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  1. Would that be a lump hammer? and if so 12 kg or 25 lb
  2. When these were introduced (circa 1958/1960) neither Trix, Hornby (Dublo) or Tri-ang were producing 'true' scale models there were heavy compromises all round, especially where larger items were concerned. Think coaches/stations. I think these were the same just a series of buildings only ever intended to fill space and give an impression of buildings of their style. Toy building for toy trains.
  3. If you're trying to replicate one of the main scenes from the film neither this, or the Airfix, offering will do that without major work as the vehicle that appeared in the film was an Austin body on a 4x4 CMP chasis to give the 'desired' off road capability. Link Some of the incidental night scenes though did use true Austin K2's Link2
  4. Error in the code behind the website
  5. £135 the magic figure at which the collection of UK VAT switches from the retailers responsibility to HMRC (usually via the courier). On a shipment of £180 total (goods + carriage) £55 could be the £36 VAT plus a £19 'clearance' fee which IIRC sounds correct for a typical courier. So these could be genuine. That said any knowledgable scammer would know that too. As @Chimpion suggests if Wednesday rolls round and you've heard/seen nothing I'd be tempted to contact DHL, advise them of the concerns & ask for 'advise'.
  6. There was a post in the Armour Chat section that referred to possible 1/35 developments by Airfix, content of the said post has since been deleted by @Das Abteilung, still it got me thinking of what Airfix could concentrate on in 1/35? Well why not stick to the 'smaller' British softskins and do a staff car or two, a new Tilly (i.e. not the Austin), Bedford OX/OY, re-pop the Austin K2 as an AFS fire tender. or look at the vehicles of the 60's/70's, the Ferret, as mentioned, a Bedford MK/MJ or even the 'RL' as mentioned by @Bullbasket above all sound good to my ears. or why not switch scales, add an overlap with Aircraft modellers & these then become possible in 1/48th
  7. Conceded - mis-read/mis-quoted internet based source info, try capture of Tripoli by British/commonwealth forces from German forces.
  8. What significant anniversaries are coming up that fit Airfix operations? (by significant think 5/10/20/25/50/60/75/80/100 etc years) Dambusters raid Siege of Tobruk Capture of Tripoli by Allied forces Concord's first non-stop transatlantic flight. First flight of the Gloucester Meteor DH108 breaking the sound barrier
  9. Don't say that in front of a railway modeller, they expect 3 generation of models & one of each livery variant in that time.
  10. Unashamed bump now the event has started. updates available on facebook https://www.facebook.com/Railnuts
  11. Surely being tanks the German one's will be protected with Zimmerit
  12. the same item as Hornby had made for years albeit to a different design, in the same factory using a manufacturing slot that at one stage wuld have been available to Hornby so that in one swoop not only has their market potentially been halved but potentially they couldn't even get their own product made and into their retail outlets. Under those circumstances can anyone blame Hornby for withdrawing access to their full range. I've got a friend that once told me a friend of his told him such discussions are classed as hearsay and can't be taken as fact - trouble is I don't know if thats true or just a rumour
  13. A little indulgece If I may be permitted. During the summer of 2021 Chester Cathedral put on an event called Making Tracks to celebrate the life of Railway Engineer Thomas Brassey and his links to the Cathedral and at the same time raise funds to aid in the upkeep of the building. The event featured a 64 ft x 12 ft (18.5 m x 3.6 m) model railway layout based on a section of the west coast main line built by Pete Waterman & the 'Railnuts' team. The layout was run for 7 hours a day, 6 days a week, no Sunday running, for a 6 week period and performed faultlessly. I understand that over £100K was raised. This year Pete & the team return with a new layout, again 64ft x 12ft, based on a different section of the west coast main line, this year based just south of Rugby station. Hoping to build on 2021's success Making Tracks 2 runs 10: to 17:00 daily, except Sundays, from Monday July 18th to Saturday 3rd Sept. Entrance fee £2.50 ea (6 & under free). If your in the area please consider making a visit both to the show and sponsors Chester Model Centre (5 mins walk from the Cathedral) Further details: https://chestercathedral.com/event/making-tracks-2-2022-07-19/2022-07-18/ or for video teasers check Railnuts on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Railnuts-192967507490617/ or check youtube for video's Making - Making Tracks 2 Disclaimer(s) No connection to either the Cathedral or Chester Model Centre. (Un)fortunately I can't claim the same about Pete & the Railnuts team.
  14. Marcways is my local model shop, very much a traditional model shop with a rounded selection of kits (all scales, fair selection of manufacturers wide range of genres cars, planes, tanks etc), Scalextric & mainly Hornby model railways. The range of related modelling items e.g tools is very limited & paint is Humbrol & Revell only. They also have an eclectic mix of die cast, Continental/US railway models & second hand books/kits. Think late 70's early 80's and you'll no be far off the mark. The age of Hornby new stock points in particular to low stock turnover. Often wonder how they are still surviving, but thank God they are and we've got an acessible LMS . Definately NOT one of the big boys, but i suspect I know who you're thinking of, situated about 5 miles south and certainly, as a competitor, off Hornby's customer list.
  15. There's a lot of rumours, scaremongering, mud-slinging, bad mouthing etc, etc, against the 'red box' company over on a certain railway modelling website. The latest spate stems from Hornby allegedly cutting shop allocations on new released items whilst, apparently, still having them available on direct sale. To date nothing but anecdotal evidence has been provided. Hornby, & it's 'blue box' competitor have both, understandably, cut off supplies to retailers who have gone into direct manufacturing competition against them. Personally I read nothing into Hornby current stance of cutting allocations other than it being a reaction to current supply chain issues and the C-19 situation in China. Time will tell
  16. or the speculators have stepped in an swept up many multiples to sell on, creating said shortage & driving prices up
  17. Wasn't that a key feature of the Berlin pattern? every vehicle (type?) was painted with an identical patern to disguise the numbers of each vehicle deployed.
  18. See if thse guy's can help https://www.wythall.org.uk/wm.asp phoenix paints or fleetmaster paints for 'matched' * colours https://www.phoenix-paints.co.uk/products/search/west midland https://dorsetmodelbuses.co.uk/bus-livery-colours/municipal-pte-england-wales/p-t-e-england/ * no connection to either & can't vouch for accuracy
  19. Circloy

    Face palm

    Instructions? we've been losing the ability to write manuals for a long time.
  20. D J Parkins have added the ex-Dartmoor Military Models 1/35th Lightweight Land Rover kits in both soft & hard top kit form https://www.djparkins.com/search.php?mode=search&page=1&keep_https=yes
  21. Don't think anyone would disagree with clubs & SIGs that are displaying at a show to have a number of free passes however the number needs to be reasonable after all how many seats can you fit, comfortably behind a six foot table? On the point of insurance wasn't one of the reasons IPMS gave for the kitswap is that it reduced their liability in case of accident & injury?
  22. I doubt anyone on here would know that without them contacting KFS, why not drop them an e-mail?
  23. Hendo's - the subject of a Parliametary scandal, once desribed by a MP as an imitation of Worc... sauce when in fact it's the other way around, and for those of that ilk Vegan to boot. It is, as its name states, a relish who's recipie is know to only 3 people. Security is so tight neither the Russians or Chinese have managed to copy it. But Throw!, you never throw Hendo's. A splash or liberal sprinkling please.
  24. Another vote for Poundland's especially if a thin glue is needed. If I need a medium or high viscosity version I turn more to 'trade' pack versions such as those available through toolfix, https://www.toolstation.com/search?q=super glue. Similar might be available at your LMS, if you stll have one, branded a Javis. Don't forget the accelerator too, although use with care as it can 'bloom' during evaporation & need a gentle polish to remove.
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