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  1. ...which is going to make the roof interesting. Stuart
  2. Brilliant work Callistan. That last b/w pic is very atmospheric. Stuart
  3. Great work as usual John, can't say anything more. Stuart
  4. Cheers Terry and it is but it needed to be done because of the flippin great greenhouse sitting on top. Lunchtime update... Wings on and ailerons fitted, Not to bad, just needs a little tidying up topside. On its back with bomb doors fitted. This aircraft comes with a tail wheel (not needed), a skid (not needed) and doors that were grossly oversize. External photos of the 'BS', show no evidence of these doors being open, so I fitted an appropriate thickness of plasticard and blanked it off, will be sanded and scribed when dry. Again the underside wing join isn't to bad. Also of note, towards the rear of the wing , just forward of the flaps and blanking plates that are fitted on the BS, these would house the wheels on standard versions. Not sure what can be done next week as I'm away on a course, we'll see. Stuart
  5. Looking smart CT. Good save with punching the red discs. I might have to purchase that smaller punch/ tie set I think. Stuart
  6. Okay, how do measure the lengths required when it's not 'empty'? Stuart
  7. Cheers guys, much appreciated. Tomorrow I will hopefully look at attaching the wings and tail feathers. Stuart
  8. Thanks mate, me too. Last update for the evening... Wings sanded, primed , filled, sanded and primed again. Now fitted to their fuselages. Wing roots are not to bad but I'll give them some PPP to tidy them up, then I'll move to the tail end. Stuart
  9. Tackled the first couple of stages... Wheels removed, cleaned and cemented together. End bits added to lower hull. Sink mark central here. The upper 'sinks' won't be seen as they're behind the skirts but lower one will and if I'm doing them, I might as well do the top ones. Stuart
  10. Cheers Charlie. Thanks Terry, yes you should. They don't act like normal enamels, I masked over the top of the Dark Green 2 hours after I applied it! Tamiya Black applied for the stripes, masking removed and letting it harden overnight. Stuart
  11. Hi guys, can't honestly remember when I last built armour this size, most probably about +/-45 years ago. Anyhow, I've decided on a quick detour away from 'wingy' things and although the intentions are to build airfield vehicles to display alongside my 1/72 aircraft, I thought I'd have a bit of fun with Revell's Challenger I or is that Matchbox 'cos that's what it says on the plastic. Decided on a WiP as 1/72 vehicles seem a little thin on the ground, so here I am. I do know somethings about tanks but don't I know a thing about a Challenger, so if you know of any glaring/ easy things to correct fire away. I have made a start and once I done something meaningful, I'll post it. Stuart
  12. One step further along the road. Colourcoats Dark Green enamel for topside camouflage. Hopefully I'll be able to get the black stripes done later today too. Stuart
  13. Courageous


    Certainly is. Should be interesting, will definitely bring out the artist. Stuart
  14. The 'Malteser' pilot is still intact . Stuart
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