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  1. I can only concur with the rest... a beautiful cockpit
  2. I don't have an answer for you Beardie but I guess it would be just like a job in many respects, the more they do the more professional their set up will be. Many, many years ago I built some models for a new model shop that had just opened up locally and wanted some built for his window display. My reward was lots of freebies in the way of brushes, paints, sprays, decals etc. Much as I enjoyed the builds to pass the time I didn't really "get into" the build for my own pleasure. I enjoy the build in itself with all the frustrations, trials and tribulations. The end product gives me a sense of achievement and a reminder of the the various foibles I had to overcome to complete the build. Once built. mine get put in a secure box in the loft. As I mentioned, the fun for me is the build process. Does the professional golfer get the same pleasure from a good round of golf as a high handicapped player ?, I doubt it.
  3. Thanks for the link DMC, have bookmarked for future reference.
  4. Just thought I would show my face as not been around for a while, but have still kept up with the forums. With the eldest daughter finding a job it fell to my good lady wife and I to undertake babysitting duties for my lovely Grand daughter, who is almost three, Monday to Fridays. The inquisitive age meant the "model workshop" in the spare room was packed away so any modelling took place on my lap when she had gone home, with occasional forays to the garden shed to do any spray work. With this lull in activity I decided to re-equip. To that end I purchased a new Foxhunter compressor with a tank and two new dual action airbrushes. I wanted to do something different and found inspiration in the WW1 forums. I finally was drawn to the Etrich Taube. Well I did want to give a go at Rigging. So this would be a build full of firsts. First tryout with the new Compressor, First use of a dual action Airbrush, First attempt at rigging and turnbuckles, First attempt of painting plastic to look like wood and I then wanted to have a go at spraying Alclad..( that was an education of trial and error on its own lol) Well I always like a challenge.... The more I read and worked on this model the more I came to love the lines and fragility of this beautiful little aircraft. Its almost complete, just finished all the rigging underneath and only the upper surfaces to do and then I will show some pics on the forum. It has taught me a lot and I will plan to pick up another one and do it again, hopefully to a higher standard. BUT, I am sure you all have that one model that, regardless of how it turns out, is kind of "special" to you for various reasons and this one will be mine....Once completed I will build a display case to keep it safe and secure. Will "show off" my efforts soon.
  5. Just learned about decanting rattle cans myself,.... sounded good so had a go with a large straw, the type Mac Ds do,and a part empty can of black gloss, held it onto the nozzle with receiving jar, ready to get covered in over spray, old jacket zipped right to the neck, wife's marigolds... safety goggles... ready to go.... Pressed the button !!!!!! and the paint went straight in.. no mess, no traumas, even got the marigolds back under the sink unblemished... left it overnight and it all looks pretty decent. I have left it two days now.and its starting to look a bit thicker. I will try with some thinners in an old airbrush at the weekend, see how it performs. Just to test but its looking quite good so far.
  6. I admit I havent read ALL the posts but the mitsubishi turned out really well, you remembered more than you thought you did. As for the guys recommending Klear, Future etc. I heve never been able to find any ( for the Brits Asda, Morrisons, Tescos ) and all manner of stores, hardware, pound shops over the past three months has not produced a single one. The prices on Ebay are just silly. But I have used Humbrol Clear, OK its a bit more expensive than floor cleaner but it is very good for a dull shine, great pre decal. I know Humbrol is available in Aus 20 The Strand, Colonel Light Gardens, SA, Australia, 5041Phone+61 883 574 756 Emailaeroworks@iprimus.com.au * Distributor Armchair Racer 1/18-20 Hotham Parade, Artarmon, NSW, Australia, 2064Phone+61 299 065 566 Emailcathy@armchairracer.com.au Webwww.armchairracer.com. to name but a few.... Most impressive is dipping plastic canopies into the mix and letting them dry. The have a beautiful glass like shine after the treatment. As for Future/Klear by JOhnsons, I guess the South of England just dont go in for varnished floors these days. If anyone knows different PLEASE!!!! let me know
  7. Welcome back Homer, been away a good few years myself and the paint, hardware and techniques that have developed over the intervening years is astounding. I will say, I have learned (and re learned) more in my few months in this great forum than I did in my earlier years, learning as I went. The guys and gals here are very helpful and give their advice freely and are very supportive. I am gradually building up my stores / tools as I build, I am sure I wouldn't have got your buying spree past my good lady wife without being consigned to the spare bedroom..... permanently Mind you I am trying to make the spare room my workshop. Hmmm could be the start of a cunning plan. You have made a great start and doesn't look like you have forgotten much, I will enjoy watching your build progress.... enjoy
  8. geimme... Ive got the same kit waiting in my stash so will follow your build with a lot of interest. "Its looking good so far" think Ive heard that before somewhere.lol Nice work
  9. Going through my old stash recently I came across a hurricane model that was part built. I remembered, many years ago, i had started to spray it in a desert scheme and ( rushing late one night to get one coat on) I completely fouled up the spray mix and pressure. The end result in the morning was a thick yellow mess. I put it away to calm down and planned to come back to it a few days later and clean it all off to start again. Well that was about 8 years ago. I saw a tip on here somewhere about using Tesco everyday value multipurpose cleaner ( 36p a bottle). The tip was to immerse the model it in a tub of the liquid with a little water over night. I found with a little gentle scrubbing with a tooth brush 95% of the paint just wiped away. ( including the primer)Just for an experiment I put it back in the solution for another 24 hrs and found the more stubborn bits came off with a little scrubbing with wire wool. ( this did mean I will have to re-scribe some panel line) but the extra 24 hours also dissolved the glue so the model came apart easily. I was impressed considering how long the paint had been on there.
  10. superb cockpit interior buddy, in 1/32 scale a lot is going to be on show but you have no worries there. A little bit of paint bleed on the prop boss, always tricky doing fine lines. I have a plan to use frog tape. I used it when decorating and the "paint block" edge really was impressive giving sharp lines and no bleeding of the paint underneath. Will be giving it a try on my next model see if its as good with airbrush spray. Hope you put the rest of the build on, it will be a beauty
  11. Never thought of that so just did a google on ww2 fighter seatbelts.... dozens of them, easy to screen capture and print to scale. BUT, companies make PE belts for sale and its a kind of moral dilema, same as decals really so,if it helps your budget OK. I sometimes make my own water slide decals for a particular pilots aircraft that cant be done any other way, for example I will soon be doing a Camel, most common one is BITE EM ( a 213 Squadron ) but I want to do one of their pilots mount and he had Phylis on the side but just cant find them so will find the font, type Phylis, reduce to scale and make my own decal.
  12. There are so many decal manufacturers out there Pheon, link from work in progress above, are up there with the best quality but sometimes a bit pricey for me. Aeromaster is always worth a look or Hannants of just use Google ww1 SE5 decals... see what comes up.
  13. Buster213


    Liquid Poly comes in a bottle with its own brush, it actually dissolves / softens the plastic so the two mating surface become one, almost like welding. Nowadays Superglues have taken over but I still use Liquid Poly a lot, old school lol. As for the wrinkles, just keep it 60 years or so, get plenty of wrinkles then
  14. Jonners!!!, guess you will have to accept that it IS that good, in fact its artistically extremely well done. I don't know the subject so I cant comment on its accuracy but I know what I like and that would look great on any ones wall, honestly... Well done
  15. Sorry Guy Edge had the edge. Its gone to a good home
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