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  1. I took a fair number of photos, interior and exterior of "Phantom" at RIAT in 2010.  PM if they might be of assistance

  2. I can't believe that this is 1/72! It doesn't look a bit like my Airfix model - but that was in the days when the kit cost 7/6 and I was ten! I've a lot of interior photos of the BBMF Lanc which I took at RIAT in 2010 and your modelling is remarkably close to the reality as it was then - although the engineers dials were mostly black with white markings. Let me know if you would like any of them. I'm not good at posting photos on these sites
  3. Astir8

    AFV Matador in 1/35th

    Congratulations on some brilliant modelling Just a thought. Looking at the original photograph and based on experience of being bogged into similar areas, the truck looks as if it may have been passing over an area with shallow flood water standing in the ruts. Possibly the lumpy bits were wet sand rather than rocks - hence the need for the rather elaborate duckboards So maybe a watertight base/edges to the diorama and half a pint of water added? Nah forget it, as I said, brilliant work
  4. A very minor question - nothing to do with the built quality and weathering which are amazing, but the teeth on the track drive sprockets look curiously "vee" shaped. On any crawler tractor the sprocket tooth profiles are half-round so as to mesh correctly with the circular track pins. Is this apparent vee shape just a photographic accident or have the kit manufacturers screwed up a teensy bit?
  5. Astir8

    AFV Matador in 1/35th

    Normal agricultural practice for chevron tread tyres (like modern tractor tyres) is for the chevrons to be pointing backwards (at the bottom of the tyre) on driven wheels (wheels which are powered by the engine). This aids mud clearance from the treads as the chevrons are squeezed together slightly under load and then relax a bit as the tyre rotates. (That's the theory but it doesn't actually work with wet sticky mud) It's the opposite way round for non-powered wheels which are only being rotated by contact with the ground. The chevrons should then point forwards at the bottom of the tyre. Possibly AEC used to argue that the front wheels on the Matador would be disengaged from the drive system most of the time so that strictly speaking the tyres should be mounted as shown in the factory photo. That also makes it that the tyres on the gun shown in the photo are on the wrong way round! Correction much later No it doesn't, the gun gets towed backwards! Doh!
  6. Astir8

    List your top 5 military vehicles from any era

    Bedord QL - the first vehicle I ever drove - I was aged 11! The farmer next door had one and I drove it from one bale stack to the next infield. I saved him getting in and out. I also did a lot of miles sitting sideways on the engine cover in the cab to fetch stale bread from the Sunblest bakery in Chatham. Kids these days miss a lot of fun
  7. Astir8

    Another new member

    Hi all I can't claim to be a current modeller. I started making kits when I was about 6 with the original Airfix Spitfire which ended up about 50% polystyrene cement spread about it. Moved on to things like the 1/72 Frog Seahawk and Venom and then slowly onwards & upwards through the Airfix plastic bag range to the Lancaster (seven shillings and sixpence!) and all the rest through to the Superfortress. I got into kit conversions courtesy of the early Airfix Magazines - variations on the original Spitfire IX (Mark VII, XVI, Seafire III) and things like the Hurricane IID. I thought I was getting quite good when I was about 16 - I also did some 1/76 Airfix armour both OOB and conversions - the SAS version of the Airfix Jeep, Sherman Firefly, Churchill AVRE, Churchill + SGB, Churchill bridgelayer plus the Artillery tractor version of the Scammell tank transporter. Made some ships in bottles too Then I discovered girls! And all the models got thrown out when I went to university. I went back to modelling a bit while I was working overseas - the Airfix 1/24 Hurricane, Spitfire, Mustang and I still have a part built 1/48 Tamiya Swordfish in the cupboard. But these days I'm mostly into flying full sized vintage gliders - I've never seen a kit of one though! However I love looking at the Britmodeller forums. I'm astounded by what detail people are achieving - full cockpits in 1/72 never mind the bigger scales. And weathering! Maybe I'll finish that Swordfish yet. Dave P.S. A couple of years ago I managed an hour inside the BBMF Lancaster (only on the ground) and have a lot of photos of the interior, bomb bay and wheel wells. If anyone needs them as references let me know. Also I have a lot of photos of vintage gliders!