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  1. Perhaps a minimum word count should be required before it counts towards the post total. It would have to be automated though so it doesn't stop the Mods doing other things.
  2. Beware what you glue it in place with there are issues if you use PVA https://www.lner.info/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2737
  3. A failure's a failure whenever it's discovered. No one would claim the original windows on the Comet were a success would they?
  4. Failed practice either at design level or application. Failed Practice either at design, purchasing or manufacturing. Failed practice either at process design or during manufacture. That's why practices are in place to eliminate 'human factors' as much as possible. Good to see, hope they are relayed up to your customers. All escapes pose an increased risk they just need to be understood and managed We too experience escapes and due to the nature of our products report them direct to the Design Authorities (i.e. Engine Manufacturers) for a full and proper risk assessment.
  5. If only! The loose bolts are a symptom of failed practices either at Airbus or one of its suppliers and points to potentially more serious failures. The loose bolts have been found but what else has been missed? As pointed out above what's been left behind that shouldn't be there, is everything as it should be, have the correct & genuine components been used in it's construction. As Airbus's sytems have clearly failed It's all got to be in doubt. Military or Civil lives are at risk. I've just completed a three day course on pre-delivery inspection so am aware of the risks of not ensuring everything is done, done correctly and in the right order.
  6. Didn't one of the recent workbench articles reference a P45? Couldn't this 'announcement' be related?
  7. Many railway modelllers are using building insulation sheets upon which to build scenery. It's basically expanded polystyrene, denser than that used for packing, extruded into boards of various thicknesses, 10 & 25 mm being common sizes, and readily shaped using houshold tools. A downside is that it is readily attacked by solvent based glues & paints. This can be overcome by coating with PVA glue as a barrier. This is the type of thing https://www.diy.com/departments/jablite-insulation-board-1200mm-450mm-25mm/26817_BQ.prd (other DIY shops are available) have a look here to see what can be achieved https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydPRLghjbnU
  8. Search for brick card on http://www.gaugemaster.com/ & look at the Slaters, Faller or Wills products There's also Southeast finecast https://www.railwayscenics.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=fbs&search_in_description=1&osCsid=h261tgj2alugj8i1eaks211ft5 Thinking about it is there anything in the Plastruct range - it may be more readily available in Canada https://plastruct.com
  9. Facebook page for the show states it is confirmed for the 13th October. https://www.facebook.com/thesouthwellmodelshow but that's not been udated since February.
  10. Many of the early Tamiya kits were initially realeased motorised and this is oft cited as a reason we ended up with miliary kits being 1/35 & not 1/32. You can tell those that were by the various 'extra' openings in the chassis. Don't think they did a Crusader before the mould share with Italeri in the last 10 (?) years
  11. In plastic there used to be a few others - Revell have a few German & US loco's that are released occasionally & Ratio springs to mind with a couple of UK locos but theres been few others however most loco kits were produced in white metal by the cottage industry for the railway modeller. They're 'needed' to run because that's what railways were about & it can be done. Not quite as a 1/32 A4 (71 ft long) would be about 10% larger than that 1/24th scale lorry (about 48 ft long). I'll admit the A4 would be more impressive though UK O gauge is 1/43.5 (7mm = 1 ft) & differs from 1/48 in size by over 10% which is more than most would consider an accepable difference. Compatable with diecast cars yes, but not lorries which are 1/50 so even worse. If you're looking at providing kits in O gauge then last weekend the O gauge guild had their showcase trade show @ Telford which would have been a good oportunity research the market. Not many of the major 1930's to 1960's locos not already kitted. Talk to the kit manufacturers & if they were being honest they'd admit they're happy if any kit sells 25 andsales of 50 is considered a good run. Would that be worth tooling up for in plastic? Honestly think you'd get better returns if you put your money on England winning the Ashes. Seriously doubt there's sufficient call in the UK market. Ask Pete Waterman how much he 'pumped' into his company to keep it afloat before calling in the receivers.
  12. Everyone I know had had data compromised at some stage. Try entering your e-mail address into the following link: https://haveibeenpwned.com/ As in 'pawned' not ...
  13. At one time there was the alleged 'Microsoft - Intel' conspiricy whereby Intel would produce a faster processor, Microsoft would then eat up the extra power & more, needin a faster processor which Intel would oblige with which ... So we've ended up with a situation a bit like central London which is now full of vehicles capable of much greater speeds than the horse & cart but travelling at the same average speed . I've started by removing the default settings in the firewall that allows them to pass through but as that too is a MS product router settings may be worth looking at.
  14. It's possible Microsoft in it's latest update to windows 10 has changed a setting to use files from your pictures folder and if this is the case no location tracking software is required. Turning it off doesn't fully hide your location anyway as your IP address can be used to locate you. Windows 10 updates are notorious for re-activating some of its embedded 'spy ware', a major upgrade has recently been distributed & I found things like Cortana switched back on - perhaps Microsoft can explain why it needs to link simultaneously to over 15 of it's servers if it's not spying & gathering data.
  15. Circloy

    Luftwaffe Tires

    Double standards at the very least! Henry Ford was a pacifist cancelling a number of contracts Ford of America had signed with British companies (e.g. RR - Merlin) but still readily accepting profits made by the 'oversea's' subsidiaries (UK, Germany, France).
  16. Halifax Modeller World stock Bison & Star decals https://www.halifaxmodellersworld.co.uk/135th-accessories-61-c.asp
  17. Sad to see any model shop close but suggestions such as this smack of insensitivity you may as well call and say, "I don't want to pay a fair price for anything and keep you in a job so can you tell me when are you being made redundant so I can bag a few bargains and wallow in your misery?"
  18. Just seen it in the thread title - 23 June. blaming the old glasses - should have gone to ...
  19. Snap!. Not keen on varifocals So I've a pair of distance glasses, A pair for 'computer use' and eyeball mk1 for close up. The computer use ones are not normal readers which are optimised for around 300/500 mm but are set for around 1000 mm which allows screens to be placed in a better position.
  20. Theres an old adage - 'Red and Green should ne'er be seen' the reason being they clash too much to produce good balance. The wording's not bad, probably because of the expanse of white, but the logo's unbalanced. Try turning the red 'sun' white and turn the green phoenix red, may prove enough. If not then consider one of the three colour options under the split complement in the linked chart. However at the end of the day it's your Whif to do with as you please. https://jhesseaarcy.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/295434-color-wheel-poster-by-girts-avotins-freelance-graphic-designer.jpg
  21. Fail to see how the inclusion of a machinery body is a mistake. ICM obviously set out to produce a model of a British lorry they had been able to measure and by all account appear to have succeeded, even down to the tyre pattern. Not all lorries were fitted with general service bodies & the modelling world would be poorer if we only had models of 'GS' types. ICM don't claim this to be a general service truck so whilst it may be an odd choice it doesn't make it a mistake. The inclusion of WW2 census numbers and post war tyres appears to be the only mistake of note. Coupled with the equipment frorm Resicast's own machinery truck, available separately, this could be used in a much more interesting diorama than yet another 'GS' type loaded with boxes & drums.
  22. There's a mass of information, advice and questions over on the RMweb forum along with some inspiring model railway projects. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/79025-a-guide-to-using-the-silhouette-cameo-cutter/ Its a lengthy discussion (currently 95 pages) and includes discussion on software options including links to the silhouette software Centre in the USA. Considering getting one myself.
  23. Circloy

    B-17F camoflague

    Anyone shed any light on this - got more of a German look to it rather than US http://www.americanairmuseum.com/media/11539 https://b17flyingfortress.de/en/b17/42-5053-bloody-tangier-show/
  24. Radpoe Out of respect for the crew can you correct the title and use the planes correct name "Mi Amigo"
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