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  1. The light above the cab is to aid visibility to trackworkers. But as you mention the second and eleventh coach then, assuming PTSO means Pantograph Trailer Second Open, it is possible that it's to illuminate and monitor the pantograph for damage. either caused by faulty overhead wiring, or damage it may cause to the wiring. - Part of the blame and claim culture on the railways now. - The rules are so daft that if a train is delayed due to a bird strike breaking the drivers cab window they have to determine which species was involved to apportion the compensation that arises out of the delay.
  2. Unlikely - companies these days are highly 'conscious' of their image and that includes particular shades of colours, take Cadbury's purple as an example. Some go on to register them as trademarks, again Cadbury's. Most recent images and rebrands are arranged by marketing companies who specify the colour as it has a perceived value or meaning. p.s. other chocolate bars are available and, in my opinion, taste better.
  3. JLTRT used to do all the authentic colours (generally the best available) but got out of the game due to the postal restrictions. Mixed specifically for them by automotive paint specialists I should be able to squeeze the mix out of them this weekend. If all else fails should be able to get swatches from their reserve stock.
  4. Amazing build watching with great interest though will admit to missing the last few days. I've posted a link to this build over on Railnuts facebook page with a request for the colour matches. I know a man over there that will know the answer if I can persuade him to reveal the match. p.s. just to be anal it's umber and cream not brown. keep up the good work
  5. Bad example (especially as it doesn't indicate the sheet size) chosen quickly just to illustrate the product. Can get a full 2.4m x 1.2 m sheet (8ft x 4 ft approx) for similar price at DIY outlets.
  6. Any building sites in the area? If so why not see if you can blag some off cuts of the polystyrene insulation blocks most new builds are using. http://hobby.uk.com/materials/polystyrene-foam/styrofoam-blue-1.html
  7. Did a few conversions on the original ESCI release many years ago. Don't think I ventured as far as a Mk 1. Perfectly feasable to do so as everything from the firewall back was unaffected by the update. http://files.capri.pl/garage/ford-transit-mk1-body/ford-transit-mk1-body-short.300dpi.png
  8. I've several Proxxon machines including the MF70 and can recommend it whole heartedly. What you do need to consider is the size of what you're trying to mill and then add at least 10 mm all round (to give you something to grip) and from that work out what working dimensions you need the miller to cope with.
  9. Some bits over on evilbay that may be of interest http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RCM-E-MARCH-1977-FULL-SIZE-SHORT-SKYVAN-PLAN-KEVIN-FLYNN-48-5-PEPINO-UBERTO-/151891979314?hash=item235d77ac32:g:1XIAAOxy0zhTKtXR http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Short-SC-7-Skyvan-rare-details-Shorts-STOL-Shed-1970s-historic-archive-manual-/371780705692?hash=item568fdb5d9c:g:my0AAMXQlgtSvayc as always - no connection
  10. Wot he said. Any colour, any finish. Usually carry standard colour charts and will match to samples not just car colours. And if you talk to them nice they'll even mix enough to give you some for brushing / touch up.
  11. Brian, you don't state the scale you're looking at building in. If 'OO' is an option have a look at the Knightwing range they do a 8 wheel Foden and a 3 axle trailer that will get you somewhere close. The Foden is a slightly earlier model but should be a good start www.knightwing.co.uk
  12. Google UK Numberplate fonts there a few free ones out there for all periods http://www.fontspace.com/gareth-attrill/uk-number-plate-2 http://www.fontspace.com/spideraysfonts/registration-plate-uk Some sites will even show a preview that you could capture and print out (edited for clicky links)
  13. Serve the numpties right if they have to go the next junction or three
  14. I wouldn't recommend sealing it before adding the base colour. Trick from model railway scenics is to colour the filler (water based paint or dye) prior to applying it to the base. that way if the surface gets damaged the white of the filler does not show through. As you've applied the filler then allowing the paint to soak into the surface will help minimise the problem should it arise.
  15. Simultaneous release of 1:1 scale bacon buttie. along with a dogfight double boxing of sausage & egg.
  16. Where on the CAA site does it say the rise in fees is as a result of the Shoreham disaster? It simply doesn't - The rise in fees is to recover the shortfall between income and costs. The choice appears to be between organiser's, and subsequently the attendee's, paying fees that cover the actual costs or the CAA closing down the office that deals with shows and thus no shows at all.
  17. CAD for the warwell and warflat are now available online. Again 'O' gauge initially and if there's enough response possibly 1/48.th & 1/35.th https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=918387661615261&id=192967507490617
  18. Hopefully there will now be a wider avaialbility of some of the kit ranges
  19. The Reds may be the only ones flying out of Scampton but it's also home to the three units below (for operations and training) so must be considered as being very much open. Control and Reporting Centre 1 Air Control Centre Mobile Met Unit
  20. The O gauge (1:43.5) version, of the Rectank, has been revealed https://www.facebook.com/192967507490617/photos/pcb.915175628603131/915175361936491/?type=3&theater If you want it in other scales head over to the railnuts page on facebook and express an interest
  21. Circloy

    The time has come

    I wear glasses for distance vision and noted more and more I was 'flipping' them on top of my head when either reading or modelling up close. I mentioned this to the optician when had my eyes tested last year and they suggested reading glasses - trouble is they test your eyes at the distance at which it's comfortable to read a paperback (about 12 - 18") - I've no problem at that distance I take the glasses off. It's that gap between reading and distance (the 18" to 4 ft area) that remained out of focus no matter what I did, so when the sales assistant asked if I wanted a pair of reading glasses I said I'd go away and consider. When I got the new distance glasses I went to poundland (other pound stores are available) and bought a range of reading glasses, used them over the distance glasses to determine how much adjustment I needed to see at about 2.1/2 ft - 3 ft, just the distance at which my modelling references or computer screen normally resides. Went back to the store, explained what I'd done to the assistant and ordered some 'mid distance' glasses based on the prescription and 'adjustment'. They work a treat with no more need to flip glasses up and down when modelling.
  22. Did you add any washing up liquid to the PVA mix? - Helps to break the surface tension and may give better contact between the PVA mix and the earthing screw. - 1 or 2 drops should be sufficient.
  23. Sheffield was the first ship fitted with Radar. I Believe she was one of the last two RN WW2 cruisers in existence (Reserve fleet?). IIRC Sheffield was in better condition than Belfast but despite this and the fact that Sheffield had the better battle honours the decision was made to preserve Belfast. It was strongly suspected this had been due to political influence resulting from the ongoing conflict in Northern Ireland. Nearly caused riots here in Sheffield.
  24. Here's a couple of links to the O gauge (1:43) mock up on facebook, will see if I can get hold of a couple of renders https://www.facebook.com/192967507490617/photos/pcb.848810405239654/848809835239711/?type=1&permPage=1 https://www.facebook.com/192967507490617/photos/pcb.848810405239654/848809798573048/?type=1&permPage=1
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