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  1. I have sent him some emails. All unanswered I am afraid. Hoping he is ok.......
  2. Loki

    Which F-18?

    For an A you will need some fuselage stiffeners and two on the left side of the tails. If you PM me your email addy, I will send you a profile with all the changes required to make a CF-18A or CF-188B.
  3. *I have decided to remove this post in an effort to drop the subject* If pushed I will post my reply to -Neu- and then leave this site.
  4. Actually -Neu- I'll point out the fact that you forgot to mention the wonderful Matchbox kit which gave the builder the option to build both single and dual seater. Hey, it even came in three coloured plastic so you didn't even have to paint it. The fact remains that there are very few F-16s in this scale that can be found or used for a newer block F-16, irrespective of your moody reply. I posted a simple fact. There is next to nothing for F-16s in this scale for the serious modeller to choose from (if one can find the Block 30 by Revell). I was not being sarcastic, but you just have to bite don't you. Look, you're obviously not reading my postings correctly otherwise you would not have thrown your teddy bears out of your perambulator. Please don't answer or read any of my future postings because I won't be reading yours just in case I upset you or you bore the pants off me. Is there a block function here so I don't have to read your posts by any chance? Cheers
  5. WTF? Perhaps English isn't your first language? Not sarcastic at all. It's a fact that 1/72 has been forgotten about by Tamiya f-16 designers.
  6. Lucky 1/72 guys. They get forgotten about usually. I want the long awaited B and D versions though....... anyway - good luck to you mini modellers, glad you have the eyesight for it!
  7. There are a TON. Google is your friend. type BRU-55 VER Hornet F/a-18 and words of that like. You'll be happy. Legacy Hornet BTW
  8. Nice looking gear. I might have to get some for my resin collection lol.
  9. Supposed to be an alternative reality during WW2. A tangential move sideways. Image for a moment that Hitler didn't start Operation Barbarossa. Imagine he committed to the Western front and signed a non aggression pact with the Soviets. What would have been built?
  10. Sorry for the posts. It has been suggested to post this here for you all. Saw this and have spoken to the owner. Currently he is looking at producing these in 1/72 (possibly), plastic injection molded. Website yet to be done but will be: http://www.cromaticalab.com/models/blog/ The Facebook site is far better: https://www.facebook.com/cromaticamodels This is one of the proposals, a tangential move completely sideways during WW2: Go see and enjoy. One thing though. Would you like these in 1/72, 1/48 or 1/32? Cheers Martin
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