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  1. A very useful overview. I see that the FW 190D-9s of JG 26 that flew into Norwegian airfields in May 45 include most of the variants in the .pdf: They arrived with "sigar shaped" drop tanks. Focke Wulf Fw 190D9 «braun 7» WNr 601445 7./J.G.26 Fw 190 D-9 series produced by Fieseler Kassel factory – Series Wk.Nr. 600xxx and 601xxx Fw 190 D-9 R-4/M «weiss 1» W.Nr.210069 Oblt. Heinrich “Jan” Schild, Staffelkapitän der 5./J.G. 26 Fw 190 D-9 Early series produced by Focke-Wulf Sorau factory? Focke Wulf Fw 190D9 «schwarz 1» W.Nr.210972 Gerhard Muller-Berneck 5./JG26 (6/JG26 ?) Fw 190 D-9 R-4/M «weiss 1»? W.Nr.400619 Fw 190 D-9 Late series produced by factories Focke-Wulf Sorau and Focke-Wulf Marienburg and Cottbus facility Fw 190 D-9 Late series produced by the factories: Weser Nordenham and Lemwerder – Series Wk.Nr. 400xxx and 401xxx Fw 190 D-9 W.Nr.500669 Fw 190 D-9 series produced by Mimetall Erfurt factory (code unknown) – Series Wk.Nr. 500xxx Fw 190 D-9 R-4/M W.Nr.310954? Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-15? - Prototype based on rebuilt Fw 190D-9 Wk.Nr 6O1286 with DB 603E engine, completed in March 1945 - Version prepared for mass production with Series Wk.Nr. 31xxxx
  2. With regards to pilots for the1/24 Spitfire; I would not be surprised if some enterprising soul with a 3d printer is going to set up a service so that you can send in a photo and get your own face printed on the pilot figure.
  3. To me. it looks like Fred West with a young hitchhiker on the box art.
  4. Good choice by Airfix, one of the most produced and used WW2 fighters and a good looking one as well. Starting with the IXc, I can see several later releases by Airfix like the IXe followed by XVI and VIII - maybe even a Vb and Vc further down the line I think they can leave Seafires, pressured VII, unarmed photo-reconnaissance XI, two seaters and floatplane versions to the makers of conversion sets. Colour schemes are many, both RAF and Allies during WW2 and nations rebuilding their airforces after WW2 - USAAF, Israel, Czechoslovakia, Denmark and Norway are just some examples. It is going to be hard for Airfix to top this on Monday when they let us know the rest of the releases for 2022. This time their marketing strategy worked according to plan - no unintentional leaks and building up the anticipation - just see the amount of postings here. If I am to purchase my first 1:24 scale kit, it is going to be this one.
  5. Brilliant, I can help with pictures of A1380 aka 131. https://www.flysam.no/utstillingen/flyene/royal-aircraft-factory-b-e-2e/
  6. Airfix usually has one large kit among the releases. I like the idea of a Me 262 in 1:24 suggested by others. Airfix did the research for their 1:72 release and it is the right size for 1:24. The rest are my musings for possible 1:72 releases Airfix usually has a kit of a training aircraft among the releases We could be lucky and get both the T-6 and the modern Texan II. Airfix usually releases some new modifications of previous toolings Avro Manchester from the Lancaster, Seafire from the Spitfire Mk Vc, BE2e/f from the BE2c Airfix has released some Academy toolings with new decals - if it worked for AFVs, it should work for aircraft as well. F-35A, F-35B and B-29 Washington - no reason to make their own tools from scratch when they are available and only need an extra sprue or two with British weapons and equipment. Airfix usually has a new Spitfire kit among the releases. This year they could surprise us with a late Seafire like Kennets Seafire XVII available for LIDARing at Biggleswade. Airfix Classics Skyvan and Piper Cherokee would be nice to have another production run - and no competition from newer kits. Airfix usually releases some new British aircraft of late WW2 to 60ies. Hawker Sea Fury, Fairey Fulmar and Firefly have been overlooked so far. The Firefly can be released in multiple versions and markings, both British and foreign.
  7. The only detail missing is a selection of pilot heads sculpted after pictures of the various pilots.
  8. There is a Tu-2T on display at the Bulgarian Airforce Museum in Plovdiv. https://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/tu-2/misos/bulgaria/bulgaria.htm I have also visited the museum and should be able to dig out a walk-around series. Plovdiv is a nice city with a long history and a good model aircraft shop. I think there was a Tu-2T kit released by AML that was based on the ICM mouldings with additional resin parts and decals.
  9. In 1/72, that box will be the size of a small shed. Maybe a bit more likely is a boxed set with one each of the V-bombers and a bonus MiG-17 trying to intercept them. In recent years, Airfix has managed to produce something predictable and some complete surprises. I am sure there will be some releases with new parts and decals to make new variants. Lets hope the designers have had a good year working from home. And I have written in my wish list on Airfix Facebook page after the invite in the Advent Calendar.
  10. Its the same impression I have from looking at the pictures like KEH_7639 in https://we.tl/t-CaIQhbtY6t But this is just the D-13, there could have been different tails on the other FW 190Ds. Lets look at the D-9 in the USAF Museum. https://www.nationalmuseum.af.mil/Visit/Museum-Exhibits/Fact-Sheets/Display/Article/196261/focke-wulf-fw-190d-9/
  11. Surviving FW 190Ds are rare, unlike the radial engined FW 190As which are well represented in European museums. I did get to see and photograph the only surviving FW 190D-13 in Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum which was founded by Paul Allen. A set of my FW 190D-13 photos can be downloaded - for personal use or for illustrating something in this thread only. If you want to publish them elsewhere, please get in touch with me first There are 40 large pictures making up a total of 325Mb, so I won`t recommend downloading to a mobile. Som pictures show other aircraft as well besides FW 190D-13 836017, I just left them in the set for no other reason that I could not be bothered to remove them... Download link for a week: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/682e5ccdca97d6780562a105878841cf20211222095703/788df21fbd2de55bdc1e41bb49028f3d20211222095954/93805c Consider it a slightly early Christmas present to the users of this forum.
  12. The Zvezda Snap kits I have seen are a good basis for further detailing, and I am quite sure Russian makers of detail sets will help us on the way.
  13. Airfix Christmas calendar surprise today: PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT! V-Force reunited… announcing the Handley Page Victor! All V-Bombers together in our range for the first time. More details to come… Source: https://uk.airfix.com/christmas/advent-calendar-2021
  14. The Skua has been kitted by Special Hobby in 1/72 and 1/48 and has no French/Belgian/Romanian connection. I have more belief in Piotrs Curtiss SBC-4 Helldiver suggestion - with its French connection.
  15. The only wars after 1914 with more than 5 million casualties: WW1 Russian Civil War - took more than 5 million lives, lasted 4-5 years and interventions from other nations + fighting the new nations like Poland and the Baltic states. Chinese Civil War - only one nation, but many warlords China-Japan War 1937-45 - only two nations WW2 (Korean and Vietnam wars, my sources have less than 5 million casualties) So they could throw us a curve ball and refer to the Russian Civil War instead of the two World Wars.
  16. A nice, stable aircraft with few vices and safe to fly as long as nobody were shooting at you. It is one of the few early aircraft I would be interested to go for a ride in - if I could squeeze into the rather narrow cockpit.
  17. They were sold to Norway as BE2e - must have been hell of a salesman being able to sell BE2 aircraft in 1920 when so many better surplus aircraft were available from France and the UK. First mention I saw of them as BE2f, was when A1325 after purchase by Peter Jackson got dismantled for rebuild and to serve as a pattern for newbuilds. It had previously been gifted to a British museum for restoration there in Norwegian colours.
  18. Revell has repackaged quite a few Zvezda kits with Luftwaffe markings - so there is hope.
  19. Try going directly to the source https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=105045&start=4515#p2462231 It works for me.
  20. A BE2f is basically a BE2c fuselage modified to take BE2e wings - so a natural step on the way for LukGraph. Both the original that did end up flying in NZ and the static one here in Oslo are BE2f aircraft even if they often are referred to as BE2e.
  21. The Blue Max kit is hard to get hold of (limited run of 1500) and goes for 50-60 USD/GBP/EUR + postage on eBay. So what version is Roden likely to go for first - the trainer or the anti-Zeppelin fighter? I have little hope for the Dyak (inline) engined version flown and preserved in Norway - fortunately did we also have some of the standard rotary engined aircraft as well.
  22. The Avro 504 ticks all the boxes. Multiple versions possible, from the very early bombers and Zeppelin interceptors via the standard Avro 504K trainer (rotaries and inline engines) to the later Lynx powered versions in RAF service. Markings variations, 504Ks were used by several air arms besides the RAF during and after WW1 - and colourful civilian fly circuses after the war. Relatively well known even if it was mainly employed as a trainer. Reasonable size in 1/32 - it is a medium sized two-seater. Surviving examples and plans should be available to base the kit on. A lack of decent kits in any scale, I would be happy to see Roden shrinking the kit to 1/48 and 1/72 as well. I know of no Avro 504 kit in 1/32, in 1/48 we had the ancient Smer kit and in 1/72 the 50+ years old Airfix and Amodels undernourished offshoot. Why Wingnut skipped the Avro 504K is a mystery to me
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