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  1. Now that I can do many thanks for this. A gap of 35 years and I decided to detail up an old kit!!
  2. Starboard side of the cockpit done....I missed off some of the levers by the pilots position...too fiddly and can’t be seen anyway
  3. Ah ha, I had no idea they used Willy’s Jeeps onboard....of course seems logical - small and can pull heavy....now I know what to do with the one I was about to have spare from this set I picked up on eBay.... The Kubelwagen and Kattenkraftrad are for a diorama I’m doing with a couple of Stukas and Me-110s...the Jeep was going to be left all by itself
  4. H Hi Dan, thanks so much for this - I’m not sure I’m up to vacuum forming.... maybe I’ll give it a try
  5. Hi...I don’t suppose you’ve come across a good 1/72 scale WWII Flightdeck tractor? I’ve got a SBD and a Corsair that need some help being towed around the diorama
  6. So more progress with the port side of the cockpit: you can almost see some of the switches..but they are tiny and make me swear a lot.... complete..
  7. I was worried that the airbrushed paint would mean losing some of the detail of the frames and ribs so I turned the pressure down a little....still looks ok. A little internal chipping on the frames And now ready to start adding the detail of the various panels and switches - trim wheel and tiny leaver:
  8. Ok...so some more progress...... I’ve primed in green then added aluminium and Vallejo chipping medium and internal grey green.....The marks you can see are the result of sanding back and being a little heavy handed with the airbrush.....I’ve only had the airbrush for 2 months so this is a voyage of discovery. Then Vallejo internal grey green - still seems the wrong colour - probably needs to be a bit darker but I’m not brave enough to mix acrylics just yet....
  9. To start with I pulled the cockpit detail apart and started adding PE parts. I cut away the seat and bulkhead and add some plastic card to act as the support for the radio rack (blu-tacked in place to see if it is in the right place) Then I cut the flaps off and drilled the holes which are on the dive brakes Then I started added the PE frames and ribs ready to prime
  10. Ok so originally I was experimenting with PE parts that I had left over from other kits and I managed to get the cockpit looking like this... The instrument panels were from a Wessex that I had. I made the radio rack from a PE frame from an Airfix Warrior AFV and added panels from the Italeri Wessex set I had. The colour is also too dark for a USN aircraft. What I realised is that unlike lots of 1/72 models you can actually a lot of the cockpit. So I’ve sanded it all back and started again with the Eduard cockpit set for the Hasegawa ve
  11. So...I’ve got the SBD on my bench and was using it as a practice kit to hone my scratch building, chipping and weathering skills... but as I was doing some research to see where the wear and tear would be I realised that his little beauty saw off the IJN so thought it’s worth more respect than being mishandled....
  12. Ahhh I’ve got one of these on my bench as well....I’m using some of the Eduard PE parts to add detail how did you do the gun ring for the gunner? And also the wells?
  13. Hi I’ve got this kit on my bench at the moment. I was going to use it at as a practice kit to hone my scratch building and chipping / weathering skills.....but I love the aircraft so I’ve pulled it apart to get serious with it so this is a really useful post thank you! i’m doing it in USN colours - do you happen to know what colour the aircraft was primed in before getting its combat colour scheme? Hi I’ve got this kit on my bench at the moment. I was going to use it at as a practice kit to hone my scratch building and chipping / weathering skills.....but I love the aircraft so I’
  14. Thanks mate that’s really kind. I need to sketch it out and plan it. I’ve got 2 Stukas and 2 Bf110s in 1/72 to make a diorama When you mix the polyfilla do you water it down make it thinner?
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