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  1. How sad - life's too short for such mania!
  2. Hi, Anyone got a definitive colour for the upper surfaces of the PLAAF Il-76MDs that are now in camo? Have seen many colour photos, and upper surfaces look anything from light grey to yucky duck-egg green.
  3. A walk around Sidmouth is akin to immersing oneself in the sparkling pool of eternal youth! Even with 68 summers under my belt, every stroll down town leaves me refreshed and energised having been the youngest person I met that day!
  4. f5ftigerII

    Hello to all

    Hi to all, I'm Brian, living near Sidmouth in sunny Devon. Have been modelling most of my 68 years. Yet, whilst trying ever harder, "maturity", trembling hands and declining eyesight combine to frustrate my efforts! Primary interest is 1/48 & 1/32 Russian and Chinese combat aircraft, in all the guises they can be found in. Am presently finishing an Neomega MiG21UM in Egyptian colours - what a struggle to get everything together! Had to do it quickly before Trumpeter beat me to the draw! Recently finished KP Su-25UTG with folding wings (yes, 12 were made) looking absolutely forlorn and n
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