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  1. Very much enjoying this build. Lots of really helpful pointers on how to get the best out of this very nice kit. Thanks for doing the pics etc. Justin
  2. I bought one yesterday (together with the new Airfix Meatbox) and will start it today. Looks complicated but nice. Probably won't do a WIP as that is often the kiss of death for my builds, but will aim to do an RFI relatively soon where I'll flag any major issues. Justin
  3. Nice. Love the 60s in the doors. Justin
  4. I think you can fill in the rectangular panel under the right side of the cockpit. As far as I'm aware this was an openable cockpit vent carried over from the pressurised Mks VII and X to the type 390 XIXs. The unpressurised fuselages used by the 389s didn't have it. Justin
  5. Worth noting that a type 389 would have had a PR XI type windscreen with a flat front (but still no framing), while the 390s had a new rounded windscreen. Justin
  6. Thanks for the pictures of an unpainted build - I really want get one of these. I see that Airfix have had a go at the pressure framing around the cockpit tub, but it looks slightly clumsy and could do with a bit of refinement including reducing the height of it slightly, and linking it up properly to the rear of the windscreen, as shown here: https://www.alamy.com/gloster-meteor-f8-jet-aircraft-cockpit-image256178154.html. Still, it's a noble effort and I'm quite impressed. Justin
  7. I'm in for a bit of this. (Got an Airfix F6 in the stash, awaiting return of mojo.) In the meantime and for inspiration, this is quite a nice video of Lightnings at Binbrook in 1987: https://youtu.be/w7gTqFU2Qlk Justin
  8. I agree that we should give Eduard a break. The 1/72 revolution is real and Eduard never said they would carry it out all by themselves: they started it sure enough, Arma etc have followed; think also about Special Hobby 109s, P-40s, NF Meteors and Mirages - they're all high-standard kits. Airfix's latest Meteor likewise. So let's enjoy what we've got, support the hobby in these troubled times and look forward to whatever new kits come out next. A new Bearcat by Christmas would be good though...! Justin
  9. I'm happy to be corrected but I think that mk 4 seats were only used in 2-seat Hunters; single-seaters used Mk 3s. J
  10. Well well, I'm interested all over again. I see they've had a go at sorting the nose out with the inclusion of a ring intake at part 13. That was an omission by Lift Here which caused me to chicken out of a purchase at the time. But I might now need to dig out my bank manager's number after all... Justin
  11. Just had a look back at page 1 and the photos of the originals. And here we are, two little replica gems almost finished. Great stuff. J
  12. I'll have one. Need to buy an 8 first though. J
  13. I think that the Kai Tak-based 28 Sqn Mk 18s had their paint stripped back to bare metal in around 1948-9. TP378 is an example. Justin
  14. Ooh. Yes. Like it. Great pose with the wheels cycling up, and love the paint scheme too. Justin
  15. Hi PC, I can't be certain it's covered I'm afraid; you're right the full work is a big old thing and won't be cheap. If you can get your hands on a library (remember them?) or Internet-based searchable copy that might be a useful first step. When I had access to a copy I was more interested in the background of the territorial claims (vol 1) and some of the land campaign stuff (vol 2). If I remember correctly there was a decent passage on Goose Green which did get into the weeds a bit, but as I say I don't know if he got into the handling of the carriers. (If there was an issue, it wouldn't be the first time, cf Vian in the Med, which is well documented). Freedman has done other stuff on the Falklands too but I think that's more from a political decision-making perspective. J
  16. Professor Sir Laurence Freedman did the official history, in two volumes. Vol 2 of that might be a good place to start. J
  17. Lovely job Steve. I thought it was a good kit in its day, and you've shown it can still build up really well. Justin
  18. Very nice - the Sword kits are not the easiest but you've made a great job of it with some nice aftermarket decals. Justin
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