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  1. Need to catch up with this build, it's looking fantastic
  2. Great to see this epic build is continuing, looking forward to the updates
  3. Bill, great build mate, looking forward to the coming updates. Getting ideas for a Cat of my own
  4. I believe the Paras sometimes do, and if there will most likely jump at next years Dakotas over Normandy
  5. On the BBMF's Dak there is, but ZA947 never flew with the RAF prior to 1971 when she transferred from the RCAF. This is a lovely build of the RAFs workhorse during WW2, I do like the Paras sat by the load door
  6. Folks, am after some help. Have been tasked with building the Marham 100th Special Tornado and am looking to see if any decal sets are available. Thanks for your help
  7. It was a seperate line, as they were built in total secrecy from the rest of the production run, the fear being that a sudden switch to a different design would alert both the staff and German spies that something big was coming. Which is why AVRo were happy to have that area back once all aeroplanes were built
  8. Correct, the Operation Chastise Lancasters were all fresh off a seperate line and built to spec for the raid then delivered to Scampton. Yes, standard cockpit colour green. Note, the reg number (ie ED932) had a /G suffix meaning "To be guarded" this was removed prior to the raid itself.
  9. Onto my 2nd one of the new tooling Airfix Lanc, it's a tidy kit that goes together nicely. Watching with interest
  10. My build of P-Popsie had a warped fuselage. placed it in some hot water and reformed it. Jobs a goodun. Your build is looking good, liking a BII, certainly makes a change
  11. Great build, and a fab lesson in Herc ops!
  12. Looking forward to following this build CedB, a shame ZX349/GiNA has now been stood down from the display team, but this is one in the build pile (to be paired with PRXIX PM631)
  13. Looking like a great start. It may take a while, but it'll look fantastic (Spruce Goose at 3m span!! jeez!)
  14. WOW! this is an epic build, I've seen people say Crazy and Madness in relation to this, but I believe you'll be Victorious with it
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