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  1. Aside from the box art, nothing about these kits is a good idea IMHO
  2. They were indeed a legendary class of ship! Also quite deceiving when one considers building a model of them: at first they seem quite simplistic; but as you drill down into the build you realize just how detailed they were. Again, great work Keith
  3. Stunning work Keith! 5 years in the making and she's a beauty! Well, I know I'm biased given she's my favorite ship/class but your rendition is something you can really be proud of! I think our 2 kings would look great alongside each other as well as sharing a similar build length! Thanks for sharing mate!
  4. Nice work on the HACS directors and the 5.25"s Keith! Yep, although the Tamiya kit is "nice" enough, it lacks many details we've come to expect these days on model kits. Best wishes to all for their health in these crazy times!
  5. She's coming along nicely Keith. As nice as the Tamiya kit is for it's age, one of its shortcoming is lack of surface details on the superstructure. You seem to be picking up all the missing details nicely though and bringing her up to speed. It will of course be interesting to see what kind of kit Flyhawk present us with, when they release their 1/350 rendition of Prince of Wales.
  6. Could not agree more, Dave!
  7. not sure if this is the correct place to put this, but I can't see a 2021 thread anywhere so here goes: Having just seen Midway (and thoroughly enjoyed it, FWIW) I thought it would be nice to build a SBD Dauntless. So off to the internet I went to research kits available in 1/72 (the one true scale ) and lo, I did discover the Dauntless has received very little in the way of modern love in this scale for such an important aircraft.... So, what I'm trying to say is, it would be nice if Airfix came to the crease and obliged with a new tool 1/72 Dauntless
  8. Thanks. Clearly they're there then. Normally I'd follow the Trumpeter & Hobby boss page for info, but so far they've only shown aircraft & armour pages of the catalogue. Cyber modeller also list the toy Fair releases, but so far nothing in the list from Trumpeter. Interestingly I couldn't see much on their post beyond the Titanic, Scharnhorst and Cornwall.
  9. Has anyone else noticed the absence of Trumpeter/Hobby Boss, especially in the naval section this year? Or is it just me? Even their facebook page has gone quiet prior to release of the 2020-21 catalogues for ships...
  10. On the Airfix website screenshot renders it looks to me like the lower/wing fuselage is in the darker grey suggesting this will be able to be swapped out for the Seafire IIC option???
  11. I meant as compared to other Airfix kits of the same calibre, so apples with apples methinks
  12. I thought the prices for the Spitfire Vc & Beaufort are in line with what retailers are currently charging for similar kits
  13. Good to see the type 45 destroyer back in the range: a sign of good (1/350) things to come?
  14. Interestingly it seems Airfix are trying to cash in more on Top Gun 2's release, than the 80th anniversary of the BoB. Still, there's really only 2 new tooled kits that will seperate me from my : Beaufort; & Spitfire Vc. Speaking of the Vc it's good that Airfix have done at least one new tool for us single engine prop fans in the one true scale
  15. Oh I don't expect Nelson/Rodney to see the light of day anytime soon. The thing that bugs me, is that they've been in the catalogue for a number of years now, whereas the others you've mentioned are more recent additions, but will be released sooner than the Rodney/Nelson. It kinda feels like being the customer at a restaurant who comes in, places their order, then other customers come in afterwards, but get their food first!
  16. maybe this will be the year they finally release Nelson/Rodney in 1/350????
  17. Hi Keith just a little bit of pressure... it's always good for motivation Lord knows I've taken long enough to complete my build of KGV (5.5 years and counting) With just the rigging left to do, it's nearing the finish line now at last. Thank you very much for the assistance with the plans! PM reply sent as well Looking forward to seeing both of our Kings finished soon!
  18. Hi Keith great to see this one moving again! Come on mate, you can do it! PS do those Kagero drawings show how she was rigged?
  19. Typical secret squirrel stuff then... I recently discovered how difficult if not impossible it is to acquire decent plans of a WW2 carrier from a certain source with a 3 letter name, which we won't mention here, because, heaven forbid, someone might hurt themselves on designs nearly 100 years old... Not quite the same thing I know, given that one is in service and national security is at stake, but certainly frustrating for those of us with a penchant to self torture in miniature
  20. yes, it was detailed here also, it was mentioned in this Airfix Workbench blog, towards the bottom https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/news/workbench/all-hail-the-mighty-vulcan Airfix are calling for expressions of interest to evaluate whether or not they should tool up and release an IMM kit of her and her sister.
  21. So, secret squirrel stuff, and not to be shared with general public then for the purpose of scratch building?
  22. As I've mentioned elsewhere, Dave, Wow! Can I ask, where do the plans you referenced originate from?
  23. Why not go all out and build her in 1/72? there'd be no problems sourcing F-35's and Merlins at that scale, and boy, what a whopper she'd be!
  24. don't get me wrong, Trumpeter got the shapes correct and it was highly detailed, but it was let down by sloppy tool making, which led to every part (and there's a lot of them) requiring hand working to fit the next correctly. Example: the walls that make up the superstructure were all of varying heights, and the part edges were usually bruised.
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