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  1. David, The further this goes, the better it looks. The EDSG smoothness is what gets me most. One tiny thing though: your underwing 7s are different, port & starboard. A touch of white on the corners maybe? Justin
  2. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Mike @72modeler, for the windscreen I polished off the frame detail at the bottom of the screen and scribed & painted a new frame onto the fuselage itself. It just about works I think. @SAT69, the panel was by Modell Hobby and I was quite impresssed. Needed a bit of trimming to fit and my iphone photos don't do it justice, but nice all the same. @Doc72, yes I think the Fujimi kit is probably still the best out there. Some issues with the overall shape (e.g. the fuselage could be a bit more triangular in cross-section, and the 'shoulder' panel line from nose to tail is a touch too low I think), but it builds up pretty well. Getting the fuselage-wing join right at the leading edge end, reqired a lot of filling & sanding though. Overall an enjoyable experience, which also turned out to be an effective tutorial on Sabre narrow- and broad-chord, 'hard', '6-3', 'slatted' and 'F-40' wings. For info this website is good on Canadair Sabres: http://silverhawkauthor.com/canadian-warplanes-6-jets-canadair-cl13-sabre_676.html Justin
  3. New lockdown, new model: life does bring its consolations. After a couple of Hunters and a Vampire last year, I've warmed further to the 50s jets theme. In so doing I became interested in the RAF's brief but successful relationship with the F-86/CL-13 Sabre, just four short years from 1952 to 56. This is the Fujimi kit, rebadged recently as Italeri, and I had a lot of fun with it. Using references here on BM and elsewhere I made a number of changes to turn the F-86F into a Canadair Mark 4. I missed a couple of details but hopefully the errors aren't too visible. I also moved the wing pylons inboard, lengthened and reshaped them a touch, and repositioned the fuel tanks on the pylons slightly to get them looking closer to the look of the real thing. I tinkered a bit with the windscreen to make the central panel longer than the side windows. I used some of the Pavla cockpit set, some Reskit wheels and an etched instrument panel. Altogether it went together well, though the fuselage-wing join needed a bit of work. Paints are mostly Xtracrylix. Decals came from Xtradecal (roundels), Modeldecal (4 Squadron markings), Freightdog (serials) and Superscale and the kit (all those stencils). Hope you like. Here's a nice photo of a sister-ship, taken in summer 1955. Credit to the Jever Steam Laundry website which has plenty more like this. Justin
  4. This is quite a good reference. https://www.modellismopiu.it/modules/newbb_plus/print.php?forum=118&topic_id=138581 Justin
  5. I have the Meng kit half done, and hope to finish it soon. I realky ,ike the Gina and it's amazing to see one next to a Sabre which looks like its big brother. On the kit the seat is a bit nasty, and the canopy is the early style rather than the later bulbous version. The main undercarriage bay is a work of fiction, and needs reworking. The main legs are over-simplified and have the wrong geometry, but it's fixable. The overall shape is quite good and the detail on the main parts is nice. The PAN decals are a bit rubbish unfortunately. I've seen some nice builds from it though, so fingers crossed. Justin
  6. Great model of a great car. Justin
  7. Classy model of a classy aircraft, in a classy livery! Justin
  8. I've got a (the) Tr8 on the stocks in 1/72 (more on that story later). But during my research into 2-seaters I noticed that on the Grace conversion the rear canopy is actually longer than the front one. But probably not noticeable in our scales! Justin
  9. Lovely. Must say I like the xtracolor HSS too. Justin
  10. Please do them in 1/72! Justin
  11. Great save on the fin & rudder. As for decals for Spitfire XIIs, Print Scale 72-284 (Spitfire V-1 aces) includes MB856 EB-X of 41 Sqn. I think I'll give them a try for my XII (when I can rustle up the courage). Cookie's builds provide strength though! Justin
  12. Lovely model Tony and really interesting research, which allows us to get a much better understanding of Malta Spitfire camouflage schemes and how they came about. (Love the two colours in the port side serial number box too - nice touch.) My only question is about the Sky Blue undersides: if these were new airframes from the factory painted in the normal fighter scheme of the time, why would the undersides be Sky Blue and not just bog-standard Sky? Justin
  13. Not my area of expertise, but looks great to me! Justin
  14. Any chance of seeing the 1/72 FAA Hunter set back in stock? I feel the need for a GA11.... Justin
  15. Seasoned experts, I think you'll find!
  16. Nice work so far, and looking forward to seeing this progress; the R1 is my fave Nimrod. Does 80s mean grey & white, or hemp? JB
  17. What an aeroplane. What a model. Beautiful job. Justin
  18. They have to go and fill in the hole in the runway...
  19. Love it. Peace is our profession! Justin
  20. Beautiful pair of Aussie Spitfires Tony, and really looking forward to getting my hands on one of these kits. I've promised myself to finish my HF VII first though... Justin
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