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  1. The Tamiya 1/48Mosquito FB Mk.VI kit contains two pairs of components identified as D1 - D2 and D9 - D10. They are not mentioned in the instructions and when assembled produce two identical container-like objects which, it appears, would be fitted directly to the underwing towards the wingtips i.e not on pylons, rather like eternal fuel tanks. Appropriate drilling points for locating lugs are indicated on the inner side of the lower wing panels. What were these objects. I've searched the internet, unsuccessfully, for photos of Mossies with external tanks fitted. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Cheers John
  2. Thanks for that Graham. Would the batch of 66 to which refer be more correctly classified as LFs
  3. In the Eduard "early" IXc kit one of the options, EN568 (AL) - first flown 29/3/43 - is shown with the narrow cannon blisters. The other 4 options are all shown with the wide blisters. Although I have no corroborating evidence, it is conceivable that narrow blisters could have been fitted when repairing damaged aircraft. Interestingly, EN358 is an LF (M66). I had thought - wrongly ? - that LFs were "late" IXs. Oh dear, Ow sad, Never mind
  4. I've been trying to source a Paragon Designs 1/48 kit for the Molins cannon but all of the supplier sites show it as being "not in stock". Are Paragon Designs still in business ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. John Edit: To text.
  5. Sky Pilot

    Academy B-29

    Go on ! You're trying to tell me it's a flying Laptop.
  6. I'm not sure if the following has been discussed before. If so I apologise. Some time ago I discovered, not surprisingly, that when spraying multicolour camouflage patterns, just the slightest of feathering when applying the top coat(s) prevents that annoying "step" line which often appears through applied decals. I've yet to experiment with using this technique when spraying on any insignia, roundels etc. HTH John
  7. I've just completed a 1/48 Spit with this Mid Stone and Dark Earth - Mr Hobby Aqueous Azure - LifeColor A light coat of thinned (60/40) Klear before and after decals - takes the edge off the brightness and leaves an acceptable semi gloss finish. If you can, go for a slight feathering of the edges. I am, personally, well satisfied. Give it a test trial. Good Luck John EDIT: The feathering.
  8. Can somebody please tell me if there is any evidence, preferably photographic, of Mk FIXs ever being fitted (factory or otherwise) with the narrow cannon blister. Similarly, were any "early" Mk LFIXSs so fitted ? The Eduard kit (8282) for early IXcs includes an option to build a MkLFIX with the narrow blisters but I can not find any evidence of this. Any advice/examples will be greatly appreciated.
  9. Using this I made some tape cutting templates from clear plastic sheet - they work a treat.
  10. I have seen an original photo "somewhere" where the patches were yellow. I have also seen it written that "they" often used whatever was available. I like, like, like like this.
  11. Well spotted that man ! "Fw" it is. You deserve a Blue Peter badge.
  12. I'm taking a rest from British A/C and fancy building an Me109 and a Bf190 - nothing specific YET - just general. Consequently, in view of the numerous kits on the market, I would appreciate any recommendations from readers here as to the better 1/48 scale kits that are available, together with any caveats and criticisms. A big ask, I know, but details of any relevant aftermarket products would be invaluable. TIA John
  13. "machines of the devil" - d'you mean the wife ?
  14. I use Klear thinned 50:50 with tap water, the H & S airbrush set at 15 psi and the jet adjusted for a very fine spray. A couple of light coats gives a good mattish finish which takes decals well. After a final fixing coat(s) I have a finished surface without any evidence of a sheen. Works well on all of the acrylics that I have tried - LifeColor, Gunze, Vallejo, Tamiya etc. I clean the A/B with a 10% Ammonia mix. As for over-the-pond Windex, her in't UK we have Windowlene which, I am informed by the manufacturers, does not contain Ammonia . HTH John
  15. Does anyone here have experience with folding the component mentioned in the title above. What is the correct folding sequence ? I am currently using one of the PE folding workstations from The Small Shop. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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