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  1. btw: what about the pilots seat belts? Too short? Shape issues? ... This is the last chance for corrections inside the cockpit
  2. little update to this never ending story ... I've started to fit the squadron canopy - a real nightmare. More details will follow later. And the stool has been changed Thx to Martian:
  3. Thanks and sorry to tax your patience Adey. I started this build 3+ years ago - at the moment RFI is planned to happen early in 2020 hope you dont mind. Maybe I can accelerate by following Martians advise not to look at any other kits - a real challenge and I do not promise anything ... At the moment I prepare the cockpit to be closed by the squadron canopy and there is one issue still unsolved. I sratchbuild a stool for the navigator but I'm unsure whether my approach is somewhat realistic:
  4. some progress from the past ... engines and props: wheels: the tailwheel is a semi-scartch build fuselage and wings went together:
  5. When I was a child the Airfix Wellington was my first "large" plane to be built. Meanwhile I've got two of these in my stash - and at least one of them should be build before the new tooled one ... will follow this build highly interested
  6. this build is still ongoing - just a short intermission Meanwhile I moved to a Flickr account - hope it will work:
  7. So, this is my first input since I joined this forum a few weeks ago. Probably some of you will be bored by another Blenheim building report - especialy the 40+ year old airfix model. However building this kit will hopefully be an important step to improve my skills. As usual I started with interieur details. Actualy I planned to add some details to the cockpit to make it look more interesting. But in the end I build up a totaly new cockpit section, using only some fragments of the kits parts. Pictures will follow ...
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