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  1. Any types that I have flown (in my dreams, you understand...) Justin
  2. Very nice. Lovely little kit and really like the colour scheme you've chosen. Justin
  3. A progress report on the Hunter. There has been some! I've got the fuselage together, and nose and wings on. A bit of filler went along the wing joins to eliminate any gap. The nose is still a bit of a work in progress as the shape is quite subtle. My first attempt was too pointy and I think this one is a bit better. The camera lens at the tip was protected by a pair of eyelids so no glassware will be seen. And the cockpit is basically done. I made the camera control box on the coaming from some plastic card. The gunsight came from an Eduard Spitfire but I took off the front, vertical reflector screen and added some plastic card side mountings for the remaining, angled glass panel. Looks more Hunter-like now. And some plumbing gubbins for behind the seat. None of my work on the rear bulkhead can be seen (particularly with the shelf for various bits of air conditoning etc in place) so that'll make any future Hunter builds easier... I've also added a bit of detail to the underside. A few missing panel lines were scribed, and that oval disc affair behind the Sabrinas was added. I think it was some kind of direction-finding device which a number of FGA9s and FR10s had, and part of the set-up was the towel-rail antenna down the side of the fuselage. So after scouring books and internet for photos, I've drilled the locations for the three mounting pylons for the towel rail down the port side. This is a good reference photo of a 4 Sqn FR10: The full version also helped me to understand, belatedly, the airbrake arrangement with the jack that sits in a recess in the fuselage above and behind the 'bucket' bit. Having already glued my fuselage together I decided not to try to dig out a hole at this point, but have scribed out the location and will try some kind of trompe-l'oeil with paint later on. Justin
  4. I LIKE IT! Had one once (probably about 31 years ago), made a complete mess of it, and have recently pondered getting another one to do properly. This is quite inspiring! Justin
  5. Love those 101 year old (pre BA) colour schemes! Justin
  6. Ha I've found a couple of mm. Should have measured from the nose to the tip of the tailplane rather than only to the end of the jet-pipe. Doh! Justin
  7. Thanks for those numbers. What they mean, however, is that my 1/72 Revell + PJ Productions conversion project is a whole 4mm too short. I'll now need to find where those 4mm should go... Justin
  8. Can I ask a couple of basic questions: 1. How long was the T7, i.e. how much longer was it at the front than the fighter version? 2. And did the front leg remain in the same position, or did that move forwards too? Any wisdom gratefully received. Justin
  9. Yup - the mouldings are really good. I tend to use Caran d'Ache pencils, the water soluble ones. A bit of moisture on the tip gives a stronger highlight, and you've got all the colours in the world if you get a set. Mine are getting on for 40 years old, and still great. I also added a spot of gloss varnish in each instrument dial to replicate the glass. Works well. Justin
  10. Thanks Col, that's a great picture. So this started out with me wanting to do a quickish build and Get a Hunter Done, so to speak. A nice FGA9, as I remembered from Brawdy, bosh and finished. But then you start looking at the bits in the box, and survey a few photos, and begin tinkering with bits of plastic. And soon enough I'd done a bit to the rear cockpit wall: It's a lovely kit this, and so your enthusiasm takes over a bit. But I couldn't be sure whether any of this detail would be seen once it was painted black and closed up. Still, it was fun to do. I did eventually fill those big sink marks in the central mounting for the seat. Then I had a go at the seat itself. The kit part is very nice, so again it lends itself to some embellishment. And the instrument panel brushes up very nicely too. So I was on a bit of a roll with my FGA9. And then I saw this: And I knew. I had to have one. I began to read about the differences between the 9 and the 10. Besides the nose, there were other differences, particularly in the cockpit, as Col's picture shows. So I've been getting to grips with all that, whilst having a go at the nose: I've drilled out the camera windows on either side, and put a piece of brass tube through the nose to create the basis for the slightly more pointy front end. Early days yet, and I think my side windows are a bit on the large side, bit it's a start. On the cockpit, I've taken off the left side of the coaming, and added a new shelf (for want of a better word) in place of the little quadrant of instruments on the top left hand side of the panel. As Col's photo shows, this shelf mounted the camera control box, forward and to the left of the gunsight, which in turn was moved to the right a bit. Again, early days, and it's fun to learn this stuff... Justin
  11. Oh no, I'm late for lessons again. But I'll catch up quickly I promise. On the Firebrand, the cockpit canopy looks all Sea Fury to me, all restrained and shapely. But the tail seems like it was designed on a Friday afternoon before the summer holidays, or was borrowed from a Vultee Vengeance, and could have done with a bit more...refinement! Good luck. And I'll be following. Justin
  12. 1/72. Blimey. In a good way. In an amazing way.... Justin
  13. V interesting. I didn't realise that the pilot sat on top of the fuel tanks. Great build! Justin
  14. As far as I can work out, the T7/8 and GA+PR11s had the early airbrake and the 6, 9 an 10 had the later one. Justin
  15. Hi All, After tackling a dozen or so Spitfires and Mustangs since returning to the hobby, it's time to cast off the propellers and tackle one of these new-fangled "jet" aircraft. And what better than a Hunter. Must say I love the Hunter: what beautiful lines in a 70-year-old design and it still looks so graceful today, whether in single- or twin-seat form. And it had such a long and successful service life too, both at home and overseas. My own best Hunter memories come from when I was in the air cadets and spent a week at Brawdy in 1984. It was the last full week of Hunter flying and they were practising for the farewell display at the air show the following week. So mock airfield attacks were the order of the day, with jets coming in from all directions right on the deck - fantastic. I've seen many excellent builds of the 1/72 Revell kit, not least @Tomoshenko's wondrous job from a couple of years ago. I won't try to replicate that (how could I even hope to?), but I'll quietly nick a few of his ideas to help me along. Truth be told, I've already made a good bit of progress with the kit, and I'm confident it'll go the distance now - I had had my doubts, hence the hesitation to publish progress in real time. So I'll post up a few WIP shots shortly, so I can bring BMers up to date. Justin
  16. Well you've absolutely nailed that. Great job on one of my favourite marks of Spitfire. Justin
  17. That's come out very nicely. Good job on those home made decals. Justin
  18. Mmm - I'm liking this! Justin
  19. Hi Alan, The way I tackle it is by scraping the inside of the canopy frame so that it sits correctly over the opening. Not very scientific and not perfect results, but looks reasonably decent when done. Justin
  20. Some nice stuff here. Pleased about the Spitfire Vc - a gap in the market filled (not keen on the KP offering). G-FIRE looks gorgeous, but the wrong scale for me. Looking forward to the Paul Richey Hurricane. And the P-51D vs Me 262 dogfight double might tempt me too. Oddly I can't find the 1/72 P-51B that I wrote to Father Christmas about. I'm starting to have doubts about him... Justin
  21. Cavalier F-51D 67-22581, c. 1968 Airfix 1/72 F-51D kit, with scratchbuilt addition of second seat in place of rear fuel tank, and extended fin. Overall Xtracrylix ADC Grey, and decals from the spares box. Justin
  22. After a few touch-ups on the paintwork, a light wash around the control surfaces and into some of the panel lines, and a coat of satin varnish, final assembly took place last night: So it's now done! More pics to go into the gallery soon. Justin
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