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  1. This is the best one I can find. You can see that the bottom of the windscreen, where it meets the fuel tank cover, is flat rather than bowed. It's the same all the way up, and then the perspex turns into a curved profile in order to accommodate the windscreen frame at the top, hence that slight bend just before the top of the screen where it meets the frame. This is John Blyth, pilot of PA944 when it bellied in at Mount Farm, though I think this is a different airframe. From what I can ascertain, the unpressurised Type 389 PR XIXs had this kind of windscreen too, while the later pressurised Type 390s had the curved screen that worked with the Lobelle canopy.
  2. I'm working on the USAAF boxing of this and enjoying it. The shapes are good (wings pretty much correct span, fuselage much better length than previous AZ/KP Spitfires), the detail is nice and it's going together easily. And as far as I can see from photos, the flat area on the frameless windscreen is not incorrect for XIs in the PA- and MB- serial ranges at least. One question for the experts: should the PR XI have the three additional oxygen bottles installed behind the pilot, as the PR X, HF VII and pressurised PR XIXs did? I'm thinking not, but would welcome any wisdom others can provide before I close it up. Justin
  3. Yes fair point, I was starting to think the same. J
  4. Interesting photos, including with the colourful Canadian Sabres in the background. SP344 looks like it's in an interim phase of colour scheme, with the new D-type roundels now on the upper wings and placed well outboard. Justin
  5. Then again, the date of that photo is 13 April 45, so perhaps reassigning the X letter at that point to an airframe that was produced later is unlikely. J
  6. Yes, it's all a bit unclear. Meanwhile there's a photo among those linked below of 44-15726 5E-X being recovered after a belly landing. It's possible that X was reassigned to 44-64077 after this, but alas I've found no photo thus far. https://www.americanairmuseum.com/unit/311 Justin
  7. I think there's a bit of a question-mark over the Aeromaster decals for Estrellita III because they bill it as having serial number 44-64077 and codes 5E-X, when the Little Friends website suggests it had the codes 5E-V. Meanwhile they claim that 5E-X was on the side of 44-15726 Lady Eleanor. They have a slightly better print of the photo you've attached, and a profile of both aircraft mentioned above. I've got the decals myself and want to use them, but I'd like to clear this question up before I do. http://www.littlefriends.co.uk/364th-fighter-group/ Justin
  8. Lovely bit of modelling, well done. I think Bertie's right about the aerial wire. No need to persist with it. Justin
  9. Great start, and an interesting story behind the model too. Anything 4th Fighter Group-related gets my vote. Justin
  10. Good photos, thanks for posting. I'm not really a fan of black paint jobs for some reason. I'd quite like to see a Eurofighter in High Speed Silver, like our fighters used to be in the early 50s. Maybe they can do that for the anniversary of the Coronation? Justin
  11. I like it! I need one! Great job and useful build thread too. Came out a treat. Justin
  12. Very nice indeed. Wish I had the skills/patience for bi-triplanes! Justin
  13. That looks great. Really like the D-model Sabre. Interesting choice of subject, and a lovely finish too. Good tips on the humbrol paint - it comes up beautifully. Justin
  14. Great job on the H Terry - I really like that red colour scheme and you've really nailed it. Given we both like the H, perhaps we can convince those exceptionally nice people at Army Hobby to make us a nice new kit of it...? I'll get cracking on one of their new B-models as a sign of good faith! Justin
  15. I like it. Nice colour scheme and name/artwork too. Justin
  16. Must say I think the T21s are very pretty ships. I understand they were a bit overcrowded and suffered structurally in heavy seas, but with that beautiful bow and gentle curves they look very sleek. Great sadness of course for Ardent and Antelope in 82. But I'm glad that the Pakistani Navy has had some good mileage out of their T21s following their RN service. Justin
  17. Fwiw, here's my Mk II build, just completed. Basically OOB, though I did a bit of work on the gills. The decals were indeed a slight disappointment: (i) the national markings were the wrong colours and the wrong sizes (I replaced them with an excellent Tecmod set); (ii) the underwing serials were too small and the wrong style (I had no other options so used them anyway); (iii) there was a decent crop of stencils but no instructions on where to place them (I used some from Model Alliance, some of which silvered slightly). Painting the wing walkways was a slight faff that I could have done without. Other than that it was a reasonably fun build, though I fear the main legs are too long. I look forward to doing a comparison with the Airfix Mk V soon. Justin
  18. It's almost a year since I last finished a model, but I'm pleased that I've finally got this one over the line after a good couple of years in the making. It's my second go at a P-51H in 1/72, and follows my first attempt in 2016, which is still lurking somewhere here on BM. As before I used the RS Models kit, with quite a few modifications this time, having studied the excellent new Modelsvit 1/48 kit, the David McLaren book on the P-51H, and photos/videos of original and preserved airframes. I robbed the undercarriage legs and some photo-etch for the cockpit from the CMR kit - the only really useable parts I'm afraid - as well as the flaps from an Airfix D-model, slightly reshaped for H purposes. Drop tanks were nabbed from a Hasegawa B/C kit. I also spent a lot of time getting the fin/rudder shape right, as the RS kit is a bit awry in this area. I wanted to model an early USAAF/USAF aircraft rather than a later ANG airframe, and so opted for a recreation of 44-64195 "Louisiana Heatwave" which was flown in around 1947 by former 8th Air Force P-51D pilot Claude Crenshaw. The name came from an old Microscale/Superscale P-51D set, with the letters separated and repositioned in line with photo evidence of Crenshaw's H. Buzz numbers and stars & bars came from Techmod and were excellent. Swastikas were from Kits World. Other decals came from the kit. All in all the model was a lot of work, and for the most part enjoyable.... Still I think it's an improvement on my first effort, which was the main objective. Hope you like it. Although H-model clamshell doors didn't bleed down on shutdown as they did on B/C/D models, they could be lowered for maintenance purposes. So I decided to display them down, really to show off the detail on the inner faces of the doors. Some pics from the build: These show the fin/rudder correction under way: making the rudder post truly perpendicular with the direction of travel; making the fin leading edge more vertical with an insert of plastic card, and reducing the height of the fin a touch. Lots of filling, sanding, priming, repeat... The Modelsvit 1/48 kit was helpful in getting the cockpit into a better state. The RS instrument panel comes up nicely though with some judicious highlighting. Almost ready for final priming and then paint (Alclad shades for the NMF and wing sprayed lacquer). I also extended the tailplanes by about 2mm on each side and made them slightly squarer rather than too tapered. This is the airframe I was trying to replicate. On the basis of that photo I assumed that 44-64195 did not have the tailwheel locked down and doors removed which was a safety precaution of the time. But then just as I was finishing up, I found a better print which confirms that the tailwheel was indeed locked down in this period: Too bad - I'm leaving the doors on now! Thanks for looking. Justin
  19. Oh yes, I like that a lot. Nice and shiny too. The blanking plates front & rear add a nice dash of colour. Justin
  20. Beautiful. Reminds me of AEF days too. Great paint finish - it really does look like paint on metal, with all those Chippy rivets present & correct. Justin
  21. Lovely job Cookie. I like the weathering on the wing root stripes. Looking forward to getting my hands on one of these kits soon! Justin
  22. Love that. 1/48 isn't my scale, but the more I see of Mirages, the more I like them. The F1 is my current favourite, but the 2000 looks good too. And somehow the Dassault people made the two-seaters look as pretty as the singles. Lovely paint finish on this. Justin
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