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  1. Helpful Bill, have started printing some decals myself, but for RAF reg codes, what font have you used?
  2. Thanks for the attitude! If it had shown up on my phone, i would have followed. Hence the question.
  3. Looking great, these are great kits, have you decided what colours you'll do? Built my first Gundam this year, they're fabulous kits, though I didn't paint mine, I will be de-assembling (didn't glue either) and 'starting anew' I also bought a load of old cheapies at Telford for a bit of practice.
  4. The weekend saw me with a doozy of a headache, I just wish it had beer in its origins. Onwards, glue and paint fumes help, right? So I set about the wings. I started some preassembly paint masking. And also the flaps, before realising it won't be seen! (wombat) first cockup of the day... Next up, having decided this will have the flaps up, cut off the flap mechanism and put the closed flaps together. However, do check the parts you cut off for the flap assembly, as the kit has 2 versions. Folded away and extended, in a headache fugged brain, I spent an age trying to get the extended part to fit as closed, and wonder why I was failing. Its because it doesn't fit! And finally, that's 1 wing complete... Thankfully, the 2nd wing went together much better, and quicker. But I am tempted to break out the wings in the 3rd kit that is on the shelf, and set them as flaps dropped just to see how it looks. And come the end of the weekend, I had 2 F3s looking closer like aeroplanes Hopefully next week will have the engines started, and the bodywork attached
  5. Top work, I will have to reference back to this when I do the exhausts on my Tornado F3
  6. sterling work there, nice to see a Sea Fury Just a quick q about the stripes, when you masked, did you push the tape into the panel lines?
  7. Yup. One for Tom! Think I'll send him your way Wish he'd decide on the scale though
  8. Thanks for the heads up Steve, I'll have a look at the Generals GR4 build. As for being 'further along' I dunno, I technically started in May when I got the kits and did some priming
  9. This is absolutely cracking Mon Ami. Hope mine will be half as good
  10. Back at the bench this weekend, Yay! The benefits of a weeks work, peace, quiet and undisturbed binging on TV and plastic assemblage. I got a bit done before I realised I hadn't taken pixs. Once I got the main wheel bays washed with a bit of black to add some highlights, then mated them to the shell and added the intake tunnels, which I had spent hours fettling and sanding the seams, and then adding the turbines, and I asked myself why I was concerned about colour? you can't see anything!  Cockpit surrounds added, and it looks like an aeroplane But i was annoyingly left with a nasty seam line which I filled with a thinned Vallejo putty, just need to rescribe some of the detail. And then, the wings! What is nice about the Revell kit is that it contains a mechanism to keep the hardpoints pointing forwards no matter the wing sweep. Though, lets be honest, the Tornado rarely swept wings on the ground, so will be fully open. But a I lost a little clear part 5 times (there's only 4 of the buggers!) And do be careful when sniping, as I managed to remove one of the flap guides. Thankfully, it can be replaced and be an 'invisible' repair when putting together with the flaps up  Think the wings took me most of Sunday, but now that's 2 airframes, 4 wings, one set of tired eyes, and an achy back (I need a new chair) Rock on next weekend and more work.
  11. Thanks, but as it'll be closed, barely any of the details will be seen, sadly. But thanks
  12. Thanks, Yep, I have decided after a few Revell kits, "following the instructions" isn't a pre-requisite as would you believe, some things are the wrong side/upside down! But, I can't fault the moulds, nice and clean, and the fit is generally good. So fit twice, check reference, fit, fit, and when Totally happy then consider using glue
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