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  1. Thanks Tzulscha. Bit more done tonight. Compared to the chore of builing Revell's 72nd scale Memphis Belle this so far is a dream. I love kits like this that as you build the sprues start to fit back in the box. How I'm going to manage to paint the old girl once she's assembled is daunting. So is having to use filler with this many rivets. Little bit of artistic licence on the bottle on the oxygen tanks. At first I thought it was a fire extinguisher but while painting I thought it could be a portable oxygen cylinder and probably should be painted yellow. But I'm not changing it now.
  2. Anyone know what goes here? On that lumpy bit.
  3. That's one of the perks of an understanding wife. I'm moving my Captain America painting in the lounge and replacing it with a B-17
  4. I can't do smaller scales anymore. They're too small. I tried Revell's Belle and tried to get more detail in and it drove me mad. To the point where it took me 12 months to get round to painting the camo. I then wasn't happy and gave it to my youngest to play with.
  5. The green/grey for Sally-B not a fan of the Nmf on something this big. I know there is a Memphis Belle coming but I've seen Sally-B so I wanted to model her.
  6. Bit more done tonight. Why do I buy fabric seatbelts thinking yeah they'll be great. Then spend 3 hours swearing and loosing parts. Then when ive finished saying yes they look good but I'm never doing them again.... Every WWII plane i buy ends up with fabric belts. I never learn. Everything is clean and shiny looking as it's waiting for the gloss to harden before weathering... Oh and some artistic licence on the side panels. Used tissue paper and beige paint.
  7. So after a few hours last night and tonight. I'm here with her. Added some Milliput around the base of the control sticks. But all OOB so far. Need to varnish and weather later on. Iain you're more than welcome. It won't be a super detailed job though. My scratch building skills aren't up to much.
  8. She's a big bird. Quite daunting when you see the size. But I'll take it bit by bit same as any other model. Paint call-outs seem to be a little off on the inside. As it's the Sally-B she's not going to historically accurate. Bit of a mix of wartime painting inside and how she is now. Made a start on her last night. Just a bit of paint work and some prep work removing ejection pin marks. I'm going to be using Kitsworld stencils and decals. Plus some Eduard seat belts. I may buy the Gun Barrels from Master later on. But she's going to be wall mounted with 2 fighter escorts.
  9. logical

    Sally-B interior

    Thanks for those Mungo. They're a brilliant help. Looks like i may need mor XF-71 then lol.
  10. logical

    Sally-B interior

    I've decided that I'm just going to paint it as an in service aircraft inside.
  11. logical

    Sally-B interior

    Hadn't thought of that
  12. logical

    Sally-B interior

    It's more to know what colours they've used. Also if the floor is wooden or some kind of non-slip matting.
  13. logical

    Sally-B interior

    I have Mutley. But now had any reply yet. They don't seem to have a gallery section on their website either. :-(
  14. logical

    Sally-B interior

    Does anyone have any shots of the inside of the Sally-B as she is now? I've got a B-17G in the stash along with a set of Sally-B/Memphis Belle decals. But I can't find any pictures of her insides.
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