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  1. Tiger II , revell, 1/72, hairspray technique, snow is baby puder, oils....
  2. Italeri :RSO/01 type 470 tractor scale:1/35, tarpaulin: tissue and wood glue colors:vallejo artists pigments
  3. Thank you guys!!! cheers Ratomir
  4. Finally finished,T-34 zvezda ,figures miniart 1/35
  5. This is finished for me,i hope you like it! cheers
  6. which tree is better ,for dio?
  7. thank you,i worked little on details,i made blanket,bottle ,bacon and bread. best regards Ratomir
  8. Thank you Badder.... soil i made like this , over surface i put mixed water and wood glue,and sprinkle plaster. then i painted with pigments. cheers Ratomir
  9. after long time here is my new project. for now i dont have time to finish this ,so i want to share with you .turret is from my old model,metal detector is from scratch. hope you like it. cheers Ratomir
  10. Finally i finished my tiger ,i had problems with track ,they arent good but i pleased with work.
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