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  1. To be honest, the kit turned out to be really frustrating. It was quite unnecessarily complex in some places, and a ton of cleanup was needed for almost every part. The decals would not conform ( even with decalfix ) and were quite thick. The smaller bits were extremely tiny and made me think why they couldn't have just been molded onto the surface. Some of these tiny bits were eaten by the carpet, RIP. Also a few errors in the instruction booklet. All in all, it's about equivalent in terms of detail, but a lot worse in terms of easiness to put together compared to Hobbyboss' 1:72 WZ-10. I might buy another one down the road ( if very cheap ) to have another crack at this viper though. Took me about 2 weeks, with at least an hours work each day. It was built out of the box. I think I overdid the engine exhaust stains but I wanted it to look like a 'veteran' Viper.
  2. Skids attached. Primed, preshaded, then applied two coats of FS36375.
  3. AIM-9Ls complete. They are not accurate, I just painted it based on a colour scheme I remembered
  4. Another update...basically nearly finished the weapons but still haven't started painting it yet as I'm currently still sanding away some putty
  5. Did the flir ball this morning. I didn't cement it though, so it can be rotated
  6. Yes, building this out of the box. I don't think much aftermarket stuff is necessary as it is already quite detailed and you get photoetch in the box anyway
  7. Almost ready for painting, maybe another day's worth of fiddling around and getting the smaller bits attached
  8. Here's what I'm up to so far, still a long way to go
  9. Did one of the engines today. Also added some wire.
  10. Got the cockpit finished this morning. However, it was really awkward putting everything together. Instruction's weren't very clear which somehow left a large gap between the pilot's MFD's and behind the gunner's seat. I think this area was unnecessarily complex and the detail was underwhelming. It's about the same in terms of detail, but worse in terms of difficulty compared to other 1:72 helicopter's I've done! For instance Hobbyboss' 1:72 WZ-10 attack heli's cockpit is a lot more detailed and easier to put together, which is somewhat shocking considering this is 1:48 scale. Also to note, the decals for the MFD's are terrible. They're really thick and just would not lay flat or set properly; even with Humbrol's decal fix.
  11. Thanks for the helpful advice Got the seats done on the first day; about 2 hours worth of work which took longer than I hoped. I know that everything should be flat black, but I thought that was boring so I used other colors. German grey for seats and olive drab for the seatbelts.
  12. Starting with the seats today. The instructions say decal for the photoetch which is an obvious error!
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