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  1. Hi, have a look at Kits World https://www.kitsworld.co.uk/index.php?CATEGORY=5&SUB=6&THISPAGE=1&RADIOSORT=4&PICFILE=275&STKNR=275&STRH=3808&ORDN=2256&RNZ=113628
  2. Fiddly little things, as i had lost one brass pitot, and appear to have binned the kit ones in a clean up, I decided a small upgrade was needed. As this is to be built as sitting at a dispersal it would have its tags in place. And the pitots have covers. Viola! RBF covers in 1mm plasticard. And blended in. I'll get the red crayons out later. Doesn't she look good in Barley Grey! Now to do the same on the other airframe, and I'll have 2 on their legs at least.
  3. Thanks Don, They are quite rewarding when they go right. I convertd a GR1 to a GR4, wasn't a lot to do in the end, it depends how far into the rabbit hole you want to go. Have you a thread going? like to see it. I'm thoroughly enjoying the dual build, but never again, one at a time as you get to a point and start to focus on just one, and you stick with it, then realise No2 is way behind...
  4. Update time, and I have to admit to a bit of mojo death with the two F3s, at the moment I'm not getting the buzz from them and jumping to other builds which are quick and a bit more fun. Can't tell if the gap is poor fit by me the nozzles not in enough, or poor piece creation - being missized.   Anys, i added a shim of 2 0.25 sheets to the bucket.   Trimmed down and fitted, same on the other side. The underside buckets, I just filled with milliput. (shh, don't tell) Then onto an attempt at the canopies today, and two types of mask sets, because 1 type would make it simple, right? Montex and New Ware, Two canopies masked and what a fiddle that was! The New Ware have a few issues, they're too long for each frame, and the interior have rounded corners and need to be touched up to square them a bit to match the frames. And then mask the interiors, personally, I wouldn't bother with them again. The Montex were an bottom to fit the interiors, but they fitted properly. Next, a prime, tidy and colour match, then add the frame parts and mirrors etc. That's me caught up. the canopies have been painted and mirrors attached, next stop, a base gloss coat. Wow, I may nearly be finished...
  5. time for a catch up. Recently it was a weapons production line this weekend, 8 missiles mostly assembled, I say mostly as I'll not be adding the top as the wheel bay seems to block where the fin inserts.  Next, to airframe 1, I added the wedge that sits under the rudder. Just needs to be filled And finally, missiles and droptanks given a light priming, ready for final colouring (anyone got a grey crayon?) I filled in some of the gaps in the tail using highly thinned Vallejo putty. Just wish I'd done it before doing the majority of the paintjob. Onto Airframe 2, and not much done, but had a dryfit of the tail and wedge ready to be done. Have also been doing some touch ups, I made a mistake of not noting what plane has what colours, which is making it a pain to colour match. Live and learn! I guess I really should move forward with assembling the bits so I can actually finish these and move onto the markings.
  6. Time for an update. Just before all the current silliness started, I had a good time catch up with my friend who asked for these, and told him the plans I had for the builds, which he liked - that's always the worry. So, a month later (thanks work!) I managed a bit of bench time. Previously I had attempted to add some depth/'dirtying' with one of the Uschi splatter masks I received and a thinned down nato black. Probably overdone.  That was then covered with a thinned Hakata Light Ghost Grey. One airframe done One Tonka done, the other to be done in the week, feels good to be moving this along again. Here they are, together. Airfame 2 in next for 'dirtying' up. ZH552 had a few schemes over the years, so am aiming to have them slightly different shades, but overall the same scheme.
  7. Well, another weekend passes, and more done to the undercarriage, plumbed primed and mostly painted, almost ready for assembly.  Nose wheel (outta focus, damn camera phone!) 1 of 4 main struts Then, airframe2 had its fin attached and a reprime, and the exhausts added and elevators painted. These will stay off until painting, they slide onto lugs. Airframes together, with legs placed. Another step forward. They're almost ready for paint proper. Hoping to get some time at the bench this week as next weekend is already a write off. Perhaps a couple of hours putting fuel pods etc together
  8. @Lord Riot Thanks, I should be able to cobble that from some fishing weights
  9. Looking good How much weight have you put in the nose? (getting to that part in my F3 build) Just a worry it could suddenly squat
  10. Well, after losing Saturday to household chores and gutter cleaning (I hate ladders!) Sunday looked rather promising for getting the undercarriages sorted. Should get both sets done. Started by assembling the main legs, and thought I'd try keeping them on a tree for ease of handling (nicely done). Then, after some white paint, I stared to add some plumbing, 0.2mm wire from a shreaded flex. And thanks for a friend who works at Duxford, I got a nice close up of a GR4 leg. That was it, then the next bit, the brake hydrolics. Problem was, it just didn't want to stick. Eventually I drilled a small hole, and the wire stayed in place. It was only after the 2nd leg, I finally got a grasp on how this should assemble. Drill first, then wrap the wire. Them stupidglue it all together. With growing frustration I settled on abandoning for the day after 2 constructed and 4 hours lost trying to make things fit, that don't want to play. At least next bench time should be quicker. Lessons learnt is never really wasted time, but I'm falling behind each week.
  11. Thanks, and yes, it is. Even more when you're doing 2 of the buggers. Thank you. The patience hopefully be worth it and will show at the end.
  12. Bill, this looks Grand buddy. Top work and I hope worth all the headaches
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