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  1. Interesting project you've got going here Rob. I've never heard of the Revell paint remover before until you'd mentioned it. I always thought the only way to get enamel paints off my old models was to soak them in oven cleaner...
  2. I gotta say, that Trumpeter have (true to form) baffled me with their catalogue. For some years now, there's been a 1/350 Nelson and Rodney (05621/2) listed as "New" but absolutely no signs of a physical release-not that it matters, given the size of my stash and glacial build pace, but surely there's an opportunity for another model kit company to step up here? (Flyhawk maybe?)
  3. yep, cleaning up seam lines and mismatch can definitely be soul destroying, as Iain mentioned, but you've done a very nice job of remedying them.
  4. Looking good Pat! As amazing as this kit is, the amount of cleaning up the parts require does tend to slow the progress down somewhat!
  5. Come to think it, 2020 is the first year in a long time that I haven't bought any Airfix kits either: mainly Eduard and a far Eastern company; the Tempest, Beaufort and Spitfire MK V should remedy that in 2021 though
  6. Hawker Tempest in 1/72!!! 5 other new tools, otherwise a lean year as expected (not that I'm complaining as it will take another 100 or so years to finish my stash as it is )
  7. 3 more sleeps to go!
  8. Can't make it to Telford, being in Oz, but have requested numerous times a 1/72 Walrus and various others in 1/72, but the silence of the reply is quite loud
  9. Hi Ratch, Whilst it's not a simple mouse click operation, it is entirely possible. It just means starting from scratch when it comes to developing the tooling CAD... So, I stand by my earlier comment: "they should", because I'll never buy a (for example) a 1/48 Walrus, as I simply don't have the space to display it, but I'd love to have a new tooled model of a Walrus in my collection in 1/72
  10. Because I don't have the room for any scale larger than
  11. I think aircraft announcements will be limited this year to one or two new kits (B-24 liberator in 1/72, perhaps) with a plethora of re-issued kits with new colour schemes/variants... Not just because of the 'Rona but because Airfix are expanding their range to include not just aircraft but also armour and Maritime again, which can only be a good thing. More re-boxing's of Academy's 1/35 range and perhaps a new 1/35 tool? For the flagship release, it's a long shot I know, and more of a wishful desire, a 1/350 Queen Elizabeth/ Prince of Wales... If not that then a new tools 1/24 MK IX Spitfire (which can be used to develop mkI and v kits down the track)
  12. Stunning work Keith! In all honesty, if the cage aerials are giving you that much trouble, I don't believe that if you just ran a single line that it would detract in any way from your superb build In fact I'm thinking I might do the same with my build...
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