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  1. 4 hours ago, Tim R-T-C said:

    Warley is a more complex beast with railway layouts needing transport sorting and careful arrangement to fit them all in. Plus they usually have full size locomotives and buses in the hall too.


    At least SMW they just need to set out a load of tables and we fill them in!

    Warley's no more complex than SMW at all.


    Real aircraft & military vehicles have been displayed at SMW & with the exception of the need for tables that's exactly how it works with the layouts @ Warley -  the owning group or club transports & sets up the layout.


    I wouldn't be surprised if what's happened regarding Warley is not repeated with SMW

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  2. 1 hour ago, RobL said:

    You're talking nearly 3ft long with a Phantom...

    Around the size of a 1/72 Concorde & how many of those do you see built?


    If you were to look to Airfix to do a 1/24th jet the selection criteria would probably be  British, WWii (if possible), Small, Iconic/Milestone, Popular.


    British, WWii & Milestone                         Meteor,

    WWii & Milestone                                     Me262

    British, Small, Iconic/Milestone, Popular   Harriers (revisited)

    British, Small, Popular                                EE Lightning, Gnat, Hawk (last two as #iainpeden said have the added popularity by virtue of the links with the Red Arrows)


    & as rank outsiders                                    NA Sabre MIG 15


    Anything bigger you'd probably not be able to manhandle, have room to display, or be able to reasonably afford.


  3. 7 hours ago, zigster said:

    probably due to a large stock of that paint in stock, with - that's what you wanted

    Doubt there would be large stocks of paint in stock. Supply difficulties & high demand more probably resulted in a situation more like today's Just In Time philosophy and that stocks were limited. Delay's in applicaton would be a result of lengthy & slow supply chains.

  4. If you're only using it as a straight edge for cutting you could do what I've done & use a length of Aluminium 'T' section. (approx 20 x 25 mm & 1 m long)


    Attach a length of 'Wet & Dry'/Emery paper to the flat with double sided tape to make it none slip.


    T section makes it virtually inflexible.


    It has proven sufficiently resistant to damage when cutting with a scalpel, the upright protects the finger tips from acidental slicing.


    The length and abrasive also caters for flattening large areas or filing long straights.

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  5. I can also recomend the really usefulbox range and rarely use anything else for general storage.


    Try Gemini Storage Solutions - they do (did)  many shows and I understand do mail order too. Pricing at shows is extreamly competetive.




    No connection except a very satisfied customer

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  6. Ulikely to get custom sizes as they're generally injecton molded. 


    In the past I've seen some of the display cabinet makers (picture pride etc) offer acrylic display covers.

  7. 4 hours ago, RobL said:

    RAM doesn't generally "burn out" or degrade over time, but you never know.

    Recently defraged a couple of hard drives, came to the SSD (Solid State Device) and was warned that to continue could cause the drive to fail  so maybe electronic memory does have a life span.

  8. Re-interpretations of Modern classics


    PMJ - modern classics in a different era.




    EPB - Modern Classics with a Sheffield twist of Humour (Helps if tha's frum rand 'ere)

    (discretion recomended)



  9. 2 minutes ago, pigsty said:

    If that’s the case you should have a word with your seller, because models and bits for models aren’t supposed to be liable for duty, only VAT.

    It's the importer, or apointed agent, that is legally responsible for ensuring the correct code is used not the seller.

  10. If they've been cleared as individual items and not through a 'bulk' system they could have been imported on a tariff code that attracts duty.


    In such cases the 45% "VAT" may be 20% Duty + 20% VAT.

  11. 5 minutes ago, Noel Smith said:

    I can remember there being a plastic kit available of the  Mk 1 Transit back in the 80's.  I think maybe ESCI or Italeri may have made this kit as a Ford Promo.

    The current Italeri kit is straight from the Esci moulds - a Mk 2.

    I probably built 3

           Standard (except for driver side load door converted to panel), Long wheel base using 2 rear sections (twin rear wheels, extended wheel arches & split read doors), & box van from spare cab.

    Still have a couple of originals still stashed pending conversions - 1 for a tipper & one to be decided upon.

    Had plans to back one date 1 to a mk1 - can't be sure how far that got.


    Still have the Transit promotional brochure for the Mk.2 available somewhere.


  12. 3 hours ago, Eric Mc said:

    Since the dawn of mass popular music (first from music halls and then records and then the radio)

    Surely what we now know as folk or traditional music, i.e. pre-dating the music halls etc was the popular music of it's time.

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