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  1. ho590hm

    Classic Airfix Concorde for 2019

    Concorde listed twice with two different numbers (A05170V and A05107V) with same dimensions and artwork. Unfortunately the quoted length of 431mm equates to the production model not the prototype. Are we getting both?
  2. Does this explain the earlier mention of a visit to the Museum of Flight in Seattle, perhaps?
  3. Two 1:144 Concordes listed - one identified as a prototype - with same prototype image, different kit numbers (A05107V and A05170V - anagram) and same dimensions in the technical specification. The quoted length is correct for the production version..... Does this mean Airfix is rerunning both of its tools? Confused of Farnborough BAE Systems archive
  4. Rereleases of Fi156, C-10A(Jetstream), Dominie. Prototype Concorde in BOAC markings.
  5. I have not yet found a 1/72 X-3 which reflects the discontinuity between the nose and the cockpit, which occurs at the line of the upright frame in the cockpit glazing. This does not appear to have the kink - but happy to be advised otherwise by someone who has the plastic in hand Walkaround at http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/howard_mason3/x-3_stiletto/ See
  6. If one was looking for an accurate Concorde, the Airfix/Heller 1/72 monstrosity would be in the other direction, Dick Ward had to redesign the decals to fit as he made the error of basing his original work on accurate plans. BAE Systems has just recovered the original prototype drawings to its archive at Farnborough - approximately 8 tons of Mylar representing 200,000+ drawings which has been catalogued by a team of volunteers from Brooklands, Duxford, Yeovilton and Le Bourget. We also have a production drawing set on microfiche. I would therefore dispute the contention that there is a lack of line drawings of this iconic airframe..... There is nothing I would like better than to have an accurate representation in plastic - at either scale. Howard Mason, Heritage Manager, BAE Systems
  7. Very tempted by this even though I have yet to finish the An-124 (and Tu-144 and Il-86) One concern from the rendering is the new centre section which seems a bit too deep. Most frontal shots on airliners.net seem to show a horizontal line between the new inboard engines. Perhaps its just the angle. Cheers Howard
  8. Really good to have an early model of the original prototype. Waiting for the next iteration, like the J-20. Halfway through the build. Overall a reasonable representation, based on images available on the web. Key irritations to date are: Shape of the lower rear fuselage - tapers too much compared to available images Engine exhausts need grinding down to fit through available holes Nose gear door hung on wrong side, with three chevrons rather than two at front and rear Need to fabricate the prominent internal fairing behind the ejector seat - original has strips of tape which allow a good guess at shape Moulded limit of the nose radome needs rescribing in correct position Purists will enjoy adding some greeblies to the main and nose gear areas, and what I assume are radar reflectors on the wings. Oh that the original Airfix Jaguar had been this good....
  9. ho590hm

    Revell 1/144 AN-225 Mriya??

    The Sinsheim Buran model (almost) represents the BTS-02 atmospheric test version that they exhibit at Speyer. You would need to remove the four jet engines and mod the rockets to represent the flight-worthy Buran. There is also a gear fairing under the nose to cater for mounting the nose leg lower to improve the angle of attack for runway takeoffs - but that is not an issue as it seems to have been missed. Not sure the BTS-02 was ever carried by the An-225? But happy to be proved wrong. Howard
  10. ho590hm

    1/72nd Nanchang Q-5 from Trumpeter

    I concur with Ken. Extract from my primeportal WA below. Shame about the tanks - they look correct on the boxart. Hoping to revisit in May. Howard
  11. The following may be of assistance: HA-300 on Primeportal Taken a few years ago at Schleissheim, near Munich. Howard Mason
  12. Looked in the BAE Systems archive at Farnborough, and found the flight test reports or the DH91, four boxes of stress calculations in immaculate handwriting on foolscap, the resulting type record and five volumes of contemporary pictures. A lot of these are Flight and Aeroplane copyright, but I will see what we can provide. Howard Mason - BAE Systems Heritage Manager
  13. Given mould sizes, I think we will get Hastings, Andover, Beverley before Belfast and VC10. Just a hint, Didier.... Howard
  14. Hard to resist, although that fin leading edge looks a trifle blunt, and the upper line of the nose seems to blend into the base of the windscreen rather than somewhat below as per the original. The Miliput will act as nose weight......
  15. Really looking forward to this kit as a contribution to future bankruptcy. I have a slight confusion here - probably showing my ignorance. The Aardvark image of the Lugansk aircraft from Friday seems to show the canted fins of the T-10-5 series, but the slender nose of the T-10-1. I also cannot discern the fairings sticking forward from the fins that appear on the T-10-10, nor a nose probe. Ken Duffey's image from Lugansk and the walkaround available on scalemodels.ru (dating from 2006/7) seem to have a different nose configuration - looks like an Su-27 nose grafted on, but joined at an angle and not aligned with a structural break. Did the T-10-5 series have the old or new configuration? My view of the Modelsvit CADs seem to show the later nose configuration. All comments welcome.