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  1. I was keen on receiving Eduard's new 1/72 MiG-21MF last year and got one as early as I could. 6 weeks and 50000 (not really, but you get the point) decals later, I was done with what I think is the best kit I have ever made.. Its beautifully engineered and has details that would blow your mind, but does make you work hard to achieve the fidelity it deserves. As profiled here before, the Profi-pack boxing comes with a variety of schemes, but I chose to build a MiG that was a true war-horse in the Middle East. Painted in the Znamya Truda camouflage in which several Arab Type-96s wer
  2. @Moderators this was accidentally posted in WIP. Please help move this to the RFI section.
  3. Saved from the shelf of doom, I started this kit couple of years ago under rather funny circumstances. It all started with me having a go at the rather modern Hobby Boss F-5E only to discover its biggest glaring issue - the windscreen being way too short. To remedy the problem, I bought a water damaged Italeri kit off of eBay mostly for its clear parts. Seeing that the Italeri had the right shark nose and squared off LERXs seen on most US aggressor aircraft, I wondered if the HB kit was worth proceeding with. Eventually, I used the Italeri canopy as a basis to form a new windscreen for the HB
  4. Intricate work Tom! Excellent! Here's mine from years ago. I didn't have the courage to cut open the doors myself
  5. Hi everyone. Haven't posted here in a while, so here you go - I just built a 1/72 Heller Mirage 2000 twin seater and finished it in the colors of an Indian Air Force bird commemorate the 20th anniversary of the limited, but well-publicized Kargil war with Pakistan. The Mirage played a key role in turning the tide in India's favor with several sorties including some dropping LGBs at extreme altitudes. The war clearly cemented IAF's love affair with the aircraft and it has since then been it's go-to jet for tough jobs. I picked an unusual color scheme for an Indian Mirage, a two ton
  6. Thanks guys. I started this one with an early Bounty Hunter scheme in mind, but bumped into the Tom Cooper book (https://ospreypublishing.com/iranian-f-14-tomcat-units-in-combat) along the way. Couldn't help but build an Ali-cat after that; especially since I could then shoot a picture like below
  7. Thanks Andre. I used Vallejo Desert Yellow lightened with white for the Sand. Same for Tamiya Flat Brown (XF-10). The green and light gray came from the Akan USAF SEA camo set. The radome is Model Master Radome Tan. Hope that helps
  8. Hi all, I haven't posted here in a while though I lurk through the awesome work that shows up every day. Here's my latest 1/72 build - an IRIAF F-14A that I finished this month after a slow-burn build process spanning four months. Hope you enjoy the pics. Happy to hear any comments or questions on the build. Details : Base kit - Hasegawa 00774 (K Series 1989 New Mould) | Aftermarket parts - Master Pitot and AoA sensor, Microscale IRIAF decals, Hasegawa Air-Air weapons set | Colors - Desert Yellow(FS 20400), Dark Green(FS 34079), Brown(FS 30140), Light Gray(FS 36622) | Maj
  9. Here's my latest build - an HAL Ajeet Mk.2 built from the Olimp Pro Resin kit. This one's interesting from the 'what might have been' standpoint for the IAF. Circa early-1980s the Indian Air Force was in need of some Advanced Jet Trainers and HAL which was then build the Gnat Mk.2 aka the Ajeet took the opportunity to build what seemed like a promising new trainer based on the Gnat. The IAF was a prolific Gnat operator and this version seemed almost logical, but it was not to be. The project was terminated and the AJT saga culminated into a long and painful acquisition process ending only in t
  10. Beautiful! Good call on the inflight mode. Cheers
  11. Lovely looking machines, all of them. Kudos on working such a difficult kit into such a fine looking model. Cheers!
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