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  1. If using any force in removing the lid take great care with any leaks. Last weekend had to secure some lead inside a brass loco boiler. Put the lead in place and ran some thin superglue between the two. Hadn't noticed it leaked out of the oposite end - result one ruined pair of trousers & a full skin thickness burn about the size of a 1p/1 cent piece on the thigh.
  2. I'd say the majority of business sellers know exactly what they've got and are out to Con(vince) the unwary Should be a straightforward claim for product not as described or if a business seller mis-representation under trades description/sale of goods acts.
  3. To miss quote Monty Python "50 day's You were lucky!.." - 68 days to date & still rising. My initial contact was with '05' who went deadly quiet after advising resin would ship late Sept. With no response over the last week fired an e-mail to both '05' & '01' & received a reply yesterday from '01' asking if I wanted to return the resin. Wasn't easy not swearing in my response.
  4. Fired off several e-mails recently, not even received a reply. Considering escalating
  5. That relies on the part being a consistent thickness through the profile & there's no guarantee that's the case, even if the kit's been designed usng CAD. There's a good possibility the thickness varies to take into account the material flow & fill chacteristics when moulding.
  6. Why not use a profile gauge https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yato-Professional-Magnetic-Contour-Profile-Gauge-Shape-44x125mm-1-7x5-YT-3735/222022434368?hash=item33b1917e40:g:mnQAAOSw4A5YqOwu this can be used to determine the depth at the corner of each slide with a greater resolution. (dont forget to swap from top corner to bottom corner when the profile changes direction - i.e. from going in to coming out) Transfer the details to CAD & do a 2D paper print to check for accuracy before commiting to 3D - Should get you closer than what you've illustrated. Link sho
  7. Thanks for the update - was thinking it's time to give them another nudge
  8. Unless negative feedback has been left (thus a warning to others) feedback should count unless both sides have responded.
  9. Not sure - just recallng what he said. Might be seeing him Sunday (before we go sixes not sevens) If i remember I'll ask.
  10. Me too - had an e-mail from them that the (organic) resin wouldn't be available until late Sept. Getting close now. Acquintance in my usual modelling group bought a Photon, it wouldn't work with the usual software/drivers - he discovered that his had the Photon S electronics & as soon as he had the appropriate dowloads was up and running.
  11. Could the empty frame be redesigned as a kit of 4 pieces? That way, with careful positioning, you'd probably get 3 sets on a photon print bed and save massively on print time due to the lower print height.
  12. Sound advice - I'd add to it by suggesting that containers of resin, and printers, should be stood in trays of sufficient capacity that if leaks were to occur it is capable of fully containing the leaks.
  13. Sound advice - I'd add to it by suggesting that containers of resin, and printers, should be stood in trays of sufficient capacity that if leaks were to occur it is capable of fully containing the leaks.
  14. Wills were bought out by SEFinecast who still list this @ £99.50 - quite a gift. http://www.sefinecast.co.uk/Car Kits/1 24th Scale Car Kits Page 1.htm
  15. Got a reply Friday to say resin will be back in stock late September. Could have been warned @ time order was placed so alternatives - anyone know of alternative sources?
  16. Not with international trade. Many products are subject to export restrictions and those restrictions can apply to certain countries, companies or individuals. There can be some unexpected 'denied parties' I know of one US manufacturer who's Canadian operations were included on this 'dened parties' list. A standard 'cop out' is to get all customers, not just international ones, to issue a letter stating that they will not use or resell material for chemical, biological or nuclear purposes.
  17. That section is around 13 - 14 miles. From the clues it contains its 6 or 7 years old, being driven at around 40 mph & most probably filmed on a summer Sunday (or a bank holiday) in the early afternoon. p.s. I know the answer
  18. Circloy

    Missus back at work.

    I've had one in my desk for around 3 years, does that count. It's a guarantee that I'll never have a spare moment, not even at lunch.
  19. Why is it called the Snake Pass? I've seen & passed sheep, badgers, squirrells, foxes & this morning a bullock in the road. With the good weather this after noon the road was full of P (rhymes with). Never a snake. Not easy to pass anything on it either.
  20. HF is a most pernicious acid. At uni back in the late 70's I used it to etch glass and was warned about its properties. A year later I had an indirect reminder in that one of the lads I met at a Govt establishment had had a HF acid burn and had been told that he'd have to apply a special cream to the area for the rest of his life otherwise, despite theacid having been removed, it would eventually eat through to the bone. Where I currently work it was used in the inspection area until the full risks were advised to them & use in the lab has come to a halt as an impass has been r
  21. I've got a growing collection too but my preference is divided between those that add up and those that multiply. I can't really get to the root of the difference.
  22. Sitill waiting on mine - e-mailed them last night , no reply yet. At least I now know it's just me
  23. Goof - Group of old farts Railway Modeller - small person with a one track mind
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