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  1. thueser

    Cougar MRAP 6x6

    Not specific for the Cougar, but worth a look maybe the Blast Model BL35181K US MRAP radio set
  2. Four flaps. You can use the nice walk arounds in the Reference Thread of this GB to check it
  3. First flight of a G series was in spring 1942, so this kit realy doesn't fit in the timeframe for this GB.
  4. Amazing build. Excellent execution of modelling skill.
  5. The Sutton Harness. Look at this forum discussion about the harness in Spitfires. HERE You can also take a look on this review of an early Tomahawk seat, i'll use in my build.
  6. Because i've myself limited to WWII RAF, i'm in with an Tamiya F.3.
  7. thueser

    Spitfire MK IX

    But this are not realy 'easy' kits do get the feets wet, because of high part count or multi media parts. Anyways, both will be outstanding builds.
  8. Hi John, tried this build review? Look or this pre-view? Look and a build blog too: Look
  9. Superb job on the brush painting. I know some guys who are artist with brush painting on tabletop models, but this is realy outstanding at this scale.
  10. EB is correct, but i can't deliver the a/c letter. Spitfire Mk.I P9324: 3-2-40 to 6MU, then 13-2-40 to 222 Sqn, then 31-3-40 to 41 Sqn 81641 Pilot Officer Gerald Archibald Langley Born at Stony Stratford and educated at Wolverton Grammar School. His family moved to Northampton in 1936 and he started work with the Prudential Assurance co. He joined the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, in March 1939, joining 41 Squadron from training at RAF Little Rissington, together with 3 colleagues, 3 of the 4 were not to survive the wars end. 41 Squadron (Spitfire) were based at Catterick in August
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