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  1. you went with enamels didnt you? i did too and had the same "overspray" effect. im sure there is a way to use enamels just i haven't found it yet.
  2. i had the same thing , you want some micromesh? just ask lol that looks worse than mine before i striped it down:P got mine down like glass atm and applying decals. it will need some mat to dampen it down a bit as it's a bit too shinny.
  3. hhehe navy? i had you down as army.
  4. the valley hawk finish is like glass. as it should be.
  5. thank you. ill order in 1:32. just found out i need reading glasses so 1:48 is slightly ambitious. mind you i like a challenge. that would be a great additon hope someone takes you up on the offer.
  6. im new to airbrushing (and modelling) and building black model colour gloss acrylic on the exterior of a hawk(xx339)1:48 at the moment, im airbrushing very thin layers, if i make a mistake i rub it down a bit with micromesh and add another coat. going ok so far. much better that spraying enamel. brushing enamel gives too thick a coat in my opinion. being able to spray enamel would be good. mind if i ask what the extras you are using on this build? frodsham?>tarpoley. lovely part of the country only ever see it in twilight or the dark on the way/home to/from little budworth. never notice a shop there. ill have to look closer.
  7. wow, great job i wish i'd gone the same colours and i'm facing same thing, i decided to go air break up and flaps up. then find that there is no option for wheels up. not great for someone coming back into the hobby after a long time. chucking in a load of filler just gives a bad surface.
  8. If you can't wait till weekend austins models - top of the high street in Bangor have some microdrills in stock, i bought some a couple of weeks ago and just noticed they still had a couple of boxes on the shelf (61-80 wire gauge so tiny drills) not sure about pin vices though, best phone and ask first. I'm pretty sure the hornby concessions stand in James Pringle Weaver in Llanfair Pg doesn't keep any tools only paints and airfix kits, Just picked up a couple more 1:48 harriers (GR.3 and navy FRS.1) for £7 each so bargain to be had if your passing. awesome work on the seats and cockpit so far, will be looking in on this with interest again soon. ps you might want to edit your name out of post no 8 if you want to stay anonymous not that it matters, just thought i'd mention it.
  9. strip down your gear know how it works.
  10. This is from a total beginer who was experiencing exactly the same thing - bought a cheap as chips AS186 set up with 2 brushes after i read everything i could on here and other places about a month ago with the reasoning that if i decide to keep modelling i'll uprgade my kit later on, i know it's wasted money in the long run (buy cheap buy twice etc) but i'm happy with the decision i made so far, after a bumpy start anyway, but i knew that was comming as im a noob at this airbrushing stuff. everyone has to start somewhere right? i see your using model air, i myself am using model colour and thinning with vallejo thinner and i was getting exactly the same thing, airbrush would be fine i'd strip it and clean it and as soon as i used it again it would clog repeatedly. i noticed that every time i stripped the brush down it would have gunge on the needle from the point where the paint enters the brush, not to the tip but not far from it. i used a wet piece of the finest micromesh i have and gently rubbed the needle where i notice the needle gunging up, very gently. After searching for solutions like you have i saw a post saying to leave a tiny amount of vallejo cleaner in the airbrush after the cleanup like head in the clouds mentions above. at the same time i was getting what i thought was tip dry and looked for drying retarder from my local model shops, none in stock so kept searching on the internet for solutions. i found a post or video recomending to use 1 or 2 drops of airbrush cleaner in the cup while mixing (smells the same as vallejo thinner but only stronger). if it helps any i have bought a couple of bottles of model air and still find that it needs a tiny bit of thinning - the colors i tried anyway. anyway when i get back to my cheapo airbrush i use the cleaner that was left in the cup add model colour to it then thinners till it's the concistency of skimmed milk, and if iv'e screwed up by over thinning as i usually do add a couple more drops of paint, try it till it's thin enough but not too thin. i also dropped my air pressure and stopped trying to use my airbrush like a car paint sprayer. i agitate the paint in the cup with a paintbush to make sure it's mixxed. it worked for me and there are probably a hundred different reasons not to use cleaner in the cup to mix paints (it breaks down the paint for a start, very well i might add) but for now me being a noob it'll work. what my completed models will look like in 12 months i don't know. like you've said the problem is probably at your end especially if it's happening again and again and in my opinion the cheap airbrush isn't helping you find out whats going wrong very easily. keep trying different things. who knows, ill probably be back in this thread in a week needing a new airbrush - im a tradesman btw and will have nothing but the very best of tools in my toolkit (knowlage being top of the list, now wheres the spell checker ) and the old addage is true, buy cheap buy twice, the only thing i have in my defence on buying a cheap airbrush is i never did have the best tools when i was an apprentice in my 1st year. edit forgot to tank rmcclure - common sense really but sometimes till someone points it out to you you dont notice. like when i felt the end of a cocktail stick snapping off in the bottom of a pot of humbrol the other day. must remember to square the stick off first.
  11. try tapping the gauge then test it again. you know there is something wrong so deal with it as you will and have. sometimes its just a stuck needle, tap the faceplate with your finger hard. unscrew the gauge and take it to any good industrial plumbers mercant in your area for a replacment pressure gauge. unfortunatley how do you test this stuff? replace in my opinion.
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