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  1. regulus

    Eduard MiG-21MF in 72nd scale

    Thank you for your very detailed coverage of the variants, and especially the tail cone details. I'm finishing the Eduard 1/48 MF now and have split the seam on the bottom of the tail area (not engineered as a cone, but as halves) now about a dozen times. I've decided to wait until everything else is finished to deal with it, as even gentle handling has forced it to split again. Lee
  2. regulus

    Anyone use PS-Decals?

    Yes - you're correct, it is PAS-Decals. The IL-76 engine upgrade is what I'm after for the Zvezda kit. Will attempt to place an order this week. Thanks, Lee
  3. regulus

    Anyone use PS-Decals?

    This Russian company offers a lot of nice 1/144 schemes, but I'm actually interested in the resin -90 engines for the IL-76 upgrade. Have found their site, but it doesn't offer the Union Jack button to provide ordering instructions in English. Anyone else have any luck here? Lee
  4. There was a very detailed cutaway of the Merlin (proper Navy version) posted outside the archive rooms at Yeovilton FAA Museum, and it apparently originated from a FAA newsletter or similar publication. Lots to consider that would supplement photo/walkaround coverage. I've tried tracking this down, but to no avail. Perhaps someone else here had the issue? Lee
  5. I believe Hannant's no longer list this in Future Releases, or listed with any of their Art Models kits. Anyone have an update?
  6. regulus

    Airfix Nimrod MR.1

    The Aviation News plans by Peter Cooksley are generally erroneous with regards to shape and detail. Panel lines at wrong stations, and some fictional altogether. And unfortunately Airfix used a lot of this reference as the basis for their kit. Fortunately, the overall dimensions are accurate and the kit offers a great starting point. The major item of issue that the aftermarket (even the Alley Cat engine panel tops) doesn't address is the shape of the intakes, being closer to the MR.4 than the standard production Nimrods.
  7. regulus

    Why no injected 1:48 Scimitar ?

    Because the return on investment became negligible for Classic Airframes. It was no longer comfortably profitable, and continuation of the line was not affordable. I believe a Gannet AEW was in preparation, and just like the Firebrand that DynaVector actually had patterns for, would not have made sense to produce for the sake of continuing a line that count not be counted on to be financially burdensome to the owners.
  8. regulus

    1998 Dallara IRC Winner

    I designed and cut them out via a Roland Stika cutter. The translucent Oramask material is thick enough to run a needle scriber against, then a conventional scriber after that is done. The oval panel just ahead of the windscreen that I filled in on the kit, then described with a custom vinyl guide, was almost lost under the primer, paint, and topcoat - but it's there, barely perceptable. The vinyl cutter was used also for a custom mask: the white stripe between the black and turquoise colors.
  9. regulus

    Kinetic 1/72 C-17A

  10. regulus

    Lynx HAS 3 Intake Covers 1/32

  11. That's a sweet rectangle scribing template you've got there. Custom, or where did you source it? Great work! Lee
  12. regulus

    Source of 1/72 Shackleton MR3 wheels

    If they're the same as the AEW.2 aircraft, the sidewall designation is 64 x 22.5 - 26.
  13. regulus

    Shackleton Wheels

    This just posted: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10206891181655252&set=pcb.1022049841150494&type=3&theater Lee
  14. regulus

    spinning turbine faces?

    What (max) diameter are the little motors? Are the eccentric weights easy to remove? Thanks,