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  1. Looks very nice indeed. I wouldn't try to expunge the panel lines completely; a slight hint of them will work well. These are all 8AF Mustangs: Justin
  2. I've ben getting stuff together to do a 352nd FG Mustang whose noses, according to someone, were painted Deep Sky towards the end. I followed someone's advice and bought Vallejo Model Color Prussian Blue 70.965. I haven't used it yet but it looks pretty close to Deep Sky. Justin
  3. This was discussed in Bill's build of the AZ Mk XIV https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235004439-172-az-models-supermarine-spitfire-fmk-xiv/ At the time I had the same question as you about the 303 patches. Later I had a look at the XIVe in the Brussels Air museum (RM921, decorated as SG55 - you can Google it), which clearly shows an e wing but the 303 tubes still present. So it seems to me that different XIV production batches used different wings. The RBxxx series of XIVs all had c wings/armament. When they went to e armament they seem to have used standard universal wings for some aircraft, and new-build wings without the 303 tubes for others. MT847 at Hendon has no 303 tubes for example. Then the XVIII wing came along which was substantially different. Justin
  4. They're both looking fantastic Tony, particularly the one bearing your personal code letters...! Justin
  5. Looks like 23551 carries WWII stars & bars. Justin
  6. I saw the plastic and etch at Telford yesterday. Looks very nice. Justin
  7. Folks, As I ponder and research potential decoration for my 1/48th and 1/72 H-model Mustangs, I just happened across some great colour footage of California ANG F-51Hs doing their thing. Really quite special. Hope this link works: https://m.facebook.com/watch/?v=667470640848005&_rdr Justin
  8. If I can use this as motivation to finish my G.91, I'm in! Justin
  9. Lovely model and a fine tribute to Mel B. Justin
  10. Very nice. Did you do the underneath half white and half black? Justin
  11. This is a fascinating discussion, as I try to improve a 1/72 AZ kit. The canopy is proving a challenge though. Am I right in saying that the "Gatow scheme" was essentially the early 70s training scheme with the Day-Glo strips removed? I seem to recall a Hunter (WV383?) that had this treatment and then a blue fin and other decoration applied for use by the RAE - then later it got raspberry ripple. Justin
  12. Looks like the rearmost stencil visible is in Arabic. But even this way round I can't read it... Justin
  13. Wasn't Closterman reputed to have flown below the surface of the Seine? Justin
  14. Very nice. Although I flew in these in the 80s red/white/grey scheme, I always found them a bit gaudy and much prefer the earlier schemes, like this. Great result. Airfix's recent Chipmunk and Mosquito kits are great adverts for de Havilland: looks like a firm with real potential... Justin
  15. They look great Tony. Must say that the Mossie in flight is a thing of particular beauty, and one is tempted to reach for 633 Sqn clips pretty rapidly. Noticed too that the 4×1000lb-ers look quite snug in there! Justin
  16. Encouraging. With a subject as important as this, better slow and good, than hasty and bad. Patience ladies and gents! Justin
  17. Very nice indeed, and good to see an Iwo Jima Mustang in 1/72. Justin
  18. Blimey (furiously makes notes, bookmarks, tries to resist ordering kit immediately etc). J
  19. Oh that's a pain. If the grooves are not too deep, it might be possible to sand them out and then a coat of clear varnish might cover any minor blemishes. J
  20. Yes, they're on the inside of the canopy. Not the outside. Justin
  21. Looks very good. I think the canopy is incorrect for at T7, but correct for a night fighter. On the top, the second and fourth frames should be removed to leave longer rectangular clear panels above both seats. Better for vision in the trainer models. The photos here illustrate what I mean: http://aircraft-photographs.s3-website-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/gatwick-RAF-gloster-meteor-t7-jet-fighter-trainer.html Justin
  22. Ahh. I visited Marham in 85 as an air cadet. I remember the elephants on the 27 Sqn tails clearly. Great model. Justin
  23. Great answer Ray. Thanks very much. Every day's a school day! Justin
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