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  1. Actually the Germans started it !! - Marklin introduced 'O' gauge in the early 1900's to use 32 mm wide track or 7 mm to the foot scales @ 1:43.5 Hence HO , or Half O, which scales at 1:87 (3.5 mm to foot) expanded to 4mm to foot to allow models of British locomotives to be motorised using the motors available in the 1920/30's. Suspect that Airfix at the time were looking to satisfy both the railway and military modeller but by using both 1:76.2 & 1:72 they never got it right and agree that 1:76.2 should be dropped if they plan any more small scale military vehicles in the future. As for the use of other companies molds it has to be a good thing surely, a quick way to test the market with a reasonably sized range and, if successful, follow on with new tools of your choice. What chance Ferret's, Foxes & Saracens for 2020?
  2. Unless thing's have changed I'm certain they have to be on Farm business, not employed on a 'hire & reward' basis and be within a limited distance from the farm base.
  3. Cant see the detail but resistor A looks to be a Diode - totally different functions ensure you're happy with what you propose to do - even small voltages can kill !
  4. my misunderstanding - within e-bay use the 'advanced search' function - small text next to the search button so not immediately obvious. Scroll down the list to sellers Tick/select 'only show items from:' ensure 'selected sellers' is selected then change include to exclude and enter the sellers e-bay ID.
  5. You can search specific site by adding the phrase "site:web address" to your search phrase. So as an example to look for Tamiya Lancasters on Britmodeller use the search term Tamiya Lancaster site:www.britmodeller.com all other sites will then be ignored. To exclude a site from the search results place a minus sign ( - ) immediately in front of site. Thus Tamiya Lancaster -site:www.modelhobbies.co.uk will list other sources but not modelhobbies. In theory you could build a list, -site:www.1.., -site:www.2.., how many you could list before you got tired or ran out of space is debateable
  6. @ 32.5 & 35 tons both types were over the units rated weight of 30 ton though having said that I'm certain that there are pics of them carrying Shermans (31 ton) in the desert campaign. Unlikely but not impossible - especially if the tank was battle damaged & say shorn of it's tracks.
  7. Personally I've never found the SE Finecast brick sheets well defined, being very soft in detail. Additionally in 1/24th scale they only offer plain, by which I think they mean stretcher, bond which is relatively weak and certainly not suitable for structural work such as railway arches. The Victorian builders used English bond for their structural items. This web-page will help illustrate the difference https://brickarchitecture.com/about-brick/why-brick/brickwork-bonds. You could try and convert the SE-Finecast product by cutting to individual brick rows, re-scribing alternate rows an then relaying. Somehow I don't think this will be successful. By no means does it allow you to get every brick right.
  8. Circloy

    Hey all

    For 4mm that's exquisite there's a level of detail there that you often don't see in 7mm - 'O' gauge.
  9. Circloy

    Hey all

    That's Nice! What scale?
  10. It's been enforced on us for all work's PC's as the ultimate security measure - no one is supposed to be able to read from the hard drive if the PC/Laptop is stolen so early doors when a few 'forgot' or had enforced passwords they were in sweats thinking they'd lost years of data only for IT to access it through the back door. Some security ! Chances are that it'll be back when you power on, but you've probably found that out by the time you've read this
  11. https://www.wwiivehicles.com/great-britain/aircraft/amphibian/supermarine-walrus-amphibian.asp Not sure if the above clears anything up but certainly contains some very detailed pictures.
  12. That's NATO (North Avon Tayto Organisation) sorted then!
  13. Knew about spraying metallic coats over gloss black, never thought about using it under yellows 'suppose I've always considered it would darken the colours. Red's I've allways sprayed over a red primer which bring's the coulor out
  14. Reminded me of the project a team i'm involved with is currently working on https://www.facebook.com/192967507490617/photos/a.541393592648005/1717868858333800/?type=3&theater Laser cut from thin MDF with none of the dimensional/warping issues you get with card. These are then clad with plasticard to suit brickwork, tiles etc. In our case window frames will follow to get rid of the bombed out look.
  15. Genuine Dodge product - they produced in the UK from the early '20's. That particular cab style was also used by Leyland & Albion and known as a LAD cab (from initials of the users) Late 50's - mid 60's. The CAT also has the company name on on the rear tank, & the BR22 also has a name high on the rear but the picture here don't show it clear enough to make out.
  16. Can't comment on the masking tape, just sprayed the interior of 2 JLTRT Gresley coaches using lifecolour acrylics over a Halfords gloss base and was already dreading sealing the interior with masking tape, what i'm reading on here's not helping ease the worries of paint lifting. For removing sticky gunk residue from tape etc I always start by using lighter fluid & cotton buds, did the trick when I was a kid and still works. Just don't smoke when using it!
  17. Try Langley models for 1/76 civilian decals or look on the dreaded 'bay for replacement dinky/corgi/matchbox transfers.


    (not able to post on your wanted thread)

  18. Details of LMS cattle docks in "LMS Architecture" OPC book believe the authors are Jenkinson & Essery
  19. Although you've not mentioned what scale there are a similar range of MOD based wagons available in 2 of the 4 main railway scales 'O' (1:43) & 'OO' (1:76), can't comment on 'N' as I've never taken much of an interest in this small scale. Any scale other than this you'll definately need to scratchbuild. Take a look at Hatton's website for current availability, I have no connection with them, and mention them only because they have commissioned exclusive MOD wagons in O gauge. In addition to ready to run items Just Like The Real Thing have recently introduced a similar range of wagons in O gauge (actually planned & started before the RTR items) along with a few vehicles for use as loads. Pete Waterman's behind this operation and may be persuaded to add some additional items such as the palvan if there is seen to be sufficient demand. Another good place to look is Paul Bartlets wagons photo site. Have a good root around and remember to BR the MOD was a private owner and that many ex-mod wagons made it into BR departmental stock. The majority of photo's are in colour which, with the usual caveats, will give an idea of livery. This is a link to one of the many photo's of MOD palvan on the site.
  20. I use tissue forceps- they have a grove in the gripping end. Whilst they don't stop all 'launchings' for me they have prevented the majority. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Adson-Brown-Braun-tissue-forceps-12-cm-serrated-Surgical-anatomic-Tweezer-curved-/152397228573 (other sources are available)
  21. Circloy

    ALDI - Airfix Kits

    When you check the details out the original price was £60 each with a £20 reduction by Asda, Suspect that Hornby still have their original profit from these 35+ year old models.
  22. Saw the title and immediately thought not another sub sliding into the abyss surrounded by floating debris. Glad that I didn't dismiss the link thou. that really is breathtakingly superb
  23. Accurate Armour's 0854 refueler in 1/48th has one of two pumps depending upon the version. Are any of these any good? https://accurate-armour.com/products/148th-products/k48013 https://accurate-armour.com/products/148th-products/k48007 https://accurate-armour.com/products/148th-products/k48002 Then there's also the QL https://accurate-armour.com/products/148th-products/k48009 https://accurate-armour.com/products/148th-products/k48003
  24. confirmed via builders website http://www.siemens.co.uk/en/thameslink/desiro-city.htm but as to why it appears always on I don't know
  25. The light above the cab is to aid visibility to trackworkers. But as you mention the second and eleventh coach then, assuming PTSO means Pantograph Trailer Second Open, it is possible that it's to illuminate and monitor the pantograph for damage. either caused by faulty overhead wiring, or damage it may cause to the wiring. - Part of the blame and claim culture on the railways now. - The rules are so daft that if a train is delayed due to a bird strike breaking the drivers cab window they have to determine which species was involved to apportion the compensation that arises out of the delay.
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