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  1. Maybe we need to review the reviewers as each will have their own field of expertise, experience or, dare I say, bias.
  2. Circloy


    Lidl - Why only Christmas themed Sandwiches? Didn't you stop to think that we're going to get enough Turkey, Stuffing, cranberry's etc in five days time to last us until next Dec.
  3. You could try booting into safe mode, methods 2 & 4 in the link below may be the easiest to access, It will load a very basic version of windows. From there you should have access to various diagnostic tools e.g 'trouble shooter' Even a simple restart from safe mode might by itself be sufficient to clear the issue. safe mode link Note: Whlst the link does give free advice it does end with essentilly a promotion of a posible, 'paid for', software solution that may or not work. There are many other software vendors doing the same. I have no connection with any of them and have never purchased any of their 'solutions' to achieve what can usually done for free.
  4. Shipping delays - Now expected July/August. Expect mis-molded parts & new waterproof packing.
  5. With Hatton's you really have to know what you wan't BEFORE you visit as there's little on display to browse. It is after all an internet / warehousing operation. There's never much in the way of non-railway kits, or railway kits for that matter and what they do have tends to be second hand.
  6. Thanks for the insight it begs the question that If the best software, a high grade paint dispensing machine and an experienced colour matching operator can only achieve a 'close enough' match under controled conditions doesn't it make a mockery of all those arguments discussions around exact matches to known swatches. If as little as 1 mm can make a 'big enough' difference doesn't it also negate any claim that there was no difference between paint batches mixed in less less controllable times (WW2). Are the machine German and come with a built in RAL licence for the initial database? The additional fees for BS381c probably being the licence fee (plus a suppliers mark up) to BSI to enforce their IP/copyright fees.
  7. Circloy


    As I get older I see more and more reports concerning the deaths of members of groups I was familiar with in the past and wonder 'Why haven't I seen any reports linked to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?'
  8. Circloy

    Caravan Project

    Will it be easy to dismantle for transportation?
  9. Makes a good headline but it's been all over the internet for the last 3 years & on the cover of the model railway magazines for the last 12 months, she's known all the time and has only 'put up with it' as she's getting a holiday out of it when the show closes on the 19th. Just like BR in the 1980's 4 lines, 1 train every 15 minutes (that's total not 1 per line) Derailments & breakdowns galore More staff than customers Full of interest as you can tell from the pictures in the report. Truely not a case of bigger is better.
  10. Circloy

    Hornby news

    It's not the easy comeback, to Hornby, it is the only correct comercial answer at this time. The Hornby board will be monitorng all options especialy considering the hike in container costs and weighing these against the one off costs of transfering operation back. Production wasn't moved first to China and subsequently India for fun. Whilst you're able to pay a little more how much of a 'little more' would the average Airfix customer accept? 80%? as one UK manufacturer of plastic storage boxes is hiking prices next year.
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    Why, cause round here 'snews 'snot old.
  12. From a pure modelling viewpoint the arrangement can be seen on this page https://www.slotforum.com/threads/italian-job-bus.121650/page-2 if you want something more scale you probably need to ask on one of the more dedicated to truck modelling or the real thing
  13. Picked up similar @ Lidl earlier in the year as a decorators table pack of 3 for £40 with adjustable height legs.
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    Why do cats lick them of course the latin alphabet begs 2 questions: X. Y? Y Z?
  15. Wind me up when people end a discussion with Good, good.
  16. Circloy

    Is Modelling Art?

    Surely Art, like beauty, is in the eye & heart of the beholder, not what we're fed by critics. I can appreciate Constable's Haywain as a good painting, understand what emotions Turner was trying to express in his Rain, Steam & Speed but they don't come across to me as something special, i.e. as art. When I see things like this link then I can see Art in modelling.
  17. Circloy


    Why do we run a computer program by executing it and stop it by killing it?
  18. Rules for personal imports have been changing worlwide as Governments try and redress the loss of revenue caused by it citizens purchasing on-line which is the real root cause of the change. Timing of the UK's implementation was such that it was done at the same time as other changes. I believe changes for personal imports into Australia & N.Z. were put in place around 2 years ago.
  19. A History of Chocolate by the Cad - Berry Liquorice recipies by Bertie Basset
  20. I agree that a registered company cannot withold its own, publically required, information but that resposibility only lies with that registered company. Companies Act does not extend to the registered company's suppliers, including website designers. Any information that is held by it's suppliers, is commercial confident information and can be witheld by the supplier. Of course Panzer Models may not be registered company and thus not subject to the act. There is no legal requirement to register with Companies House, or other equivalent. As I say good luck getting the info from Article Consultancy. To anyone intending to purchase, from any source, do your research and assess the risks before placing that order.
  21. No place/country of registration, no company registration number, no terms & conditions the Article website also appears to be lacking in some of the legally required info. Good luck getting that info I suspect Article will hide behind the argument that the information is commercially confident. It may take involvement from one of the regulatory bodies for them to provide it.
  22. Learn How to Read in 10 Difficult Lessons by Micks Nosence Learn how to spell by Dick, Shawn, Harry
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