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  1. Hey, thanks a million for your great information. I am actually considering a scratch build and needed pics of the pylons. :-) Wally
  2. Howdy folks, Does anyone here have detailed pictures of the AIM-9 pylon and rail that was fitted to the Sultan of Oman Air Force Hawker Hunters at the end of their life cycle? I want to build one in the two tone grey but only have distant pictures of those missile rails. Thanky and regards Wally
  3. Thanks for the answer :-)
  4. Hi guys, I have a question about the Zvezda 109 G6: It was mentioned to be released this year but it seems that every mention of it has disappeared. Does anyone know if it would still be releassed or has it been put in the bin of doom?
  5. Thanks, I have some material on the Panther but it is really difficult to pin anything to anything without a picture :-)
  6. Greetings guys, Could any of you here tell me if any panthers with the later type gun mantlet were fitted to vehicles that didn't have the Kampfraumheizung? The reason for the question is that I have two Tamiya Panthers and need the early type mantlet to go with the later type vehicle but also need a subject to build with the rest of the parts. Thanks Wayal
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