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  1. Intersting. I remember the point about geometry changing on IXs and XVIs to enable better use of paved runways, which necessitated the bigger bulge and outboard rib blister being introduced. Perhaps on the XIVs they found that just the inboard rib bluster would suffice. But I hadn't noticed that they weren't present on early XIVs: every day is a school day... Justin
  2. Stefano, that looks really great. I may be wrong but I think that on XIVs the slim blister above the wheel well should be present, but on the frame just inboard of where you had them (i.e. the inner of the two frames above the wheel well). Check the photos here of MT847. http://www.martinsammodels.com/Webpage/Pages/Real Aviation/Museums/By Aircraft/Supermarine/Spitfire/MT847/MT847.htm Justin
  3. Ah good, the adverts are over and I can resume viewing. Now where were we? Justin
  4. New Tempests from Airfix and KP? Like no. 38 buses, nothing for ages then two, three, four come along at once.
  5. Really great work Stefano. As I look at this I'm imagining a world where there is an Eduard Spitfire XIV/XVIII/XIX series in full production, where you can buy the kits in your local model shop and build as many as you like, with selection of c, d (bowser) or e wings, normal or clipped wingtips, early or late rudders, high- and low-back fuselages.... And then I wake up, and it was all a dream. Justin
  6. I'm a 1/72 man but I doubt I'll be able to resist this. Justin
  7. Hey great it's Viper! (Uh-oh...). Lovely job on that. Justin
  8. That is remarkable. Lovely little thing, and I'm amazed how tiny it is (as well as by the patience you must have employed to complete it). Well done indeed! Justin
  9. Lovely. Since seeing photos of Wg Cdr Bradley's aircraft in Christopher Shores' 2nd TAF book, I've always thought it was one of the most attractive Mk IXs. You've done a great job on it. Justin
  10. Molto interessante Stefano! You're doing what I and probably many other 1/72 Spitfire appassionati have considered, but not dared to start for fear of destroying an excellent Eduard kit and an increasingly hard-to-find Airfix 22. But it looks great so far. I see that you're using the Jumpei Temma plans which I also think are excellent. My own approach to Sword kits has been to chop the tail off, stretch and realign, but that still leaves the other problem that you've identified, that the droop of the Griffon nose is slightly exaggerated, giving the 'curvy' look. It's particularly interesting to see that the Airfix 22 nose fits the Eduard fuselage so well. I'd always had the sense that the Airfix 22 was a bit too slim, bit it looks pretty good to me here. I'll be following. Justin
  11. Now then now then: that looks really rather nice. Really interesting rocket fit, which I hadn't seen before. And nice combo with the fillet version and camo etc. Lovely, and one forgets how nicely the Academy kit can go together. Justin
  12. Very nice indeed. One of my favourite Tempests recreated beautifully. Poignant back-story too. Happy 2021 Steve. Justin
  13. Lovely job on that. My mate's dad flew Halifaxes on 10 Sqn and I've been looking at options for models. This is really useful food for thought. Justin
  14. Beautiful. The F is my favourite Fort, and you've really nailed it here. Justin
  15. What a year 2020 has been, full of dark clouds for so many. Yet amid all the difficulties there has been the chance to use quieter moments to some good effect. I for one had a more productive modelling year than usual, at least in the first few months. Over the line went the following, all in 1/72: A Revell Hunter FR10 conversion: An Airfix K5054 (1937) A Special Hobby Vampire FB5: An Airfix Spitfire IIa: And a Revell/PJ Productions Hunter T7: All these completed by 1 May, and then nothing to report. Of course, several others were started but remain incomplete: an Academy Mustang Ia, a(nother) Airfix P-51D, an Eduard Spitfire VII, an Eduard+AZ Spitfire Tr. VIII, an Airfix rag-wing Hurricane, and a Meng Fiat G91. Hopefully most of these will see the light of day sometime in the New Year. Have a great 2021 everyone! Justin
  16. A great set of 1/72 beauties. Must say that the Helldiver in FAA markings stood out as a particular gem. Justin
  17. A great collection Rodolfo. The submarine is really extraordinary - great work. Justin
  18. Some beauties there Stix. Your Spitfire 22 is bookmarked from back then. And must say that although I'm not really an AFV man (don't know enough about them), I really like the effects you can produce. The Panther was a great final flourish. Justin
  19. Lovely set for the year Adrian, with some nice rarities in the ranks. The BE2C is magnificent, and I rather like the Hudson too. Justin
  20. A great collection for 2020 Tony. Curtiss Aeroplane & Motor Co will be particularly pleased with your production figures, but there's something for pretty much everyone here. Missed the RAF Herc somehow, but will look for it now. All best for 2021! Justin
  21. Congratulations on that 2020 crop Cookie. What a year it's been. Love the mixed-up wing panels on your F4U - a nice touch. All best for '21! Justin
  22. Thanks Colin, I've now fully regained my composure, and indeed found the seat. Yep, looks good. On the wing root kinks, they do indeed look slightly over-pronounced on one or two of the 3-D renders, but on the sprue pics they look about right to me. One other thing I hope they get right is the modified/built-up cockpit sill to accommodate the Malcolm hood on those aircraft. Easy to miss even in 1/48 as Tamiya did, and perhaps a bit micro for 1/72. One question I had was whether B/C models really used the louvred breather vents on the lower nose. Not in NW Europe as far as I'm aware, but perhaps they did in places like Burma? Justin
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