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  1. OK, sorry if this is a repeat question and I have missed where this has been discussed, but I notice that some Hurricanes have a cable that runs from the leading edge of the elevators to the fuselage, halfway between the wings and elevators. Is this for rigging, or is it an antenna? Can anyone shed some light on this? Cheers
  2. thanks for the info dude! did you used to work / crew them? we landed next to one at Ilidza back in '98. the only time i have seen one up close but i always thought they were cool little birds! -Ramon
  3. do you mean yellow / green as in primer color?
  4. on a Lynx with the big IR suppression boxes, is the space between them painted to match the fuselage color, or is it unpainted metal? what color is the driveshaft? many thanks, -Ramon
  5. hey this is a really cool idea, but the tail rotor is made of two paddles that are butted against each other, not four seperate blades attached to a central hub. is it too late to glue them back together? -Ramon
  6. thats good to know, thanks Sticky!
  7. yep, i have seen a lot of that too, but what i am wondering is if the sight itself was generally left in place, or was it frequently removed from the aircraft? i guess what i am really asking is this: as indicated in the instructions, the aac lynx does not have the sight installed, but it is from a more current timeframe. would it be plausible for me to use the same serial number on this aircraft with the sight installed, if my aim is to model it during 1998 while deployed to bosnia? as an example, on UH-60's, the External Stores Support System (ESSS) wings could be removed or reinstalled on the aircraft as needed. we usually had birds with the wings left on for long range missions where external tanks would come in handy, and other aircraft had them off to make getting passengers and cargo easier to get in and out, but they were not required to stay that way. so on one particular day, we could see aircraft # 84-23940 with wings on, but then maybe a month later you would see that same bird with wings off for mission requirements. was the TOW sight managed in a similar fashion? sorry if i am not making myself clear, i am confusing myself explainig it now!
  8. Hi all! I have been searching the forums but have not found an answer to my question: is the TOW missile sight above the cockpit a piece of mission equipment that would be removed and reinstalled as needed, or would it generally tend to stay on once installed? i am building the airfix Lynx for a group build that will represent a SFOR Lynx i saw down at the helipad at ilidza back in 1998. my deadline is coming up pretty soon so any all all help is greatly appreciated - Cheers! -Ramon
  9. thanks for the info guys! does anyone happen to know of an FS 595 or a model master equivelant? none of my local hobby shops carry humbrol...
  10. Hello All! Does anyone know if the green used on RAF Merlin helicopters is the same as the green used on Spitfires, or is a different green altogether? thanks, -Ramon
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