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  1. Brilliant. Just brilliant. The patience needed to get those holes drilled in the gun access panel clips must be something else!.
  2. Looking absolutely brilliant. I have always loved the Airfix Hurricane, and i prefer it to the more modern Trumpeter kit. One of the details missed out by Airfix however is the little drain hole on the bottom panel under the nose. It`s an easy fix but still an irritating omission !.
  3. Thank you very much. Any help would be much appreciated and recompensed for as well.
  4. I recently purchased a second hand MkI Spitfire but it has not got the engine at all. I have tried Airfix before and found them to be less than accommodating. Any ideas on where i could get a new or used Merlin ?.
  5. If you are making a MkI Hurricane, then delete the circular oil cooler in the middle of the radiator. That was only introduced on the MkII Hurricane. The oil cooler was rectangular on the MkI.
  6. I am looking for the new release decals for the MkI Spitfire. These are DW-K and QJ-B. Sorry i should have made that a bit clearer in my original post.
  7. Hello everyone, It`s a long shot but does anyone have a spare decal sheet for the above title that i could purchase?. I have tried Airfix but they don`t have the sheet in stock. A search on E-bay has been fruitless as well. Many thanks for your help in the matter. Joe.
  8. A lovely Hurricane indeed. A little known fact about the early Rotol units was that the early blades were actually metal and not the usual compressed wood. There are pictures of 54 Squadron force landed Spitfires at Dunkirk with bent metal Rotol blades. 54 Squadron were tasked with operational trials of the Rotols during mid 1940. There is also a picture of a 249 Squadron Hurricane that was force landed around October 1940 by it`s pilot ( Perrin or Bouquillard ) with a Rotol prop that had metal blades. So unless there is a frontal view of V6799, you could get away with leaving your model as is.....
  9. Thank you for an excellent comparison of both kits. Just a point though. R6915 is a MkI Spitfire, not a MkV. She fought with 609 Squadron in the Battle of Britain.
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