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  1. Really, really nice model of the huge tanker. Great camo scheme too, so many do the blue and white (when you see any done that is), so it’s nice to see this version.
  2. This is a great model of a lovely little jet, that unfortunately has very dull camouflage and markings (whoever flies it) . To make it look as exciting as how it flies is difficult, but you have done a great job.
  3. Love these. I am currently half way through building the harrier, and I will be very happy if it turns out as good as yours. The Italian scheme on the f-104 is really nice.
  4. Beautiful builds, that Comet is simply first class!
  5. Great set of Vulcans and you have done a really fine job on the camo, so difficult in this scale! And you have not just done it once......but multiple times......crazy man! Good work.
  6. I really like your kit of the lovely little Alpha jet. The finish is so good and I do like the German camo scheme. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Very nice sir, another super 1/144 build. I have a few of these, will definitely be adding a German one in this scheme. Thanks for the inspiration!
  8. Matchbox kits....love them, and your buccaneer is great. I am glad I have 2 sisters.....!
  9. Cracking pair sir......and the phantoms are pretty good too! Love a nice coloured tail phantom, great work.....twice!
  10. Lovely build that. It flew over my house during lock-down, was so surprised that as soon as I was allowed, I went to Portland to watch them operate from there. If you ever ge5 a chance, go, it so cool. Your build has really captured the speaking look.
  11. Lovely build of one of the finest aircraft ever built! Thanks.
  12. This is lovely, very different and that is something I really respect in modelling! I think I saw one of these at Bournemouth airport a few years ago, funny looking aircraft. I am tempted to get the f-rsin transall.......but I don’t think I am that brave!
  13. Brilliant Atlas. I am tempted to do mine now. Really great model sir.
  14. Thanks Sir, I didn’t realise that! Though with my skills it will probably end up looking like a starfighter! Ha
  15. This is super, so nice to see one actually built! It’s a great finish too, thanks for sharing.
  16. Awesome. Love it, so nice to see something different!
  17. I have this kit and if it turns out half as well as yours, I will be very pleased indeed! It’s really well finished and very mean looking. You have done a great job on a complicated cameo pattern too.
  18. What a lovely build! And even better collection. You have shown how even kits seen as ‘basic’ can produce stunning results!
  19. Thanks Adam. I mucked up the panel line wash, but by then I just wanted to get it on the cabinet. I would def do another one, but Will plan it better next time! The valiant kit is.....interesting to build. I did do it a while ago, but remember the fit being slightly challenging, but it was ok. There are some more pics of it on an earlier post of my 1/144 builds, about a week ago I think. But see below for one I have the 1/144 GWH victor K2 kit, I am hoping to do it as Teasing Tina, I am trying to do a Mildenhall hall airshow theme from the early 90’s (very loosely).
  20. Thanks guys. Yes, the Valiant is the Mikro-Mir kit.....fitted where it touched and was a bit of a challenge! I am hoping the Victor will be a fun build :).
  21. Hi This is definitely a build I would class as ‘one for the shelf’, but I am glad it’s finished. The kit is the GWH version and is actually really nice. I would try another one, maybe all white next time. I would have liked a wrap around camouflage pattern, but the masking was killing me....so I went for the extra dark sea grey underside instead! Victor next I think. Hope you all like it! regards
  22. Lovely builds of super kits! I really like the pink one, may have to give that a go on one of mine! Thanks for sharing.
  23. Splendid work with a most realistic finish. A true work of art.
  24. That sir, is the best Tomcat build I have ever seen! A dirty line jet always look best, just how airplanes should look. Thanks for sharing.
  25. Wow, what a great job! The masking has really paid off as the camo is so well done. I love that you have put the effort into the detail despite the scale (my favourite scale hands down) and its a cracking build. Bravo sir.
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