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  1. JonnySirm

    Su27 colours

    Ok I'm after a bit of help here iv got the xtra color paints 602/603 for the flanker but cannot seem to get hold of the 601 which is the darker blue I think, any ideas of what paint I can use?
  2. Can you explain to me scale fade? I have a 15 to build? Thanks Jon
  3. Looking at the colours once painted the nose cone 166 looks too much of a different colour to the 165 grey used on the main fuselage
  4. What colour did you use for the desert storm?
  5. Sorry for all three haha, I'v got a couple of each to do
  6. As above any references for the flying uniforms for RAF Pilots?
  7. I was wanting to do an RAF Leeming F3 but cannot seem to find any decals, anyone came across any?
  8. What is the best colour to use when painting jet engine nozzles?
  9. Thanks very much I'm not sure I like the schemes so it might be a set of new decals and a different paint job
  10. Does anyone know the true colour schemes of both the marine and navy version? Just seems a lot of blue.
  11. Here's another what weapons would they have carried in the Balkan conflicts?
  12. So what did the jags carry during granby?
  13. So just the dumb bombs on the jags in granby
  14. So just the dumb bombs on the jags in granby
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