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  1. Ray, that "ADF Serials" site is a goldmine! Thankyou for mentioning it. Cheers, Matt
  2. Hi Michael Try Aussie Decals set number A48044 (I think there is also a A72044 as well). I don't think it's still being produced, and you'll find it hard to track down their suppliers too. I bought one about 4yrs ago for Tamiya's Lanc, so I know they were recently available, and I reckon I saw one at this year's Model Expo in Melbourne : which means Red Roo Models (in Melbourne) and Aeroworks (Adelaide) are your best bet. Try: Gary, Richard, Ed at Red Roo Models, www.redroomodels.com, redroo@redroomodels.com - but they are closed until 10th Jan due to illn
  3. Will have to find it amongst the boxes in my garage - will let you know tonight when I get time after work. Actually, I bought the book a year or two ago for the same reasons as yourself - I wanted a model of the aircraft, and have been holding onto a Special Hobby kit for years but had been frustrated by the lack of helpful references until Valiant Wings released their book. Have read it, and remember being impressed, but don't recall the specifics. (I have a Special Hobby CA-12 (early) in my pile, and have been tempted by their CA-13.) : ) Matt
  4. Not sure about on-line sources, but another really good book is Valiant Wings Publishing's "(Airframe Album 03) CAC Boomerang: A Detailed Guide to the RAAF's Famous WWII Fighter" by Richard Franks. I'd reckon it's a one-stop book, although I'll check tomorrow to see if it has the info you want - will let you know if it's not in there. The blurb reads: "8 x 11 paperback. 100 pages. The third title in the Airframe Album series covers the Commonwealth Boomerang, and provides an excellent contrast to the previous two titles on The Heinkel He 219 and Hawker Sea Fury. The Boomerang has p
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