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  1. It looks really cool sitting on the shelf. This is my second one in this camo, have made an AJ 37 before as well. On the AJ 37 I actually cut my own masks from a scale drawing and Tamiya tape, but on this one I "cheated" with pre-cut masks from Maestro Models. Made life a little bit easier, and saved me a good few hours of tape cutting...
  2. Guys, thanks for all the kind comments on this one. Panel lines are enhanced with some light pre-shading, and a subtle wash afterwards. As you say, it's tricky to get it "right", not showing too much. Thank you for all the kind words, I appreaciate it.
  3. Affirm, that's the one. Scale is 1/72. Thanks!
  4. As a follow up on my JA 37 Viggen, I just finished the two-seater, an SK 37 Viggen from Special Hobby. Same kit as Tarangus, with all the pros and cons of that kit. The biggest setback of the kit being the fit of the upper air brakes and the intakes. I used thin plastic card to shim the airbrakes, and managed to get a good enough fit, instead of filling, sanding and rescribing that area. The intakes I just dealt with the "old school" way though, with filling, sanding and rescribing. Paint from Mr.Paint from Slovakia. Chipped the wing, air intakes, fin and canard leading edges with some masking fluid after painting them aluminium. Then painted the black, and rubbed off the now dry masking fluid. I think it turned out convincing enough. Added some fading to the paint as well, although I think it's more visible IRL than on the pictures. Also added the ejection seats safety handle at the right side of the headrest, and some seatbelts. The flying surfaces were also cut a bit to make them hang. Above the exhaust I added the RWR. Pitot tubes and AOA probe were replaced with Master brass items. Decals from the excellent Moose Republic Decals range. Now on to the pictures.
  5. The build was fantastic. With some careful dry fitting there's almost no need for filler. Fit is overall very good, and the detail is really nice and crisp. Well, when the D-version was introduced, the former one was (unofficially?*) called C, simple as that.
  6. Hey guys, This is my JA 37C Viggen built from the Tarangus/Special Hobby kit in 1/72nd scale. Most painting is done with Mr.Paint from Slovakia. Decals are from the excellent Moose Republic Decals. Weathered as per reference photos. Enjoy! //Nick
  7. That's what I thought. Trying to get hold of it, but shipping from the U.K. to Sweden is quite expensive, since it's shipped as dangerous goods.. Can you get hold of Xtracolour somewhere locally in Denmark? //Niklas
  8. Really nice 737, looks great! What colour did you use for the blue? I'm in the making of one myself at the moment.. :) Regards, Niklas
  9. Sorry for a somewhat late answer, but on the following link, you'll find a few Viggen pictures. If you tell me what you need, or you'd like to see, I could upload some more... http://s93.photobucket.com/user/najkos/library/Flygbilder/37449 Regards, Niklas
  10. I just found this thread, and what an outstanding build it is, I must say! Being a former Viggen mechanic, it sure looks the part. Just one thing though. The fighter Viggen (JA 37) doesn't have the lower anti collision light. So before you go on with decalling, you might want to remove it.. ;-) Just drop me a note if I can help with some pictures (maybe a little late..). Regards, Niklas
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