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    Hi all my name is Chris duhig, I'm 34 years old, father and husband. Love all types of model aircraft and taken a big interest into airliners and love Etihad's A346 formula one bird A6-EHJ

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  1. Just think of a BA A380 in landor colour scheme
  2. Not bad for loads of resin, the Braz A346 kit is more than that
  3. Hi I put this on hold while I was studying for my lgv I've passed my class 2 and now doing my class 1 so as soon as I pass I will crack on with it. It's in the wip section somewhere.
  4. I see for the 60th anniversary Lufthansa are painting a brand new 748 in the same liverly as the first jumbo in their fleet, can anybody find more out about this please
  5. It just gets better and better each time I see it! Well done mate.
  6. Are you sure your not on the set of gold rush
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