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  1. That's an excellent diorama with lots of nice details. Well done.
  2. Excellent finish on the jeep and figures, Steve. Could I ask what paints you use and the colours used on the uniforms? I really like these SAS/LRDG jeeps crammed full with equipment.
  3. Hi Tommy, many thanks. The debris is a mixture of at least two different sands, coarse and fine, plus larger stones and with a pack of Royal Models bricks mixed in. All mixed up, I use a spoon to sprinkle this in place and then use a PVA solution applied with a pippet to hold it all in place. This was built up in several layers over several days allowing it to dry in between and finally a fine layer of sand and brick and earth pigments to tie it all in. However, the grass areas were done first and the rubble strewn over the top. Regards Lee.
  4. Thanks for your comments. The Miniart buildings are great foundation kits and they can easily be added to but I think they do benefit from adding the extra rubble and some natural materials. Many thanks. I have no idea on how much time but it was started mid '15. Some pieces were completed a long time ago and stored until everything was ready to bring together. In hindsight, my only regret was not keeping a Work In Progress but I'll try that for future projects. Hi Pat, the stash does contain Panzers and a Blitz (saved for something else) but the frame it's set in was the maximum boundary....this time. The Miniart kit was near completion and then I went to Scale Model World in Telford last November and, well, the rest is history. It grew. I'm glad I'm not into ship model kits (yet!) otherwise we might lose the bath! I've learnt and am still learning about diorama building. What I'll do the same or differently next time and even trying things in a different order but if you have any questions, I'll happily try to assist. And if you're referring to the old 1/72 Matchbox kits that included a setting to mount them on, they're great kits. Thank you eddiesolo and DennisTheBear for your feedback.
  5. Thank you all for the positive feedback. Much appreciated. Badder, re: dead body, I'm thinking realities of war. Bricks and coats are fine. I'm glad neither of you said you have got one of those mortars!!
  6. Thank you all for the positive feedback. Much appreciated. Hi Pat, it's not a daft question but this particular diorama evolved from my original plan. It was originally going to be confined to the size of the base in the Miniart kit but I then decided to add the motorbike and sidecar and the two guards and POW's to add an extra element to the story as well as build on the bombed building with the collapsed floor.
  7. Hi all, This is the latest diorama that I have just finished entitled "Blitzkreig in the West" and is based on a German unit in May 1940 advancing through the outskirts of a ruined village, rounding up POW's and preparing for their next encounter. It has been on the go for over a year although it has sat idle at times whilst I worked on other kits and projects. It's by far the biggest diorama that I've attempted and I'm pleased with the outcome as well as pleased that it's finally (99.9%) finished. Below is a list of the kits used: Building: Miniart 36028 Tank: Hobbyboss 83813 Motorbike and sidecar: Zvezda 3607 Figures: Dragon 6478, 6347, 6196; Tahk T-35023; Stalingrad S-3534; Soga Miniatures 3531 All figures were hand painted including the insignia on the collars and sleeves and on some I added the improvised camouflage grass on their helmets that I've seen on photos from the period (very fiddly!) as well as making all the slings from scratch using lead foil and finally they all received a light dusting with Mig pigments to blend in with their environment. The Hobbyboss tank is my first proper attempt at air brushing as this is a new skill to me as well as the weathering. In keeping with the storyline behind the diorama, I wanted the tank to have a used and dirty look but keep the damage minimal. The scene is based around the Miniart kit with the added collapsed wooden floor scratch built using balsa wood and coffee stirrers and the strewn debris is a mixture of different sands, rubble and scale bricks. The burnt area is made up of white metal corrugated sheets and Mig pigments - Black Smoke and Ashes White. The slate wall was built one piece at a time. Thanks for looking and all feedback is welcome. Regards, Lee
  8. Hi all, This is the Verlinden kit 1494 that I completed a little while ago and have only just recently photographed. An all resin kit that contains the pre-formed base, five figures and the mortar that is a very fiddly kit but is very detailed too. The dead soldier (RIP) is moulded into the base but the other 4 are all in bits and, this being a typical Verlinden kit, there are no instructions and very few pictures to work from so I had to spend time matching arms with heads with their body but this is an excellent kit. The base is rich in detail and I added a few extra details in the weapons lying around, the peeling wallpaper, propoganda poster, the wiring for the radio and some grass here and there growing through the rubble. A thoroughlly enjoyable build. Hope you like it, thanks for looking and comments always welcome. Regards, Lee
  9. The detailing and painting on these 1/72 figures is amazing and this diorama is excellent. I had no idea that 1/72 figures could have such detail. Very impressive and great work.
  10. The model, the diorama and the photography are all excellent. This is so wonderfully presented.
  11. That's an excellent diorama. The figures are great and with different poses, especially the one putting on his shirt and they're very nicely painted too. Great work with the photography that really sets it off. Very impressive.
  12. Hi Stix, Many thanks for accepting me into what is my first Group Build. I'm already mulling over ideas and will make good use of my stash. I've read through the rules on sizes, protrusions, etc which are fine but would like some clarity on what the from and to dates relate too. I've read that the models could already be done (although mine are not!) but the base itself cannot be started until the 25th June and has to be completed for presenting on 23rd October? And the finished vignette is posted on 'ready for inspection' or somewhere else? I'm not sure if I've missed some rules somewhere or getting ahead of the game or not fully understanding Group Build rules. Thanks for your help to clarify. Regards, Lee
  13. Hi, I only saw this link this morning from a 'Ready for Inspection' and have been reading through the rules and comments. Could I also join the GB? Kind regards, Lee
  14. Hi. Figures do add that human aspect but I know they're tricky. As you've bought the Vallejo, I'd suggest a bottle of their paint thinner too and just play about with the ratio. I started with a drop of paint to a drop of thinner as the Vallejo is quite a thick pigment paint. Is that the LRDG with the 7 Masterbox figures? It's a nice kit and look forward to seeing it finished. As for animals, I bought a German ww2 motorbike and sidecar kit that included a pig for the sidecar (!!)
  15. Excellent finish and I love that interior detail. That's really nicely finished.
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