glider towing hook please ? When attaching the aero-tow rope from the rear we lifted the elevators to signal to the pilot to open the release to attach the rope then gently lower the elevators after the rope was attached. Due to prop wash and engine noise it was the only way apart from using a handheld radio.
  9. Thanks to all the team for organising the show,very enjoyable and nice to chat after a long Covid lockdown.
  10. Special Hobby 1/72 Gloster Meteor NF.14. I measured the fuselage length and it is correct 49 ft 11inches in 1/72 scale.
  11. The Bomb bay is for a TT.35 if Airfix had done their homework right this kit could have been exceptional.
  12. I have had both jabs and have a card recording this, I may need to get a seperate Covid passport , how do you obtain one ? All very confusing, but pleased Telford is on. PS. Thanks for the replies just read the IPMS Info sheet and it's on there. Why oh why didn't the NHS encrypt the little vaccination card they give you ? this would have prevented fraud and honest people having to get a seperate Covid passport.
  13. From what little record's, I can ascertain that only a couple of 692 Squadron Mosquito aircraft had four bladed propellor's.
  14. Those raised wing-spars just don't look right overscaled. I will sand mine down.
  15. With the new tool Airfix DH Mosquito B.XVI in 1/72 scale, can or doe's anybody manufacture RAF Dull Red 30 inch high code letter's/numeral's ? Yes Xtradecal are bringing out a sheet to cover some 8 Group aircraft and I have some Kit's World Bomber Command version's but I can see a demand for these.
  16. Length of the T.T.39 in my reference's is 43 feet 4 inch. I think Airfix have wrongly quoted the length in the instructions should read 40 feet 6 inch, not 44 feet 6 inch.
  17. The new Airfix instructions quote 44ft 6inches. I measured the fuselage using a 1/72 steel rule comes out at 40 ft 6inches ?? Bowyer's "Mosquito" book quotes length as 40 ft 6inches. Would welcome any other observations re the B.XVI v B.35 .
  18. Great start, I was wondering how you will tackle the rear bomb bay fairing ? I am lucky in that I purchased one back in 2015, a Paragon bulged bomb bay. It is one piece . Having to shave off some of the front to marry up with the bomb bay lip Part No. C11. Otherwise the fit of the Paragon resin piece conforms well to the fuselage outline particularly the rear fairing. Part C2 is redundant unless making a TT.35 version. It's resin so be careful sanding and cutting due to inhaling dust. I also have two Aeroclub vac form bulged bomb-bay's 1/72 for the Mosquito,although yellowed and bit brittle but good standby's. Nos.105 and 109 Squadron were Oboe equipped aircraft ,the area to the right of the instrument panel and in the nose filled with Oboe equipment. To stop prying eyes on the ground ,both these squadron's had the nose's overpainted in what appears's to be a darker grey,almost black colour, than the camouflage. I would welcome any detail on this as finding out information is very hard ,the PRO Kew not being accessible for month's. At the rear of the bomb-bay where the camera port is ,Oboe Mossie's carried a stub aerial. 12 inche's wide by 18 inche's deep and 3 and half inche's thick. Silver finish but open to debate. Hannants are producing a decal sheet X72334 , I have e-mailed them re PF serial numbers. The Percival built aircraft had the fuselage and cowling camouflage sprayed much lower down the side's, this is not showing on their pre-production release. I can only assume that from late 1944 RAF Bomber Command were engaged on more daylight raids and it offered better protection from German fighters ?
  19. I recently measured the full size B.35 engine cowling's at Salisbury Hall. I can say that the new tool Airfix Mosquito has correct measurement's for the two stage Merlin cowling's.
  20. Airfix Annual 1978 Michael Bowyer wrote an article on this very subject titled "Marking trainer's". No specific date's given just approximate years. Regarding the T bands they were 2ft wide for single engine aircraft, 3ft for twin engined and 4ft for multi engined aircraft.
  21. Well done Ratch nice to see local to me airfields being represented.
  22. "RAF Little Rissington " by Bagshaw, Deacon,Pollock and Thomas on page 100 a chapter on new aircraft paint scheme for training aircraft . On 24th January 1958 CFS received instruction's from HQ Flying Training Command to carry out trial's on a new conspicuous colour scheme. large area's were painted with Docker Bros "Fluolac" fluorescent paint. By the end of 1959 nearly all aircraft had been repainted in the Fluolac scheme. The scheme did not last, the paint faded and stripped back from nose and wing leading edge's. CFS was called upon by HQFTC to resolve the issue. Throughout 1961 CFS trialled a new scheme of narrow strip's of Scotchal Flutape "Dayglo" applied to the nose,tail and wing surface's over a silver base.
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